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Last active February 21, 2021 19:04
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Windia client mods

Note: Anticheat related features are omitted from this list for obvious reasons.

  1. !notice uses a custom color
  2. .ini configuration
  3. @vote integration
  4. Added minimize button for the game client window
  5. Airborne teleporting
  6. All weapon types can use critical damage
  7. AP Reset Scroll can be used to above 999 stat
  8. Attack speed cap removed
  9. Backported coin shops.
  10. Backported potion cooldown.
  11. Backspin Blow delay removed
  12. Bloat from Nexon's package manager is removed
  13. Built in bypass for Nexon's own security system
  14. Buttons that open a web browser will now open your default web browser rather than Internet Explorer.
  15. Can change channels after attacking
  16. Can use boomerang step everywhere
  17. Cash item merching
  18. Cash item trading
  19. Cash items can be traded in stacks rather than one item
  20. Cash items show their quantity in trade window dialogs
  21. Chain Lightning and Piercing Arrow damage scaling changes
  22. Chat can contain more than 96 characters
  23. Chat log contains 127 messages instead of 64
  24. Chat message repeat bypass
  25. Chat mute time bypass
  26. Client automatically starts in focus
  27. Client can start in the center of the screen
  28. Client does not create 10 extra copies of a stock Windows library (ws32) per client instance
  29. Client has borderless mode
  30. Clock overrun bug fixes
  31. CPU hack: Background removal
  32. CPU hack: Fadeout removal
  33. CPU hack: Mob death animation removal
  34. CPU hack: Object removal
  35. CPU hack: Tile removal
  36. Custom "can this item be equipped?" mechanism
  37. Custom additional error reporting/diagnostics
  38. Custom assassinate skill behavior (no damage scaling, uses crits)
  39. Custom attack speed buffs
  40. Custom auto-assign for Ironman
  41. Custom buffs
  42. Custom client commands
  43. Custom context menu to remove "invite to party" for Ironman job
  44. Custom context menu to remove "invite to trade" for Ironman job
  45. Custom critical rate and damage on client side
  46. Custom delays for skills
  47. Custom display to show flame stats and starforce of equipment
  48. Custom EXP table
  49. Custom FPS limiter
  50. Custom initial position for game client window
  51. Custom item: Avatar Color Lens
  52. Custom jobs
  53. Custom lt/rb properties for skills (e.g. Spiraling Vortex)
  54. Custom magic rectangle attack skills
  55. Custom Maker item creation for Ironman
  56. Custom networking
  57. Custom packets
  58. Custom reactor activation criterias
  59. Custom rendering for job names in stats tab
  60. Custom resolution
  61. Custom scroll requirement criterias
  62. Custom shoot attack mobbing skills (e.g. Spiraling Vortex)
  63. Custom skill cooltimes (client prediction)
  64. Custom Slash Blast range for Ironman
  65. Custom Starforce stat
  66. Custom stat detail menu to display starforce
  67. Custom StringPool
  68. Custom tooltip font
  69. Custom upgrade item: Equipment Enhancement Scroll
  70. Custom upgrade item: Innocence Scroll
  71. Custom upgrade item: Rebirth Flame
  72. Custom upgrade item: Star Protector Scroll
  73. Damage range is simplified to humanly written numbers.
  74. Damage skins (configurable with @damageskins command)
  75. Dark sight hook - allows attacking in dark sight for certain jobs
  76. Dark Sight is toggle
  77. Disabled attack damage when game window is not focused
  78. Discord RPC integration
  79. Equip tooltip background is changed
  80. Expedition damage chart.
  81. Fix for "world is populated" error when creating characters in non-Scania worlds
  82. Fixed custom hairs rendering
  83. Fixed game crashing upon opening inventory when you came from GMS v216 or newer and had your last opened inventory tab there as "decor".
  84. Fixes for EXP bar from level 200 to 201
  85. For authorized users: no-delay telport and unlimited flash jump
  86. Forgot username and password texts/buttons are removed
  87. FPS display
  88. Gauge skills (e.g. Big Bang) do constant damage scaling
  89. GFX memory leak bug fixes
  90. GM godmode
  91. Hack to allow increasing skill levels with SP from previous jobs
  92. Hack to make client startup nearly instant rather than 9 seconds
  93. Hook on "skill is on cooldown" text so it only appears once per minute
  94. Hurricane and Rapid Fire have custom delays
  95. Increase for character slot limit
  96. Internal API for custom skills
  97. Internal plugins API
  98. Item Maker usage is instant
  99. Item names in tooltips are centered
  100. Item tooltips don't have dots
  101. Legendary Spirit usage is instant
  102. Login button is moved
  103. Mastery Books show their dropped-state icon in the inventory.
  104. Maximum password length is set to 55 characters rather than 12
  105. Monster Magnet crashes fixed
  106. MOTD changes
  107. No close range knockback for shoot attacks (claw, gun, bow etc)
  108. PIC typer
  109. Piercing Arrow doesn't crash when it hits more mobs than stock client cap
  110. Removal for birthdate dialogs in-game
  111. Removed all virtualization from client (massive performance boost)
  112. Shadow Partner bug fix so it doesn't hit 1s
  113. Skill Books show their dropped-state icon in the inventory.
  114. Smokescreen works for everyone in the map rather than just party members
  115. Starforce UI.
  116. Startup is incredibly fast. Near instant.
  117. Stat caps increased from 1k/2k to 100k
  118. Title bar features a maximize button.
  119. Traffic is redirected to Windia.
  120. Unisex cash shop
  121. Unisex equipment
  122. Vicious Hammer usage is instant
  123. Visual damage toggle
  124. Windows 8/10 compatibility fixes
  125. Windows key is not disabled by the client
  126. WINE (Linux/Mac OS X) compatibility.
  127. Wizet/Nexon logo skipper
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