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If you stop learning, you stop living.

Shawn Deprey shawndeprey

If you stop learning, you stop living.
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  • Game Does Not Handhold (Combat will be difficult and you need to be careful, enemy agro distance needs to be carefully considered, enemies your same level or lower can still be powerful adversaries)
  • Leveling takes a very long time.
  • Many of your skills are based on actions you take such as you defense or ability with a weapon.
  • Terrain, map locations, NPCs, etc. need to be known by the player. The map can help, but only as much as a real map for the most part.
  • Quest tracking is not on for a quest by default.
  • You may need to read the actual content of a quest to understand what to do.
  • Different levels of skills can always be used even if you get a stronger version of that skill.
  • Bag space is very important, Get more bags early.
  • There are helpful NPCs damn near everywhere. Pretty much every building and area is worth exploring.
  • It's good to specialize instead of trying to do everything since it takes a really long time to do anything. (i.e. focus on crafting particular types of armor)
shawndeprey /
Created Oct 3, 2018
Script for New World Video

What's up Ladies & Gentlemen of the internet? Amazon's New World is currently in closed-beta with a strict NDA. Those with closed-beta access have been able to get a first look at the game, but for the rest of us, we've only had speculation. That is until now of course as a player in that closed-beta leaked over 2 hours of gameplay on pornhub. What that leaked footage gives us is a great window into where Amazon is going with New World. This is Radical Edward for Less Than Epic giving you my first take on the leaked footage so strap in and let's get started.

So first, what is the game? Amazon's New World is an MMORPG about settling an alternate colonial America. That is, you are a 17th centry settler moving to new and untouched lands filled with magic, wildlife and monsters. What you will be doing in the game is exactly what a settler would do, settle. From the leaked footage we see what looks to be a new player who is hunting, gathering, crafting and interracting with other real players. We don't get to see



  • Suave One (Reseller)
  • Suave Two (Reseller)
  • Suave Three (Reseller)


Network Admin in All 3 Networks

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# Create your open submission project with at least 3 briefs, save 5 applications and then run the following.
project_id =
@p = Project.find_by_id(project_id)
@stages = [{name: "Stage One", project_id: project_id, start_date: 3.weeks.ago, end_date: 2.weeks.ago, is_weighted: false, hide_other_activity: false}),{name: "Stage Two", project_id: project_id, start_date: 2.weeks.ago, end_date: 1.weeks.ago, is_weighted: true, hide_other_activity: true}),{name: "Stage Three", project_id: project_id, start_date: 1.weeks.ago, end_date: 1.hour.ago, is_weighted: false, hide_other_activity: false})
View When it comes to library management, you should consider locking your gemfile to specific versions of libraries. The reason is that these will upgrade dot-versions without your knowledge at times, making your stack unstable. You should do the same on the front-end as well.

# Instead of: gem 'rails', '~> 5.2.0'
gem 'rails', '= 5.2.0' Indentation bro! Always write beautiful code! ALWAYS!


Software Engineer Intern @ KITE



Description of Role:

KITE needs a full-stack software engineer intern to join our Denver based product team (remotely). Candidates will get to work on multiple components of our technology stack to advance our enterprise Saas platform and implement our robust product roadmap. This role provides the opportunity to work with industry professionals and learn how a startup software team works.

View ff7r sumer 2018

With the coming and passing of E3 2018, Final Fantasy 7 Remake followers were left in the dark as they received zero news about the game from the panels of Square Enix and Playstation. In wondering about the game's future, I wanted to lay out all of the information we have to date and give my honest and unfiltered opinion about this game's future. Howdy everyone, this is Radical Edward for Less Than Epic and today we're diving back into the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

So like many of you I watched the E3 panels for news of my favorite game's remake and was dumbfounded when yet again we received nothing. I figured that this must be the time that Sony & Square Enix would tease something given it's been nearly 18 months since any kind of official announcement about the game. However, given the lack of anything from E3 2018 I think we have to take a new and hard look at the state of the project.

Since the last official press release about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in January 2017, here's what has happened.

  • In t

All the way back in stage 1 week 3 Shanghai faced off against Philly and nerly secured their first win in a 5 map brawl. Two stages later a nearly identical match played out, but was this the same series with the same results or does this game tell a slightly different story? This week on Less Than Epic we're taking a look at the recent match between the Shanghai Dragons and Philadelphia Fusion and talking about what this means for the Dragons moving forward.

What's up everyone I'm your host Radical Edward and this week on League Analysis we're taking another look at the Shanghai Dragons. On paper their stage 3 match with Philly looked the same as their stage 1 match if you just looked at the map wins, however I think the Dragons made a much stronger statement this time and i'd like to explore with you why I think that.

First off, this is not the same Shanghai or Philly team that we saw in stage 1. Taking a look at the Dragons the only original players being fielded from stage 1 are Altering, Diya and Freef

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Boston Uprising in Stage 3 Week 2 lose their star DPS Dreamkazper and then come back to defeat the near undefeatable #1 seeded NYXL and in the very next week they smash through the #2 & #3 seeds London & Seoul back-to-back. It's safe to say that the Boston Uprising are taking the league by storm, so this week on Less Than Epic we're taking a look at their game with the London Spitfire to break down what has taken this team from the middle of the pack to the #2 seed in the Overwatch League.

What's up everyone! I'm your host Radical Edward and last week on League Analysis we analyzed the Dreamkazper-less Boston Uprising. This week the story must continue as Boston has shown that they may be the best damn teams in the league. London & Seoul, despite having some struggles in stage 3 of the league, are still in the top 3 strongest teams in the league, yet this week Boston pushed them both out of the way to take that #2 seed. Both games were definitely great, but as a London Spitfire fan I wanted to real

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