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Vol XIV, No. 30.
( Oit Dellar a Tear im adramee.
Mr. Andrew Hudgins paid Aroprior a fiait on Wedneaday laat.
Bargain seekers will attend O. F. Hod gins big Clearing Sale during January.
Evangelist Waddell commenced a series of revival services iA Pembroke last
A sleigh load of Bristol young people came up and enjoyed a skate on our rink on Friday night.
Beef, pork, bacon, sausage, lamb or mutton, and bread from the best baker in town at McGuire's Grocery.
Miss Hannah McCredie, of Bristol,who was visiting at Mr. R. McCredie�s since Thursday last, returned home on Monday.
local and (General.
Jack Frost has been getting well down to business during the past few days.
Laundry snap at your own offer�six bars for a quarter�at McGuire's Grocery.
First Clearing Sale
Miss May Lang, of Ottawa, is at present visiting friends in town.
People are amazed to see the tea that McGuire is offering for 20 cents.
Highest price paid for Pork, Hides,
G. F. HoDoiirH*.
Mr. Samuel Simms, of the Bodega Restuarant, Ottawa, died on Thursday
Head Office Ottawa Canada,
Capital (fully paid up) . 11,500,000 00 .................... 11,066.000.00
A Masquerade Carnival it advertised >ff at Brian I Corners Rink on
to come
Thursday evening. Feby 4th
Board of Directors
Charles Magee, Ehq., President George Hay, isq ,Vice President
Bom. G so. Brysom, Jr.
Alex. Fhawss, Esq.,
9 Drum is Murphy, Bay.
Fifteen and sixteen cents for fresh made butter of good quality, and fourteen cents for eggs at McGuire's Grocery.
The revival services which have been going on for some weeks past in Morrison�s factory came to a close on Sunday night.
Grain etc., at
John Mather. Esq.. David MaiLaren, Bsq.,
General Manager (1j<ka1) Manager
McGuire is paying the highett price for hides and pelts. Hides 6 eta ; pelts 50 cents.
Mr. Geo. R. Knight has removed hie family from P. D where he will reside in future
Four gentlemen, one of whom is a mining expert of Toronto, visited the Russell galena and other mineral deposits on Calumet Island on Friday. They left on Saturday morning, with a couple of hundred weight of specimens.
Mr. Alex. Ricard, brother of Capt. J. Ricard, of Calumet Island, who has been in declining health for some time past, passed way on Tuesday of last week. He leaves a widow and several small children. Hie remains were interred at Calumet Island cemetery on Thursday. De� ceased was a member of the C. M. B. A., from which society him wife will receive one thousand dollars.
In the Demin-
aft* issued on all Banking points United 8tales and Great Britain.
Fort to Braeside
Notre and BU la collected
Coal Oil, Sugars, Teas, Tobaccos, and every line of groceries reduced to wholesale prices during January.
This sale will mean GENUINE BARGAINS for all. No line of goods will be reserved, but a discount of at least 10 p. c. will be given from our already low cash prices throughout the store ofl this
Mammoth Stock of
Consisting of Dry Goods, Furs, Millinery, Carpets, Clothing, Gent�s Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, and Groceries,
Interest allowed on Deposit Receipt at current
Miss Mamie LeFleur, of Bryson, spent several days in town last week vaulting her friend, Miss Martha McGuire.
Mitts, Moccasins, Rubber Goods, Boots and Shoes, all reduced to wholesale during Jan. dealing Sale. O F. Hodoinb* ,
Singers and public speakers find Ayer�s Cherry Pectoral is invaluable. It never fails to cleanse the throat and strengthen the voice.
A pulp mill and paper factory are to be established at Pettewawa, about 7 or 8 miles from Pembroke, by some Buffalo capitalists.
flume of |l and upward� received U Havings Department. Interest credited half yearly.
Ottos Hours� 10a. m. to 3p. m. Saturday 10am.
to 1 p. m.
G. F. Hodginh
gy The Shswville Marble and Granite Works, Alex. McDonald, proprietor, turns out a superior class of work in Monuments, Headstones, etc. Prices reasonable
T�S��I�PACTURLNO 8TAT10NKR8, BOOK8EL XTA 1�re, Bookbinders Printers, etc. Depository f tbe Ottawa Auxiliary BtlileSoolety,Ottawa,Ont.
Dr. Munhall, the noted evangelist, who ham been doing excellent work for the past three or four weeks in Ottawa, has concluded his labors there. On leaving for hie home he was presented with a purse of $700.
After thirty years of active life in the hotel business, Mr. Patrick Reilly, of the Windsor House, Almonte, has retired. He is succeeded in the management of the Windsor by his son, Mr. Jas Reilly, and Mr. Harry Grace.
Claude McPhee, of Am prior, has returned from Waterbury, Conn., where he placed an order for his electric alarm. Attached to electric light wires, it turns lights off at any time desired, and also rings an alarm. It has been patented.
The Yen. Archdeacon Naylor attended the meeting of the Synod in Montreal last week. We notice that he has been elected a delegate to Provincial and General Synods, a member of the Execu tive Committee and the Diocesan Court.
Last week we received from Mr. W. A. Hudgins, of Snohomish, Wi�., a copy of the special New Year's edition of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. It is a mag* nificent illustrated edition of 56 pages, brim full of interesting matter. We are indebted to Mr. Hudgins for his kindness.
s. j. McNally, mi c.m
Physician, Surgeon and
Wedding Sells.
Another of those decidedly pleasing events which usually evokes a world of interest, and constitute# the subject matter for a month�s chit-chat among the gentler sex, of the neighborhood concerned, took place in this village on Thursday afternoon last. It was the marriage of Mr. Harry S. Barnett, (fhe efficient and deservedly popular bonk keeper in the establishment of Mr. G. F. Hudgins) to the very estimable lady of hie choice,� Miss Lizzie, second daughter of our townsman, Councillor Robert McCredie.
The ceremony took place at the resi� dence of the bride's parents, Main street, at 6 o�clock p. m., in presence of about fifty invited guests. The performed by the Rev. T. A Bristol, assisted by the Rev nett, (father of the groom) and W. Craig, resident Methodist pastor The bride was most becomingly attired in a costume of brown si Ik, with appropriate trimmings, and looked very pretty, indeed was sustained through the ceremony by her sister Margaret ; Mr. F. G. Dyer, of �The Equity" staff performing a like function for the groom. Immediately after the ceremony, the assembled guests sat down to a sumptuous wedding dinner, served with exquisite taste in the spacious dining room.
An hour or ro subsequently the happy young couple went to their future rasi-deuce, opposite Dr. Lyon s, which had been duly placed in order for their recep tion, and there, being joined by a number of their young friends, the remainder of the evening was pleasantly spent.
An evidence of the high esteem in which the young couple is held, is found in the host of bridal presents herewith append
Dress Goods, Cloakings, Flannelettes, etc., all reduced to wholesale prices dur ing the month of Jany., at
Ottos - Campbell�s Bay#
Many lines which we must clear will be greatly reduced.
B, 8. DOWD, K.D..C.M.
O. F. Hodgins*
Mr. 8. Richards and Miss Mary L., daughter of Dr. Ward, both of Am prior, were married by Rev. Mr. McLean on Wednesday evening last.
11. D., C. M. Trinity : L. R. C. P. A 8., Edinburgh Licimtiats or Faculty or Physicians and Burgeon�, Glasgow.
Other A Residence In tste Dr. Asftey's House, Qnyon. Office hours : 8 to 12a. in. and 7 to V p. in.
We would not like to sell our goods at prices we intend to sell them at during this sale any oftener than we are doing� �once in five years.�
An early call will be most favorable to
Dandruff forms when the glands of the skin are weakened, and if neglected, baldness is sure to follow. Hall�s Hair Renewer is the best preventative
1. H. C. P. AND 8., EDINBURGH.
Died,�January 23, of membraneous croup. David El wood, youngest son of R R. Cuthbertaoii, merchant, of Maple Ridge, aged 3 years, 6 months and 15 days.
ceremony was .. Nelson, of vds. W Bar.
Residence and office In A. Smiley�s house, JBltUftlde.
Office hours�8 a.m., to 12 a.m., and 7 p.m. Telephone No. 2.
A grand Fancy Dress Carnival is to be held in the Quyon Skating Rink on the evening of February 2nd. Valuable
Arnprior, Ont.
�tumult McUONNELL.
A rruttNKY AT LAW, Main tit. Hull, t^ue, will, atrequest,attendallcourts n tue llstrlct. All oorrespondenceprompt*
y answered.
Will be at dhawvllleflm Thursday oleacb mouth.
prize for the best representative character, lady or gent.
Mr. Samuel C. McDowell has decided to give up the grocery business, to open a butcher stall in his present stand which he is having fitted up for that purpose, lie will be in partnership with Mr. W. F. McDowell.
P.S. �All dreuses will be made in our Dressmaking Department with 20 p. c. discount off regular prices during January sale.
A few days ago D. McDougall, of killed a cow that had been ail
inn for over a year, and whose ailment baffled veterinary skill. A post mortem examination showed that the animal had swallowed a four inch nail, which was lodged in one of its lungs probably for a couple of years.
Hull* - � - Que*
Mr. H. Matheson, Sec.-Treas. of the Municipality of Clarendon^HH|H|BH[ J. G. Elliott and James, the necessary security with the prothono-tory at Bryson on Friday, in the suit of that corporation against the County Council, regarding the increased valuation of the township.
An Indian Relief Fund has been started in Ottawa and a considerable sum has already been subscribed. The mayor has been appointed treasuier and will forward i he subscriptions to the Lord Mayors Fund, in London, England,from whence aid will be sent to the plague stricken districts of India.
Important to Farmers.�L. D. Davis, of Shawville, has been operating horning machine in this section for some time past with great success have had their cattle dehorned are perfectly satisfied with the result. Work done at the low price of 10 cents per. head. Now is the time to have it done.
The Rev. W. Barnett, accompanied by Mrs. Barnett,arrived here on Wednesday of last week to be present at the marriage of hie son, Henry 8 occupied the pulpit at both services on Sunday, and will assist at the quarterly meeting services on Sunday next. Special services are being held in the Methodist church every night this week.
Mr. Edward Davis, ar., of Quyon, one of the original landmarks of this county, who year by year are passing from our to be seen no more, entered into rest on Monday of last week, at the advanced age of Hi years and 7 months.
Up to within a few days of his death, Mr. Davis was a man of remarkable activity, with a clear intellect and recollective faculties unimpaired, which enabled him to recount with minuteness the innumerable exploits and adventures incident to life along the Ottawa, during the early days of its settlement aged gentleman delighted in telling these stories of pioneer life�of dangers encountered, of privations endured, of obstacles overcome,�and be always ensured an attentive audience.
The deceased gentleman�s remains were interred st Quyon on Wednesday.
A bylaw providing for the raising of $16,000 for sewerage is to be submitted to the ratepayers of Arnprior. Until sewers are put in it is thought Arnprior will continue to have bad streets during wet weather.
Driving from Galette on the ice on Monday of last week, Mrs. Clifford and daughter were storm bound, ao high was the wind, and men working at McLach-lin�s mills had to go out on the lake and assist them to shore.
The pay car of the P.P R J. went over the line on Wedneacay afternoon last. In speaking to an Ottawa Journal reporter, Superintendent Resseman stated that all employes had been paid up in full to to Dec. 16th last, and many had been paid up to January 1st.
The L. O. L. district meeting for South Renfrew, was held at Braesidt Tuesday 12th inst. Delegates were present from the six lodges of the district. Membership reports show an increase of fifteen. It was decided to hold the next meeting in Renfrew., Jan. 14th, 1898. Mr. John Parks Renfrew, was elected district master, and Mr. John L. McFar-lane, Braeeide, district secretary.
Of Special Interest to Ladies : Having removed my stock of millinery to the building adjacent to the Pontiac House and recently occupied by Mr A Smiley, I wish to inform my numerous customers that I now fully prepared lv meet their requirements in the millinery line. My stock was never larger or more complete. Intending purchasers will well to inspect my stock. A large^ssort to select from. T
, with Messrs. L Shaw, filed
Mr. Aylen will regularly attend the Reunions of the Courte at Bryson.
The Renfrew creamery has � second time been compelled to announce a deficit. It is expected that the cold storage system to be established by the present Dominion government will assist them in the future ; but the chief cause of fail ure, the directors claim, is the want of support by the farmers, who do not sup* ply milk in large enough quantities at some of the skimming stations to make it pay.
At Pontiac House, Hhawville, on Court days �dili February, 6lh April, ltd June, 1st October anddih December.
"Will attend all l�w courts in District* of Ottawa and Pontiac If required.
Parlor lamp�Mr. and Mr*. G; F. Hodglna. Silver butter dl*h�Mr. and Mr*. T. W. Wil-
*. A. tick AY, B � L.
OTAR Y PUBLIC. Clerk oi the Magistrates Courtst Shawville . Agent for the Credit Fon-ler Franco Canadian. Money to lend on easy term�.
Removal Notice �Mr*. McKenzie
desire* to inform her many patron* that she has moved to Mr. Geo. Hynes new building on Main St., recently occupied by B, W. Y��ung, where she will be found with a large and well assorted stock of millinery, comprising all the latest and most fashionable styles in hats, bonnets, etc , and, in fact, every
Toilet set�Mr. and Mrs. J. McArthur.
Porridge set�Mr. and Mr# John Murray.
Bible�Rev. T. A. Nelson anti Mr*. Nelson.
silver cake stand�Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Me* Credte.
Marseilles quilt�Mrs. (Rev.) Barnett.
Silver butter knife and sugar spoon-Mr. and Mrs. Cowan.
Whiftk holder�Miss M. J. Clarke.
Silver cruet and porridge set�Mr. and Mrs James Hudgins.
Parlor lamp�Mr. F. Dyer.
Silver Inkstand�Mr. and Mrs J. T. Patti-
a de-
All business entrusted to him will receive Immediate attention.
All who
e on
thing generally kept in an up to-date millinery store.
XIAILIFF of THE SUPERIOR COURT JD Shaw ville . 4ue., respectfully solicits � ngagementefor any business In connection with all Courts In the County, Collections made and prompt returns assured
From the effects of a fall upon the ice received while lighting the lamps in the skating rink, a few evenings previously, Mr. James Robinson became so ill on Tuesday night of last week, that medical attendance had to be summoned. The fall, it was then discovered, had caused the rupture of a blood vessel, from which considerable internal hemorrhage had re suited. Absolute rest for a few days, has been enjoined on friend James, before he return to his duties at the rink.
A touching incident was witnessed in Knox church, Ottawa, week before last. The congregation had been for years with a heavy debt, and last year made a final effort to liquidate it and swing clear of the incubus. The effort was successful, and at the ennual meeting the treasurer an unced the debt paid and exhibited mortgage, whereupon the congregation to their feet and sang the good old doxology, �Praise God from Whom all Blessings fi"W." The incident brought tears of joy to many eyes.
Mr. David Mscfarlane, of Filiroy Harbor, brother of Messrs. John MacFar lane, of Campbell** Bay, Thomas, of Clar endon, Robert, James and Archie, of Bristol, died at his residence on Monday of last week, aged 62 years. The deceas ed gentleman, who occupied the position of slide master at Fitzroy Harbor, for
past, was well Ottawa Valley, He leaves a
Jewel cas*- Mr. and Mrs. A. Hodglna.
ard receiver� Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hynes.
Jewel case�Mra. Wm. Craig.
Chair tidy�Miss Edith Wilson.
Silver sugar shovel�Miss Amy Burroughs.
Silver b �� ter knife and sugar spoon�Mr. R. W. Hodgtns
Album�Mrs. McKenzie.
Plate�Miss G. McKechnle.
Sliver cruet�Mr. and Mrs. And. MoCredle.
Pair silver napkin rings�Dr. and Mrs. Knox.
Silver pickle stand-Mr. Wm. McCredle.
Mantle cl ck and gold souvenir spoon-Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Donaldson.
Tea knives�Mr. Fred. Cains.
Silver and ladle-i-r. an
Fruit dish�Mr. R. G. and Miss Jennie Rod-gins. ,
Carving set and work bag�Mr. and Mrs. R Mitchell.
Table cloth and napkins- Mr. and Mrs. Glenn.
Box of honey in comb�Mr. Jam. Cuthbert-eon.
Bre*d Board-Mrs. James MeCredie.
Silver napkin rlng-Mtes Maggie Reid.
Cut glass set�Mias Maggie MoCredle. Book-History of Lifeof Wm. Taylor-Rev. Wm. Barnett.
Sliver knives, forks and apoone-Oroom.
Parlor tabl Corrigan.
Silver and gold salt set�Mr. and Mrs. John Shaw.
Embroidered pillow ahams-Mrs. F. W. Barnett,
Toilet set, consisting of eight pieces finished in yellow silk�Mrs H. N Gardiner.
Bedroom set and china tea set�Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCredle.
Mr. G.F. Hodglna gift to the groom was a beautiful Otter collar.
The Equity tenders its most hearty congratulations to Mr, and Mr�. Barnett.
The rev. gentleman
Accounts collected and prompt returns made
All couru attended.
w-x M. MoLRaN .Proprietor, Main si. Quyon,Que. U- This house la Ineverr wayfurniehed to afford Batdlltiot accommodation ror the travelling public. Commercial men will find the sample rooms second to none on the road. The Bar is alwayaaupplied with the best brands of Liquors, Wines, and Cigars. Good L�rsry l n Connection.
Mia* Annie McRae
gold sugar sifter and cream J Mrs Lyon
Shawville, we understand, is to have three butchershops this coming summer.
Mr. Thoe. Argue is at present making preparations to open a shop in the spring, and Messrs. 8. 0. and W, F. McDowell are also making preparations. Mr J. G.
McGuire will am usual have his shop in the old stand. If close competition hsa the effect of lowering prices, we venture to say that meat will be a cheap article in Shawville during the coming summer season.
Mr. D. Kennedy, writing from Deux Rivieres, informs us that there has been pretty good sleighing in that locality for some time past, especially on the north side of the river, where the snow is over
a foot deep ; the ice is also good. Mr. L. more than thirty > a Cornice of Ottawa, is hauling supplies for known throughout th� the Hawkesbury L. Co. on south aide, and universally . ateemed and Mr. F. Warren, of Pembroke, it � widow, six eona and two daughter# to hauling for Mr. Grier on the north side. �oUro h,e His remains vx vrv m rr-
Both gentlemen are hard at work, and a red at Arnprior on Thursday, under the great many teams baye been hired at direction < f the local lodge of ret Ma* ns Deux Rivieres. of which body hs was an honored member.
0. Turpsln - - Prop.
fflHIB hotel has been recently opened for X the publie accommodation, and has been equipped In first class* styie with nil
necessary requirements.
Bar furnished with choice liquors and clg-, First class table.good yard and stable-1 of, and large commodious Sample Rooms.
Messrs T. Beaulieu and T
Recovered hie Parse.
Editor Equity,�During my absence from the house for a short space of time on the 21st inat., some person left my pocket book and contents, which I lost last August, on the table, for which kindI return many thanks.
urs, Ac.,
James M Hodoins North Clarendon, Jan, 26, 1897.
c. CALDWELL, � -
the mighty boar was constantly renew- groat public issue t hat was at stake ; was even wicomeioii*, <�r 11 f iu . 1/' *,lu b "eeans irretrievaW
ed, amt the brimming ale-cup could Rnd eA(1^ accordingly endeavored to victory, or the eagle ffl^ees ^ ^ �w. X\ i< h t he automotive* the nrob-
never be exhausted. And now the con- out stun the others 1>V a declaration priest who hung over him An .|h '.q. �VI , rrUM<,l t rnjviportation would tie miltation was done, the decision was ad- 0f his claims to such an enviable dis- the departure of existence wit ti ^� I solved No longer would it tie nere# opted. Every eye was impatiently turned tlnctlon. Txmder and fiercer grew the critical inspection. \h* 8 * ; v v arv-* lt> "'^t lent commandera to
heavenward, to chide the night that was strife of tongues : weapons at last were heart wae evidently far away . ilwai* f�e approach of artillery drawn
so long in passing awuy, and every I shaken i<n mutual menace ; and for amid the scenes of Jus native ho . �y phmgmg horses Instead, the au-
beart only yearned for the moment that a moment it seemed as if Lucius had which lie felt as if he were dung toear would flash from point to point, would bring t nem in front of the foe. been thrown like an apple of discord. I peace, while beloved faces *' I at the �i>eed of an express train. 8o
The chief priest of Odin again raw- hr to the midst of this furious throng around him. and tender voice * , strongly is it built that it could move#
ed hia head, and made a signal to to involve all In civil uproar and mured in his ear. � M? . '' .i ov** almost any kind of ground. The address the multitude, upon which the bloodshed 4 Rut a remedy was fort un- mother, my gentle hearted si" �,r<� . JJ1*1** is of sufficient power to drive
uproar was instantly hushed. This an- ately at hand that could control German faintly said, "weep not. for this 1 it through places where the ordinary
cient man appeared as if be scarcely anarchy even at tJie wildest; The chief ness will soon lie over ! )�*�r f I gun carnage would stick hard and fast,
regarded the throng, or the business priest gave a signal, and immediately hands have soothed the burning o . Its tires of heavy rubber would give with which they were occupied; he was his consecrated Kind advanced, armed brow, and smoothed ray couch. 1 it a buoyancy that nothing in the way
like one whose communing� are with with atout saplings, w'hich were provid- may rest more softly. Leave m" JVv �* presont w lire Is for artillery would the dead, or with supernatural things, ently always in readiness for such cm- dear ones for I would fain glT. ai*prou'h. In fact the ordinary evils and
compared with which the realities Urgencies, and .which now descended night I" FTo indeed fed Mleep- dangers which beset the modern art lift round him were of trivial import ; and without ceremony or mercy upon the Iron-vlsaged priest, who Us <>n 1 ' � would lie as
when he deigned to raise his cold,stony shoulders and limbs of the most clam- understood, underwent tor a "r� NOTHING TO THE AUTOCAR.
. j�hMm
wmrnz wmm�mlmm
ever in our songs�would you die like hero of their tribe, they placed him up- form of Sigimer still unbroken by age, I funeral rites of the young centurion. I oe const <ie red.
� -�w rou �b�. ift'Sr.SKsftaf s sksks1 <To '*
rather descend to the grave una ng. mg invested him by this ceremony with chief of the Rructeri, three champions
name for your children to the chief command, the venerable Sigi- equal to any emergency in which mort-rewember? To whom do I apeak t My mer. secretly shedding tears of glad- al prowess could avail. In preference
n,� mi o< a�.. .0 .b- a&'&tr sr.�s � s^.-w-v
SS2HHE feltal =�==
marnent tremble, they exclaimed, cessfuL Hoi�let the captive enter in I ^ waa the branch of a fruit-tree, Here is an invention just made pub- !V y10 invention that is m ex
raised to brandish a weapon, every upon the outskirts of the meeting, ad- the folds of & mantle. He raised his change the entire war problem. It is on >t shield resounded with loud clashing ; vanced. and in the midst of them was t*y6s to heaven, and praying the gods caiied the autocar, and is an invention
-j� r: ; awwA.% sjsr.irtirjr1 & �� � �*�*2
��asm. the agitated crowds, m me iu central portion of the circle, they left replaced it, and made another similar id fire guns, two soldiers and 10,000 light of the altars, resembled the giants him to the gaze of that host of onlook- experiment; but at this time the rounds of ammunition over ground at
BDtSgmsttErS B -sr^s�TisS� ::
regions of X aihalli, rather than mo ornaments with which ho was adorned, drawn from the lots. thus imdi- tically the latest war machine which the tal men assembled for a deed of earth- j as well as his military insignia, showed eating that the gods had selected him braijl of man ^ conceived It is de. �ntarnria* .that he was of some account among his a� the omen of the destinies of; . . 1 T, . .
!y enterpi se. rester- ^"ntr)-men. Ainsi it waa no other Germany; The champion exulting-1 signed by E. J. lennmgton. of (oven-
When eilenoe had ixen again than the thoughtless, light-hearted cen- *7 sprung into the circle where the try, England, and a practical trial has
ed. the young warrior harangued the turion, Lucius�he who had so impati- Raman awaited him; while the spec- proved Lt a distinct success. The ve-neoDle in a torrent of vehement, over- ently yearned for enterprise, and who tators. who were delighted with the , . nWI����^M
whelming eloquence. lie unfolded to ^ 'stumble/ /nto�^uch^ an ^unfor^ weHI>aat anxious ^or the auguryf fe*U rubber tires four inches in diameter.
them the subtle stratagems by wnic 1 tunate dilemma? That, also, had hap- l>ack, and looked on with an intensity It is heavily armored and warranted to
he had led the Romans and their infatu- pened in a manner sufficiently ohar- that permitted not the twinkling of withstand any sort of fire exceot that ated commander to the place where act eristic. While wandering from the an eyelid. It was a strange specta- f ... tbeir destruction was certain. The outposts of the army into the country ole to see these two men, each armed 01 artuiery.
losers might complain of it as fraud, in quest of adventures, his heart had in the manner of b� country, and pro- The motive power of the autocar is
and demand an open warfare ; but this been suddenly smitten t�y the bright pared to do battle mi the fashion of a sixUen-horsa power electric motor
was only the demand of the strong, looks and sunny ringlets of a beautiful his own people, to decide which party hi h : commet �nd lnrat^d in
oocacious of superiority, and sure of yic- Geraaan maiden/ With him. to be- would prevail. The bulky German. y aBd*?caUd n shoveller, for example, should locate in
tory. An open warfare? Yes; but then hold was to admire and covet: and he who resembled some statue of Hercules, the safest part of the car. The car is .. . � Nnr #h�. i>oat
let it be an equal warfare also, where I addressed her with well-turned periods completely overtopped his an logo- shaped at the front something after the . ... . ,
w'eapon is matched with weapon, as well of blandishment, such as Ovid him- nist, and looked as if he could crush faahion of a huge turtle The raoid bui 1 er hA ever llved reasonably exas man with man. But when the Bo- self would have applauded. The fair hum with a single blow ; but his f. which uc dinrhnr^.1 hv p6ct 10 succeed in a desert, even though
mans advanced against them, clothed in one, indeed, did not understand I urn hs. powerful though they were. r ^ 1 1 1 rR,<1 y ma- it were hundreds of miles in extent and
steel, and bristling with warlike en- the language, but with the natural I had no defence; whiile the slender bat chiner y, are mounted front and rear, he had a monopoly of the business ginea. it was for naked Germans to avail instinct of her sex she divined its pur- vigorous and we'll-disciplined Roman although they can be swung from side "W hat 1 am endeavoring to point themselves of wiles where native val- port; and her delicacy having been stood confident, not only in has native t jd ^ -ww�--- out to you, Philip, is that not all new
our must be unavailing, and encounter shocked at such an abrupt mode of woo- courage, but in the tempered panoply fields are sure to yield a profit; as a
superior arma and discipline with su- I *pd so grea tlv at variance with I hy which he was protected. THE CAR IS EASILY MANAGED, mat ter of fact, many are quite liarrsti.,
perior craft and wisdom. And had I ther�chlVAiT��8. ^rcesy of her country- The comnet was commenced by In- And can be steered in any direction de- A uiao muet find the right place; and
aro; k-r^sSSr-Mit. 'Sit ��-.?�-* iWtesa'XySJsS?*.�
where their serried ranks would Ixs Mess eagerness; the ciiaas was long and I noising a dart in his right hand, and something like the brake of an ordinary ify him to stay right hr re and fight broken asunder and entangled among . uel contested: but just as he had near- watching the favorable moment to freight car. The wheels and the run- with the giants
mans would be able to advance like y>hone >f the approaches to the antagonist. At length Inguiomar hurl- be made without danger of upsetting 1 have Wore in .substance remarked, the winds upon crowded and helpless 11 ' ,1 i^r^ guarded. His arms e(j his weapon, which stuck and quiver- and thus crippling the powers of the you must lie prepared to meet it. Don't
to strike where victory was so certain? P^fty in the wild orgies of these forest though a red stream trickling upon its the car is running at a speed close to
victory which even women could geroio countrymen. VV it boat a L>d th� darts from him shield, and rush- enable them to tie made at the speed achieve. H� then unfolded a wnoramic | ogle expreasiom of fear he returned e<i unmi the giant, w ho, having expend- limit, which is 45 miles an hour.
HSrSffl SaaS&SSfcs� - ��fAsrA��:^
IBtaili IIS BS�
guage so fervid, and with appeals so �ie what capacity I am to'officiate enough to overturn an oak ; and a!- * bal^ dozen of these machines m l108*11011
BesTt-stirring, that every boeom eeem- J*?1? *, Il oan �* ^ 00 other than though it waa interoeptwl hv the .ihleld, jent threrngh the itreeti of a city, af-
ed to be animated with hie own resist- that of �victim, aa I am scarcely qual- yet its dint was so t>rriti* that the ter the besieging troops had gained en-less spirit. The listeners brandished '"c^to pd*y the priest I stunned left arm of the centurion fell trance, would do more damage than as
their weapons with a wilder energy BJ've , youth. replied the other, I pnwer em t,y hie side. The club again many regimenta of the fmeat infantry than before; they threw themselves for- speaking in the Latin tongue, and �.hist !ed through the air. and with a ?r oavoliy that ever wore uniform. It ward; they gazed with straining eye- smiling gHmly. for tfce recklMs gallan- rapidity which the eye could scarcely � more like the constant discharge bails, teeth clenched, and dishevelled try of the prisoner bad touched �.to f0>i�w. i* descended with stroke on from heavy batteries going at a keen locks that seemed to glow with life; and otherwise impenetrable heart, as steel Mroke The battered helmet of Lucius gallop than anything else, and there is they raised a shout, the terrible oharg- � cut by steal- thou �halt not be con- crashed under the tempest; be reeled no veteran of any war who does not ing shout of battle, with which they verted into a ocaet of burthen, as is hither and thither, still attempting to realize how often the wish has been bid been wont to burst upon the iron I done by thy countrymen with their cap- wield his sword, and at last fell insen- expressed that the artillery could ranks of the Romans. The priests who lives when they make the lives of gal-lea>le upon the ground Inguiomar into action without having to i
�1 *ould have been worth whole years of oo
a brief space, upon these the fathers and founders of a new world. The place in which they met, although so dark and wild, was from thenceforth to he holy ground to all the nations of Europe. The soil rose gently in every direction from the centre, the innermost circle being occupied by the chiefs, while ring above ring sat their followers in thousands, who took place according to seniority or military reputation ; but all these had a deliberative voice, for all were equally free, and U they were the vassals of leaders, it was only by a willing homage to the highest in wisdom and valour. The recesses of Germany had sent forth their noblest upon this important occasion, and conspicuous among them might be the vulture-crest of Sigimer, and the dark, lowering countenance of Inguiomar. his brother. But of all the warriors assembled there, none was so noble or so beautiful as Hermann. I he youthful chief had now thrown aside his Roman attire and weapons ; but still he towered pre-eminent in majesty and strength above all the congregated multitudes, while his bright visage bore the impress of a higher wisdom and more commanding energy than could be found among those who had grown gray in command�so that all eyes were naturally turned upon him, as the chief object of regard. XX*hen all were silent, the priest of Odin stepped into the vacant space in the centre, and exclaimed with a trumpet-like voice. �Son of Sigimer, ws have met according to thy wish : it is thine to tell us w herefore we
life to look, though but lor
, ,1 � #
The autocar utilized as a means of transportation for other artillery could also be made exceedingly valuable in moving supplies. It would have to be sharp action, indeed, that would seize a supply train of this sort, for it woqld
and leave no
to arm every defence!
O �
same instant every
ftome Farther Dl*eeer*e the tahjeel uf
"Id proportion ss communities become more settled and populous. Philip," said Mr. Gratebar, "the great opportunities that exist in them fly higher and higher and lieoome more and more difficult to capture.* For this reason men often seek new fields, where the shooting is easier; but in this, Philip, as in everything else one must exercise judgment. He must find a field in which game actually does exist, and one that is likely to produce such opportunities as he * I is able to turn to account. No snow
four wheels of solid
Ber� Selved.
car are
A Moscow dentist has solved the proln
lem of supplying the human
Supposing, said Willie Wishing ton, that I were to make up my mind earn my own living by a profession. What would you advise me to studyf
And Miss Cayenne, after gaz.og at him thoughtfully for a moment, simply answered:
9. This clause is a mowt striking <**� The same thought would lie c.xpreewd in modern English something like thin; "80 to-day a benefit done to s
�� The Bohlneen of Peter and John." Art* | cripple il being mode the subject of H
|||||||||||ili||||||j|||||j|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||kBri m i
10. lie Ut known unto you all. Here i is a bold and noble passage; Pa*
The story of this bason connect* close- h r prop*.*ed to preach the Gosi>aI
ly with aua on he U.t. 'rb� mtcrv,*,- ^rTe^n'�o1hiSffSr tfc
fcng verses (Arts 3. 17--h) (onutm 1* foresaw exactly what he would do; so completion of ^Wer's address to the hr arrange** his words as a direct and people in tkilnenxm's porch, and it was necessary answer to 1 he question they
�t - - **> � ��-�r tr:�i7�i.Vyb�.Lr^Lr eu
to the people that the arrest was made. crucified, whom God raised It was now evening, and t imy were lo-pt such words so full of ow-ari mg lllllllllll I behind Ixirs imlU Uw next day. They wMop been uttered. The whole wrtl*
�-� .....................
and examined as to the source of their dbm, is compacted in t hem. Kveo power, the implication living that the him. Better, even in him." lie fore you.
in i racle wan� deed of magic or witch, ^ u |far
craft, and llvrefure unmoral and ille- p,.t,r i� quoting from l*�Um 1IK '�, and gal. 11 is noticealde tliat there was by such un amiral to the "Drophets** not the slightest doubt expressed of the doubles the force of the appeal he bad
� y r* *�". *��� s*~5P�� VMa.'raK; �
came forward as �| Kikes man. A sum- wud h<* would tie. Btaroe the
mnry of his address is given in verses head of the corner. The. ffoundation and
Us ability and his mustexli- (^re, the vifal force which is to give
ness confused the rulers, and an addi- 13 fuMne*�, Outspokenness tional element of mental unrest came parried and ignorant men. Men �ut-with the recollection l hat these men side of ratJiinic. learning. I h**y
had *7" witb � w� * rw* n�l r^d'cj&^TuS'john w^^ua mt-
.�*�y to meet. After a pnvale cx.nmiJ- ^ wjlb tb� high pru�t.
Cation the council pr oh 11 � ted any further pro* lania I Ton of the Oo*;*d, a prohibition which was melt oei the part of Peter and Johji with holy defiance. The popularity of t ho Christian* steadily increased. 11*ing lei go Peter and John returned to the little company (prut> ably ;ls on oth� r occasions assembled in tlx* upper room), and as the body of Christians burst out into thanksgiving, again a kui*tnatural token was given Lb*�an, "the place was shaken where they were assembled together, and they were all filled with the Holy
oftbrir abode nod th*' hunger of their looks, and the hardness of their Ah I they know hotter than you can telJ them. htiow thorn the bright side of the th'ng. If there be any bright side. Tell them good times will come. T*>Mihem thgl for t he children of God there is immortal rescue. Wake them up out of their sto idity by an inspiring laugh, and while you solid In help, like th/3 Queen of bliebtt, ajso wend in the spicee. There are two ways of mooting the poor. One is to come into tlie r house with a noee elevated in disgust, a* much an to say; "I don't see how you live here in this migh-Uirhood. It actua I y makes me e;ck. T'herv Is that blind e�take it,you poor, in, se r�ble wretch, and make the most ol it." Anoihcr way is to go into the aliode of *lbe $>oor in a manner whic h seems to nay; "The blessed Jxirdhent me. He was poor Himself. It i.s nut m/ire for the? good that l am go mg to try to do you Uipn li is l or the goo I you can do me." Conning in t!i,if. spirit tlie g ft will be as arum*&\ti % a* the spikenard on th.�. feet of Chri�l�.and ail the hover, s jii lha� alley will lie fragrant wi#th the spice.
We need more specs and en'iven-m our church music. Chun'lies
and chronological table*, and dry statistics. Our religion is compared to frankincense and to cassis, but never
It is a lain d I e of
to mght-shadsV myrrh. It ir a dash of holy Light. It is a sparkle of cool fountain* It is .... opening of opaline gate*, ft i* a collection of apices. Would to Uod t hat were as wise in taking spice* of our I)ivine King as Queen llalkis was wise in taking the apices to the earthly Solomon 1 W hat many of us most need is to have the humdrum driven out of life, and the humdrum out of our religion. The American and Knglieh and fieottiah ehuroh will die of humdrum unlew there he a change. An editor from San Francisco a few weeks wrote me saying he was gflting
f ruin
4. I II. dolrieu Tul, Aril 4. I*.
The treat Divine Would Clive Us In 11* Mead a 14 o 11* * on of Brlglilue*� niul �Hlee-An *arllsly Mplrliualily Thai Wakfi Munth lue Every where.
Washington, Jan. 17.-This lug� discourse was calculated to deefirn the feeling* of tmcxl rcmol ve in Humdrum Abolished," Dr. linage in a sermon from t he text, II. Chronidea, ix, V abundance; neither was tlu*re
s�';r jrsk * zssr..........
B . , �� tt,1> other things. �Why do not people go
wuch spice SA the Queen of Shelia gave to church?" and be wanted my Jj �
King Solomon," electrified his hearers, ion and I gave it in one sentence: �
��- sxk �s&zrtt'iz
iriiiteruig in the Min? Have you not jfl that most people have SO much hum-heard? It is the House of the Forest drum in their worldly catlm$ that, they
Fv AW-
I'g.ipt� % ou see the piUam of the pvr- and prayers more of what Queen Hal-ifco, and agr�ai tower adorned with I W* brou/ht to Solomon, namely, more one thousand shields of gold, hung
ojM n-�Vo-
mil discussing wbetb-r they shad have ( Iwir i or precentors, or organa, oi
san �� @mi
d*> �udI ____ on.-greal long drudgery iM thP.r Me n;lMM,.nib� ^
been. Their faces anxious, t hoir feel- ,�lCv s 0U inga benumbed, their days monotonous. ^
* 'V�f,,n 1 w<�*ve bons in What is net camary to brighten up that M Tlgjglg people mouth and miimblo
ata nary, and sits down on the budk of nmns life. and to sweeten that at the ( raises of god ; but there is not
farmiv and attendants of the king am of life there dashed a gleam of an (Xkligregallon forgets itself, and is all ao many that the caterers of the pal- eternal gain; if between the t �trayais wosorM in the goodness of God, or
-jrv�%� � - - �,�'.tri:s�"
uu narra sweep and thirteen oxen, be- times in tournes� we found ministering hundred years from now, when the aides the birds and the venison. I spirit� flying to and fro in dur office, generation shall wake up to hear the stamping and pawing of four *nd flt,oreL la�d *h(*9� everyday life, duty.
.... - � issv'.KK ��i�� ..usfw .�Sfj�toSi sss
"leM- i�cre were important officials 1 timing In-tween calm satisfaction and and who will sing so heartily that the, who bad charge of the work of gath- **k?b rapture. |**>ple all around cannot help but sing,
�ring the straw- and the hnrfev for tiVnw any womaln keeiw house without Wake up! nil the churches from Ban-hnru�� cl, i y the reCigion of* Christ to help her Is gor to tSan Francisco, and across Chris-
Itiilg eotlotnon was an ft mystery to me. rI\> have to spend the tendon. U is nut a fcnattsr of preter-
�arly riser, tradition says, and used to greater part of one�s life, as many ence; it is a matter of raiigious duly, take a ride out at daybreak; and when women do. ito planning for the meals, Oh, for fifty tim^s more volume of
1�w�2 �>** 6%uT�i2;
�st horses of all the realm, and follow- ages, and supervising tarty suliordin- lias received nothing at I he hands of
ed by mounted archers in nuroV. as and driving otf dust that soon God compared with America; and
same ought the acclaim hi Berlin to be. mg day in and day out, and year in louder than in Brooklyn? Soft, long-1 year out, until their hair silvers, drawn-out music is appropriate for the
concert; but 8t. John gives an idea of
the sonorous and resonant congregational singing appropriate for churches when, in listening to the temp" service of heaven, he says: JT heard a great voice, as the voice of a groat, multitude, and as the voice of mighty thundering*. Hallelujah for the lx>rd God omnipotent reigneth.�
Join with me in a crusade, giving me not only your hoaris but the m ghty uplifting of your voices, and 1 believe, we can, through Christ's grace, sing fifty thousand souls into th* kingdom:
Christ. An argument, they can laugh at; a sermon, they may talk down; but a va*c audience joining one anthem is irresistible. Would 1 hat Queen Balkis would drive all her spice-dromedaries into our church "Neither was there any such
8 to 12
uple do not sing, y i h id t he people r e.buwis do no. know they are
ie I * feebi
Solomon goes up the ivory stairs of him throne
An Experience Thai tfa� Ter y Inrlsnw i�4 AUo Highly Kxn�pernllng.
"You remember I told you the other day," said the retired burglar, �about upsetting a couple of buckets of paste In a room that was being papered and falling down in the paste and getting all covered with it, an/1 then sitting down in a corner seat in the next roc#� to scrape the paste off my shoes and finding when I got up that I had sofa cushions stuck to me all overt that make* me think of another sticky
Verify 1. As tlwy spoke unto the peo- experience I had once that was sum#-
pie. As Peter and John continued their what different from that.
address to the p-ople that crowded to- "You always look over a bureau and
get her into Solomon's porch because of through the burc-au drawers in a ro�n
the sudden cure of the la mu man. The when you can. You are pretty sure to
captain of the temple, there was, it find something atjout a bureau worth
seems, a priv�t duleguted to have carrying off; but you don�t always, it
charge of the temple. Under him wa* set my lamp down one night on top
a company made, up of Levites whose of a bureau, after a preliminary surir t<> � r I s.***********6*llj**Ej*|
lie was evidently, from tije references
to him in the New Testament and in .
Josephus, an officer of very high rank. 1er without finding anything there; and
This man would lie responsible for any such disorder as L�eter and John svveined to be- stirring up. We are. not to wonder at the importance attached to this crowd. Jerusalem, like most great ancient cilice, was repeatedly at the mercy of a mob, and the mobs at Jerusalem naturally formed in the temple courts. The priests, the va plain, and the Sadduoees might stem at first to represent three chesses, but they were classe# which were closely interwoven, for th'T leading priestly families seem to have been Sadd'ucean, and the rapiain of the templ-a would seem, from an allusion in Jooe*>hus, to have been, in one cas�at least, the son of the high priest.
2. G reived. Sore troubled. That cause." I#reached through Jesus. "Proclaimed in Jesus." The resurrection of
the dead. This phrase "proclaimed in j eV4>r came across
carefully and unlaced 'em, and then held on to the bureau and stepped out) of 'em, one at a time, on to the floor. You know, I hated to leave them shoe# there like that, but there wasn't anything else to do. I looked at 'em � minute and then dropped my lamp in ulster pocket and picket up my l*g; that is, � tried to pick it up. but I might just as Well have tried to lift the house, f realized then for the first time that T bad set. the bag down on the sticky board, and it was stuck as tight as my shoes were.
"Well that made me kind o' mad, I�d carried the old bag for years and got used to it, and l hated to lose it. especially like But what could T do atxmt il? Nothing. And then i almost fell over on the board myself when f reached for thn l*ig didn't come, and f kin l of it wasn't sensible to fool around there too much. There wasn't anybody awake, and f was jilt fr^ to move? about as ever; but I con Id n t help thinking that anybody that would invent a scheme like that might hive something rlre on foot anywh-rr around the house. So T opened the b*g and gob the things out of it un 1 dropped 'em! rn my (xicket, amd then T, took
look at my �b�*e* and the bag g there In a sort of irregular front of I he bureau, and then X
in purp e, hi
zctjri a,b-1 � =f
oume thing worth getting up at five | aind the hark stoops, and the spec tattle# crawl to the eye#, and the grave breaks open under the thin sole of the shoes�oh it is a long monotony 1 But when Christ comes to the drawing room, and cornea to the k token ana comes to the nursery, and comes to the dwelling, then how cheery becomes
duties. She is never alone ge-ta through fretting and joins Mary at the feet of Jesus. All day long Delwrah is cause e>he ran
was ft
o�clock in the morning to look at.
Solomon wife not like some of the ___
kings of the present day�crowned im- | whan Christ becility. All the splendor of his palace end retinue were eclipsed by his intellectual power. Why, he seemed to al� womanly < know everything. He was the first now. Martha great naturalist the world ever saw.
Peacocks from India strutted the ba- cause bhe LapidoW,
aaltic walk, and a;ies chattered in the because she van make a coat for trees, and deer staJked the ranks and y(yuiu6 SamueJ ; Miriam, because she
�v *"* �*� *�� <���� sszrs.'s.iss?
and aviaries with foreign birds; and the stock; the widow of Serepta, lie-tradition sa vs these birds were so well cause the cruise of oil is being retamed that Solomon m-gAl walk clear O wcnian. having in your
ted about him. xpicery of our holy relig
Mure than this, be had a great repu- Martha! thou art caret!
Ution for the conundrums and riddle, SuTt^d ' Ma??' ha.k ��chcJlTfha^
tliat be made and guessed. He and ogod part* whmh shall not be taken King Hiram, his neighbor, used to sit away irum her."
by the hours and ask riddles, each one * nutitt confess that a great deal of
would like to have him find out. bhe death, and hell, and on their way to a perfumes the stifling air H I sent, among utiher things, to King magnificent heaven, they act as the cup of bitter medicine, and throws bokanon, a diamond wiUb a hole so though they were trudging on toward a glow on the gloom? of the turned lat-flsnall that a needle could not penetrate *n everlasting Botany Hay. Religion tice. It is a balm, for the aching side, it, asking him to ibread that diamond, does not eeetm to agree with them, and a soft bandage for the temple And Solomon took a worm and put it It seems to catch in the wind-pipe and stung with pain. It lifted Samuel at the opening in the diamond, and become a tight strangulation instead Rutherford into a revelry of spiritual the worm crawled through, the thread of an exhilaration. All the infidel delight while he was in physical in the diamond. The queen also sent books that have been written have not agonies. It helped Richard Baxter una goblet to Solomon, asking him to dune so much damage to our Chris- til, in the midst of such a complication fill it with water that did not pour tiatnity as lugubrious Christians. Who of diseases as iierhaps no other man from the sky and that did not rush wants a religion woven out of the ever suffered, he wrote, �The Faint s out from the earth; and immediately shadows of the night f Why go growl* i Everlasting Rest." And it poured light Bohan on put a slave on the Iwok of a ling on your way to celestial enthrone- ; upon John Runyan�s dungeon�the �Wift horse and galloped him around ment ? Come out of that cave, and sit light of the shining gate of the shin-and around the park until* the house down in the warm light of the Sun of ing city. And it is good for rheuma-was nigh exhausted,and from the per- Righteousness. Away with your odes tism, and for consumption; if is the spi ration of the horse the goblet was to melancholy and tier vey�s "M�dita- cat hoi icon for all disorders. Yes, It filled, She also sent King Solomon five tions among the Tombe." will heal all your sorrows
bundled girls m boy�s dress, wondering I have to say, also, that we need to if he could be acute enough to find put more spice and enliven ment in our out the deception, immediately Solo-I religious teaching ; whether it lie in mon when be saw them wash their the prayer-meeting, or in the Sabbath faces, knew from the way they ap- school, or in bhe church. We minis-piied the water that it was all a cheat, tens need more fresh air and sunshine Queen Balkis was so pleased with in our 1 unge, and our heart, and our the acuteness of Solomon, that she head. Do you wonder that the world said; "I�ll just go and see him for my- is so far from being converted w hen self." Yonder it comes�the cavalcade you find so little vivacity in the pulpit �horses and dromedaries, chariots and and in the pew f We want, like the charioteers, jingling harness and oiat- Lord, to plant in our sermons and catering hoofs, and blazing shields and hortations more Lilies of the field. We flying ensigns and clapping cymbals, want fewer rhetorical elaborations,
The place is saturated with the per- and fewer sesquipedalian words ; and fume. She brings cinnamon and saf- when we talk at>oi�t shadows, we do fron and calmus, and frankincense, and not want to say adumbration ; and all manner of sweet pieces. As the when we talk about shadows, we do retinue sweep through the gate, the not want to talk about idiosyncrasies ; aimed guard inhale the arinoa, "Haiti" or if a stitch in the hack, we do not cry the charioteers, as the wheels grind want to talk of lumbago ; but, in the the gravel in front of the pillared port- plain vernacular preach that Gospel lco of the king Queen Balkis alights which proposes to make all men happy, in an atmosphere Switched with per- honest, victorious, free. In other fum^. As the dromedaries are driven up words, we want more cinnamon and to the king�s storehouses, and the bun- gristle. Let this be so in all the
dies of camphor are unloaded, and the different departments ot work to sacks of cinnamon, and the boxes of which the Lord calls us. Let us lie spices are opened, the purveyors of the ptlain. Let us be earnest. Let us be palace discover what my text an- contmotiMsenaica-l. When we talk to Bounces : "Of spices, great abundance; the penpile in a vernernilar they can neither wpa there any such spices as the understand, they will be very glad to Queen of Shelia gave to King Solo- oorne and receive the truth we pre-mon.� sent. Would to God that Queen Balkis
Well, my friends, you know that all would drive her spice-laden drome-
agree in making Solomon claries into all our sermons and pray-
Si�f��is JWW -SSti WVastA 5? �*
vey over it, without finding anything, and then went through the top draw-
then I stepped back a little to get at the. next drawer easier, or, rather. I was going to step back, but I couldn�t I was stuck fast, standing there front of the bureau. 1 couldn�t move my feet any morn if they�d lie en strapped down to the floor with iron straps.
" �Course my hands were free, and I picked up my lamp and turned it down * on the floor. I found on the floor in
bureau a board about
front of the fbur feet long and maybe eighteen on twenty inches wide, that I was standing on; it was screwed down to floor at the four corners, and it was covered all over thick with
What it was I
spice as the Queen </f BheUi gave King Solotnon/' . 1
Now I want to impress the audience with the fad that religion is sweetness and perfume, and spikenard, and saffron, and cinnamon, and frankincense, and all sweet spices together� "Oh," you say, "1 have not looked at it. aa such. I thought it was a nuisance; it had for m.* a repulsion; 1 held my breath as though it were malodor; i have been appalled at its advance; I 'have said if I have any relig � I I I wont to have jud as little of it ax is possible to get through life with." Oh, what � roistak� you have made, my brother. The religion of Christ is a present and everlasting redolence. It counteracts all trouble. Just nut it on the stand lieaide the pillow of sick-It catches in the. curtains, and
It sweetens
ion ? "Martha! ul and troubled
ion at all,
It was my shoes t bat
the word. The limits of this group we cannot certainly know, but the passage would indicate that the reference is to those who heard the word from l�Wvr and John on this occasion, and from others who spread ut abroad with renewed impulse because of the miracle on behalf of the cripple. Thu number of the men. IX the supposition just slated he correct, then this five thousand does not include the three thousand converts after Peter's sermon at Pentecost. Was. Cbmo to lie.
5, 6. The Revised Version turns these two verses around, placing "were come together in" at the end of verse 5, in place of at the end of verse
The art of bow-tying is taught to 6. This indicates that some of I he nil-
young women, who like always distance from Jertualetu, and that the
smartly trimmed with correct bows at assembling of the council was a someth� neck and belt. Even the bow for w hot laborious act. Annas th^liigh
the hair has a different tie from the ^ there" after this phrase bow at the slipper, and the waist >ami Annas was father-in-law to Caiophas, has a knot entirely unlike that at the and himself took part in the coodern-throat. To know the difference is one nati�o of our Lord. As we have often
-1.. T-w n. -� g�
is to be able to tie. � | largely dependent u;>on the caprice of
A bow of orange velvet of the new the Romans. Annas seems to have bad
.b.d.,i.. aKlssE�id
for a somber dress. Upon a I gh Lis sons, but we do not know' certam-
it becomes positively brilliant, a beau- jy the order of their succession, and An- rnon� tiful decoration for dinner. For such nas may have been high priest for a
ed the bow of velvet. Each separate president of the Sanhedrin. John and j loop is lined and stiffened, and the ends Alexander. Nothing is known of these have sharp pieces of stiffening set in. dignitaries. The kindred of the high
The whole is brought under a small priest. Not so match relatives of An- in the � ,. II
knot A bow, carefully made like this, nas as members of a race, for the high nming, according to the estimate
withstands a groat deal of hard usage, priests were only take 1 from a few | game warden, who says that in one
and if it is lined with taffeta instead families, � , w 'herd which He sow the other morn-
of with velvet it is not too bulky a 7. When they had set them in the ing there were la.OOO of them. *1 rot. b-
thinc to be worn under a coat. midst. When the Sanhedrin was in mg o%er a distance of six I he
-ggmggg- full session its memliers sat on couch- sight, be said, surpassed anything he
es in a semicircle, and when they were had ever *een and u! 1er y amazed rum.
trying a case, the accused stood in the The elks' trail, over the *now was like
middle. Bv what power, or by wha/tr flint ice, he said, so herd had the snow
name? That is, Was it the devil, or been packed down, fho amma.s are
magic, or some occult knowledge un- seen by thousands any morning, moy-
known to us? They seemed to imply ing along the onakc River from the
that it could not be by divine power Great Swamp to the uros-v eji .re hills,
and by the name of God by putting a and at night The woi aof thv valves
peculiar emphasis on ye, which gives straying from their mothers may �e tbe phrase In Greet something the heard.
and it felt that
The Revised Version adds
� :?v<
y thousand elks are wintering Jackson's Hole country of Wy-
of the
**.. �
experiments With Orela.
The Gquity.
SHAW VILLE, JAN.~28, 1897-
The director of the Ex pen men Ul farms has issued a bulletin the results of
an elaborate series of experiment* at the several farms with different varieties of wheat, barley oats, pease, etc. This in formation is published in advance of the departmental blue
The atmosphere that pervaded local I tsriuers of Canada may have ample time
������jjm�e� to atudy the information it contains and
protit by it before seeding time next spring. Cumprehensive details ar� given election petition, which warn to unseat I tif the yield per acre of the several van and disqualify, Mr. W. J. Poupore, as eties, and the time of ripening of each at
-~r r,
after all ended in a bottle of smoke, was, eome ^ ,^e hybrids produced by a series of most chilly and depressing nature, I 0f oroea fertilising ex|M�riiueiits conduct-indeed. ed at the central experimental farm since
Tta �. .�..�� �' ��j
Judges (lill and Malhiot about tivo mm wvera| new B�d valuable varieties of uies at the session of the Superior Court grsia peculiarly well suited to cultiva on Friday morning. Mr. Champagne, | tion in this country, of Hull appeared for the petitioner, and Mr. J. M. McDougall, Q.C., represented the respondent. Mr. Champagne having declared that he had no evidence to offer in the esse, Mr. McDougall moved that the case be dismissed, and it went.
Besides the officials of the Court and
The Cash Store. | WANTS
Grit circles ou Friday laat wheu it bo-came known that the much vaunted
Boots and Shoes.
January 5th.
Left 01 land :
9 pairs long Moccasins 5 Boys� Overcoats,
5 Men�s Overcoats,
1 Goat Robe,
3 Beaver Cape,
4 Muskrat Caps,
1 doz. Caps, various kinds
Oil Tans, and Moose, Moccasins.
Famine in India.
Well authenticated reports from India show the condition of the famine stricken districts to be simply appalling. It is estimated that six millions of British sub.
four or five members of the legal fratern jeots are on the verge of starvation. A!
ity, there were only about a dozen spec �awof "india', fam�h*
tators in the court room, showing that (ng millions appeals to the sympathies of some inkling of the probable reault must the whole world. The appeal is being have got abroad beforehand. Rut it was heeded. The people of England are ea
~ � a-". th.gTS'l ::
some who were there, that the demon of Art) wn(jmg BU0cor t,� their fellow subdiscontent and disappointment, had jects m the Indian Empire. Even the ���lipped his tethering " for the time be peopls of Russia have j dned in the relief
i�� ,�d ... b,. p~.
ence felt m a moat aggravating manner. pyrform her j>art in this great humane The amusing part of the whole busineaa work. The Montreal Star newspaper has seemed to be that the acknowledged inaugurated a Canadian fund�the first to
m "","Tl |,., ,
had neither lot nor part m the proceed tio� of tive hundred dollar.. The Hou. All & U wlctUKil vOX* ings. Being powerless to interfeie, they Wilfrid Laurier, Premier of Canada, has �
had simply to look on aud watch their written the Star, expressing his hearty - - _ 3 * � -,
T ?�;� - "T I trices aunag
Truly it was a cold and discouraging day *phe appeal for assistance is meeting with , , .
for Gritism in Pontiac ! I hair ty response in all paris of the coun- VAIII Q.111 flAV
try and among all classes. � w�a�w��wwW�
All the Protestant clergymen of Montreat have written a joint memorial to the aw myy Star supporting the movement. I we �eve UJLLe
Fvery subscription to the Famine Fund I sent to the Montreal Star, no matter how The Hon. Edward Blake is likely to small it may be, will be pubilcly acknow become the leader of a united Irish party lodged, in the British House of Commons. The1 Unionists, while hostile to the Home Rule movement, have fallen in with the
fcclio�. in the ag.Ut.ou for a reduction. linder8l,ned <>m,re to the farmer, o.
of the taxes imposed by the Government. 1 pontlae the service of two first-class
_______�_________ Registered Hogs�a Berkshire and a Poland
I China-at the moderate fee of one dollar for
5th R.Clarendon.
Fur Coats,
Who wants them
Come in and see them, and if you have the least notion of buying I know wo can deal.
ridiculously low prices ?
Isaac Pitman, the father of the modern system of phonography (shorthand) died last week.
Notice to Farmers.
The amount of gold taken from the | each service Saskatchewan river during 1806 was greater than in any previous year. The
�SBHKEI the chief engineer.
A specially constructed dredge will be put to work on the bars of the Saskatchewan by an American company next spring.
Card of Thanks
Shawville Furniture Store.
Dec. 26, 1896.
A. Smiley wishes to inform the people of the surrounding country that he has opened
The � Bmp
of India*�" Chief Engineer
Telle an Interesting Story.
In Halifax last week the Tariff Commission listened to an appeal tor a reten tion of the protective duties on coal, made by the tion. Robert Drummond, a pronounced Liberal in politics, and a member of the Provincial Legislative Coun cil. Mr. Drummond evidently think# the interests of his province are of more importance than the theories of his party.
business in his new premises, Carriages, (opposite G. F.Hodgins� store)
FURNITURE, | where he will be found at all
times prepared to cater to the wants of his customers with
Mr. Francis Somerville, one of the best known men in the steamboat traffic on
Wagons, Sleighs,
Cutters, etc.
the rivers and lakes of Ontario, having
been engaged in this business for fifty
years, and who resides at No. 195 Upper
Col home Street, Kingston, speaks as
Premier Greenway has sent out a cir-1 follows of his recovery from the sickness cular letter to every member of the proprovincial legislature asking him to pick out ��one good intelligent farmer" to goto Wnftiipeg to lay hia views before the Tariff Commission, which is expected to sit in Winnipeg early in February. The | had severe pain over the kidneys and in
provincial Government will pay the ex penses of the witnesses who attend the commission.
better facilities than hereto*
which has affected him for some time.
All Orders Promptly | fore.
Said Mr. Somerville: 44The grip left me with kidney troubles and gravel. I
For the liberal patronage he has received he wishes to return his sincere thanks, and
Parties who desire a first-class winter rigout of any kind will do well by giving me a Terms reasonable and
the small of my back, also between the
shoulders and in the bladder.
"The urine was very dark-colored with Chief Justice Strong of Canada, frill be I a great deal of muddy sediment. I went
rival in London. Hitherto the Colonial I two boxes of Doan s Kidney Pills. I have
Bench has not been represented on the taken them with what people tell Judicial Committee. Thu notable inno. .. . . .
vstion occur, under an act pawed by the lhe usuaI ��0* result.
Rosebery Government. Brides Chief 44 They have cleared the urine, removed Justice Strong, Chief Justice C. J. Way, .. . .. , r .. .
for South Australis, and V,liters of Caj* tbe 8ed,rncnt' rel,eved me of d,s,ressm* Colony, have been nominated. I pain in the back and between the should-
ers, and have built me up in a surprising manner. In fact, I am entirely free from the troubles which affected me before
by continuing to give satisfaction, he hopes to merit it for | satisfaction guaranteed.
the future.
U G. M. Donaldson�s old stand.
January Annual
though he stole away herlSHAWVILLE, ' ' QUE.I P I CADIUp �Al F
heart after getting that �U LCAMin�
Last week the Ottawa board of trade presented Mr. John R. Booth with an address expressing their appreciation of the inestimable benefit which must accrue to | taking these remarkable pills, and I that city and the Dominion from Mr.
Booth�s energy in building the O., A. P.
8. There were many laudatory speeches, and one gentleman pointed out that of the six and three quarter millions ex pended in the construction of the Parry Sound, over five milions of Mr. Booth�s capital had gone into the scheme.
One �f the best equipped
in the District.
recommend them as a certain cure for all troubles arising from kidney disorders." � Whig, Kingston. �
�catchy� suit from
Choice Dress Goode, and Pure,
McGuire, the Tailor.
Tenders Wanted.
Shawville Produce Quotations.
The U. 8 Congress ham gotten its immigration bill fairly into shape. If the
passes as now framed and is enforced it will be impossible for a Canadian to enter the United States to look for work without foreswearing hie allegi | in the world ance and making a declaration that he intends to become a U. S. citizen. Anyone
in the United States who employs a Cana , -�� � " . , Bllttflr
d,.n who leave. . family at home >r who ^|Pork per �OO.
has not complied With the bills require� � *asan1nle of the beet qualities of Indian and Ceylor. n^f 1(�)
Fw-srSS I I
its postage stamps and government notes |t nut Up in seeled caddies of X lb , : lb. r.nd I Pelt-to U. 8. citizens. Reciprocity don�t go s ibe, and �old m three fUvoursat 40c., 50c. and 6uc. ? k�wm ner lb '
,t Washington thi. year.-Mon. real Oa-1 ^ | Oee-eandChicken. per lb
Tenders wanted for the printing of 300 price , lieu In pamph et form. 1.500 entry tlckeU. to 181 2000 admission tickets for adulte. 1000 admis
I ^ .took k well known to be of a sup-
sb ss�sssaa s
17 to 181 h>� PontiiBceAEg8oc1ftyN^yrU8lng requlred lowest on record. We take stock once a
.: 12 to 13 directors* and their*horsed when' at?endlng I And prefer giving our customers and
... 4.60 to 4 86 meet ngw
3.00 to 3.50 ^�^relgn-
9.00 to 10.00 R. GRAHAM,
25 to 30* Klmslde. Jan. II,
4.00 to 6 00 ... 40 to GO
e e e s e e �
e e
� �ess
� ���es#
Buckwheat Rye......
� see
� �
e �
� ������
� �
� � e
� �see
� � e see
friends at this season bargains of goods that are new, warrantable and fresh.
e �
� *
� e
� MR. M0NramMSXA.:Pri�r'
� � �
e �
C>� January with us is a Stock Reducing Month. �<3
h(>ro is a difference in the new way of doing business ; the theory was that certain months in the year must necessarily be dull�no use in trying to make them otherwise. But this store has changed the complexion of business and has shown that there is no need for dull days at any time when the wants of the shopping public are given thoughtful consideration.
January will be one of the busy months of the year notwithstanding business tradition which says that things flatten out after the holidays. January is known for sales of unusual interest in all departments with us. Profits arc sacrificed, and quick clearance our chief object.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots 8s Shoes, and Ready-made Clothing, sold at Sweeping
Reductions for Cash before stock-taking.
Serious Accident on the 0. P. S.
j!h-��zr.b�iTt,,!:; SALE OF LANDS FOR TA.3LES
Am prior A Parry Sound Railway has en- _______
joyed since it opened for traffic, was -------
br-'ken last Thursday evening by a ca*u Province de Quebec, j
�Ity which o���rrea near Parry's Bay, Bureau du Conseil Municipal du Comt� > resulting in the death of three train ! de Pontiac. J
hands end the injury of another. The killed are : �
Charles Hutchison, fireman, aged 26, single ; James Caaaelman, hrakeman, aged 46, married ; William Russel, in charge of store car, aged 35, married.
The injured m^n is William Taylor, giueer, scalded about face and The train to which the accident occurred was No. 60, way freight, which left Ottawa in the morning at 8 30, in charge of conductor Aria and engineer William Taylor. The train as it left Ottawa consisted of 27 laden cars, and doubtless still a fairly heavy one when it reached Barry's Bay at 7.15 last evening.
Four miles from Barry's Bay is a aide track, known as O Brien # aiding. It here the disaster occurred. It sppeara that the train was running along at mod erate epsed. Just as the siding reached the engine jumped the track, through what cause is not yet known though it is surmised that an open switch \ Clanham had to do with the run off. Two � were standing on the siding ; into these the derailed engine crashed and was thrown into the ditch, falling upon her side. do
Several of the cars following were also Chichester derailed and over turned.
When conductor Aria, who was in the van at the rear, reached the engine he found engineer Taylor groping about the cab blinded by scalding steam, and fireman Charles Hutchison crushed in between the engine and the embankment.
With the assistance of the train hands the poor fellow was extricated. He was still conscious and able to speak, but his | Shawville injuries were of such a nature that he expired in a few minutes after his rescue.
Cassleman, the forward hrakeman of the freight, was also riding in the cab.
When the crash came he was thrown over into the embankment and wedged in between the tender and the car following. He lived for an hour or so after being taken out and laid in the van, being quite conscious and able to speak a few words to his mates. He died, how, ever, before the first relief arrived.
Russell was badly scalded, but not until he was examined by the doctor at Renfrew, two hours later, waa the extent of his injuries known. These, event ually, proved fatal, the patient expiring on the way down to Ottawa.
Province of Quebec,
Oftice of the Municipal Council of the
County of Pontiac
JE DO�� AV1S Psr I* Posent que le. terre. � apr�. d�crite, .eront rendue. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the land, hereinafter mentioned will be sold by par encan public, � Is �aile du comt� de Pontiac, au Tillage de Br,.on, JEND1, public auction, at the Council Hall, in the v,liage of Bry.on, on THURSDAY the le QUATRIEME j ,ur de MARS prochain, � DIX heure, de l'avant midi, pour co FOURTH day of MARCH neat, at TEN o'clock in the forenoon, for the aa.e,.n,ents fixations et fra., mention* .ur lea different, lot. et partie, de lot. ci .pr�. d�crite., and co.t. due to the municipalities hereinafter mentioned, upon the several lot.
4 mmne 1uo lee d,ty* ou"*�lon* ne n,B eolent P�y<� �Tec lea frlil encouru, avant le part, of lute hereinafter described, un lew the same be paid to me with coat, before j��ur fixe pour la vente. the aforementioned day of sale.
Tales Taxes mu Etendu. ! d'�cole nicipales.
Extent. School j Municipal I Frais
Taxes. I Tales.
Noms de Municipalit�s Names of Municipalities
Nom sur le R�le
Name on Assessment Role
McCrank, Mrs...................
McGee, Mrs.....................
Decoeur, Sophie................
Lsvigne, Francois..............
Moorhead, Stephen..............
Richard, Joseph................
Stephens, Charles..............
Tourangeau, Michael............
Lepsr�s Francois...............
Roi, Joseph....................
Rancour Veuve, Widow...........
St. Aubin, Benjamin............
Dagenais, Ease be..............
Succession de�estate of William
R McDonald...................
Succession de�estate of Bernard
Burns..... ..................
Don Ian, John..................
4 14.......
4 3,4......
3 42.......
4 11.......
A 16, 17, 18 4 44
1 a
2 O.-W $ 12, tout-all 13, 16
1 E J 19, tout�all! 18.......
2 7..........................
3 3, 4, & E 45...............
1 6,7,8......................
2 31.........................
12.00 i 12.00
63 59
3 9. 10.........
3 0.............
2 D.............
West R 1 25........
9 35, 36 .......
1 O. -W 4 8, 9
2 12..........
Dagg, Charles......
Bradley, Mrs. John Donaldson, Milton.
Smith, Albert......
John Elliott.......
2 village lots, with buildings, being part of lot 8, in the 6r.fc Range, situate on the south aide of East Main Street, and hounded on the East side by land of H. and T Elliott on the West by street known as Shaw street, on the South by an intended street or lane of Jae.L. Shaw�s.�2 lot de village avec les b�timent
present, partie de lot num�ro 8 dan la 6 me Rang, situ� au Cot� Sud de la Rue Main, borne su Est par les terre de H. and T. El liott, au Ouest par la Rue Shaw, au Sud par un Rue ou les terre de Jas. L Shaw.............
O roula, Fran�ois...
Venasse, Louis.....
Macicottv, Augustin M�nard, Pi�tre ...
Duchaine, Mo�se...
Legass�, Mo�se ....
Lemieux, Madore..
Bolen, John........
Bourgard, Louis...
Charon, T. B.......
Seguin, Edmond...
Succession de�heirs of late Mich
ael Quinn....................
Desjardins, Felix..............
Doyle, John Thomas............
Acres, Jas. Landon.............
E 18., 7 2,3, 4 33., E 29..
23, A *24
1 17..
12 16
Ohvt% Up Eli Xnsursace,
The Ottawa Journal of Monday last
relates the following : ...
Wo, Russell who wss killed in the
railway accident on the O, �. A P. S.
Railway, Near Barry�s Bay, Thursday last, has left his widow no means of sup Until a few months ago he held
_suranoe on hie life amounting to $2,100.
Of this sum $2,000 wss with the A. O.
U. W. and $100 with the Sons of England. As stated in tha Journal, he was | Clarendon a member of the holiness movement, bet 1er known as the Humerite church. One of the rules of this church is that its members must give up any insurance they hold, and when he became connected with it he had to conform with the rules. Mrs Russell, his widow, states he had paid about $40 in assessments, all
of which are forfeited.
Rev. R O. Horner was seen
Journal reporter this morning, why the members of the Holiness ment were not allowed to carry insurance he said there were many reasons, but he had not time to tell them as he North Onslow . was teaching a class. He finally �aid the principal reason wss because they did not I Calumet Island consider members of the movement could pay their tenths to the ho d hh�1 put money in such s sinking fund as insurance. .
Mrs. Russell, speaking to the reporter,
said that she has nothing to say against the Hornerites. She joined the ment with her husband, and did not consider either of them bad received any
done so. Her
, she said, and not want to say
6 6
N O -W 4 15 N.O.ide-N W 4 3
2 50
Arri�re 76acre ; born�s au front par la moiti� devant du lot 27, et en arri�re par la balance de ce lot 27-�Rear 76 acres of 27 ; bounded in front by front half of lot 27, and in rear
by the rear 25 acres of said !<�t 27....
7 |S. E partie�part N. E 4 14...............
2 NO �W 4 de�of 8 E. 4 de�of N.E. 4 10 2 {Partie�Part N O. W. J 11.................
Hamilton, Mrs. Wm.. Johnston, Mrs. George do
Succession d Dean ....
McLeod, Mrs.... Kenny, W. R.... McTiernan, John do do ..
McTiernan, Thomas
heirs of late Thos.
3 N O.�N W. 4 26 ... 3 S O �8 W. 4 1........
10 S E. 4 23..........
8 28...................
9 s O �S w. 4 28.......
8 N E. 4 26 tout-all 27
9 S O �8. W. 4 27....
12 8, E 4 25..........
12 N. O�N. W. 4 26 ...
Partie�Part 8 W.J9
11 N 4 18...........
11 8.
12 S. '
3 10,11,12...........
9 22,24...............
8 20 8 21
36 35 14.25
38 00
Robiard, John.... Robiard, Jacob... Watson. Alexander
Gilbert, George
4 de -8 4 of N. 4 17 O -8. W.* 18.
McVeigh, Frank...
Lafleur, J A.....
Inconnu�Unknown Joffroie, P......
29 60
W. Gk LeROY,
harm through having husband died peacefully
he did
Secretaire-Tresorier, Comte de Pontiac, Secretary- Treasurer, County of Pontiac.
consequently s anything against his religion
Bryson, Jan. 7th, 1897
The Hon. Joel E. Headley, the well-known historian diod at his resident in Newlwrg. N. Y., on Saturday.
Recel Fort
season of 1896 bushels.
The Pittsburg Despatch �ays that the Cuban policy ot the McKinley Administration will differ very little from that pursued by President Cleveland.
i i n�- -1 1. Cime, �en of Dr. Cboae, "f Ann Arbor, Mich.
tenved at Detroit to life imprisonment for cruelty to his wife, w 1mm he ha*
sfigured" for life. - ��
llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll WII son. a wealthy
lady, has Ihvu abducted from Chi Relatives think site is in the safekeeping of a child, now married, which she adopted thirty years ago.
Frank Dougherty, a str king miner, was shot and instantly killed by Policeman Guyton for resisting arrest at I xaad v U le. Col, on Monday. Dougherty lmd first fired at the policeman.
Maggie Messeur, a Canadian, aged 27. was arrested in Buffalo on Tuesday for shoplifting. A waggon load of silks
the home
II la Hal Very large, mu U All Waaele himI Pear� Nothing Bel Pire.
ivts of grain at Buffalo from William during the navigation
aggregated 2,829,'"
Some Items or Interest to he Busy
The great gray wx>lf of the North I Business Man*
Li a moat powerful beast, and pur- The Rrow eajmUlga 0( Canadian Pa-
with hungry eageiniuui when | fifu, |or th(X we#k vn<led Jljmary 7th.
from finding it*
sum men snow prevents it usual food. It if not a larg� < feature
Home Suvnel lurmnlou� llhlrh
Wanted In Ih1M Mm> Wake I p 4*me Flee Hornleg Nf 111*
h Title or a Fortune.
were #320.000 a d�riva� of $37,000.
The �tacks of wfieat at Port Arthur
and Fort Wi31 iam an* 2.272,070 bushel�
^Jllllllllllllllllllll^ores! a,1,� | as against 2.174,520 bushels last week, is not much tailler than a
Knot Il�e LUI-1WM
Interesting Items About Our Own Country, Orest Britain, tlie United States, and All Parts ol the Globe, Condensed uud assorted for*Bnsy Reading.
Hamilton's debt is $3,100,000.
The miners at the SpringhUl, N. S., colliery are on strike.
Winnipeg will lay ten miles of new macadam pavements this year.
Ottawa's population and its assessed valuation $21,947,03o.
Hon J. Israel Tarte, who has taken
confined to his bed at
but it is all muscle "The gray wolf."
setter dog. He in longer and heavier.
a sort of combination of wire ami raw
hide, which never tires and can cover
ground with great rapidity. A not long ago started two wolf hound�
hungry wolves of this t y I s' $ llllllllllll||l|l|||lll!l(lllllllllllllll|!lll!l|lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll|lll|
The dogs overtook the volves with un- than a year ago, the figures being 6,-expeoted ease, and then the wolves ate 775,000 bushels am against 6,972,000 bush-
:s�^�r:����uLM'7ur ; *->..��, T , .
"A year ago a man w ho lieLieves in I ho lank clearings at Toronto for poisoning wolves, dragged a fresh beef 1896 were 11 per cwnt. In excess oi the nute thirty-one miles, throwing out hearings of the previous year. This
Lrv ^ b.d ��
t went y-e glil wolves and coyotes dead. I leveland while others, no doubt, had wandered pmuj Buffalo.
�y "irk to eonie hole or d,h,r Uld After .light change*, the general run
1 �A vary effective trap is mode of of prices of both raw and refined sugars a gang of fish hooks Iwited with meat in the United State* returned to last The hooks are hung on wires and fastened to branches. The animals come along, mineII the bait, and getting on their bind legs, succeed in reaching it.
The 1 lending of the branch prevents the hooks from being torn out
makes it decidely interesting when a er discouraged liant her gets hold of a hook instead The visible eupply of Wheat In the of a wolfT United States ana Canada is 68.872,(WO
"The gray wolf, m a peek of its bushels. a decrease of 799,000 for the its own kind, seems to fear nothing Week. The total a year ago was 68.-but fire, lie will attack a man who 946,000. The amount on passage t. is shooting at it and its comrades. It Europe is 27.620,000 bus hells, a decrease will aid in pulling down a wounded 0f 800,000 for the week. The total (in buffalo bull, and a buck deer at bay |tassage a year ago was 26,620,000 bush-is attacked in spite of horns and hoofs, ^de. The total visible and amount But fire keeps it at a distance. A lone afJoat is 81.392,000 bushels as against man may ftieep if hie fire burns 94.466,000 Ivushole a year ago. a brightly, even if -the wolves sit about t�WU4e of 13.073,000 I;uslads. just outside the line of light, their Trade at Montreal presents no speci-eyes showing in a cirole surrounding ajiy new features. Travelers are nil the man, but a* the fire dies down a�ain on their routes, but do not speak the circle draws in closer, and it lie altugetiber encouragingly atout busi-hoove* the man to stir it up again." neSd g, the weotiier though sem son -
�------------- ably cold, is still unaccompanied by
(he necessary snow and gcnera 1 bumness and lumbering �perations are ad--. vemely affected thereby. Collections,
Mr Killed a Keeper to settle mo Old too, rule poor. The only reported result
rlWe wire nails, gauges and prices being re-
Some wonderfuA elephant stories were vised, and discounts fixed at 80 and �
r^rrrr SH, KTa �
known as Charley, which hod !*en in QO looking for an improved demand this Sanger's circus thirty-one years. H month. 1 he loot and shoe factori� < are
��� 1- �� -sv'to V!�"1i�r�d�� �
rather more demand, though not on active one, for leather, in which lme He was values continue firm. The present ne-
� *- iniSU'�r�Sr� W
portment of the show. Hr. visited the ()1- ahet-UNkins are markedly
elephant's q\uuters the other day tu advanced. For cnoice grades of
to the keeper. I'harivy w�e�t- teml*r V t'o
mg his supper. As soon as be heard Mo |n the local stock market there has the man�s voice he turned, seized him i;een WHm* increase of activity at some with his trunk, pushed him against the little advance on leading neuritm.
merer, Imperial. Hamilton and Standard (�aide and Postal are rather higher Ulan a week ago, and Toronto Hailway is firm.
has been sen
In the course of a year some thousands of advertisements appear �n the
columns of the English press,
Money is easy in New York, with cell loans ruling at 11-2 to 2 per cent cash holdings of the I tanks are larger than for many months.
The stock of wheat Ln elevators in Canada are now 200,000 bushel� less
inquiring for missing hoirs, legatees, and others. These notices, which are
often of a most romantic ohoracter,have
for people A few
Mrs, E. W
a peculiar fascination even who have no
xpectat ions jotting� on thr more important rase* for 1896, may, therefore, interest our
readers. f
Vacant successions await the heirs o
Edith Harrison, widow of K. Borkal. and
her children, who were found dead near Brussels, supposed to have been it dered, and considerable property is < u� to the next of kin of John I>eody. formerly of Cavan, and late of San V run-oisoo* Miss Kate Norris, of Dublin, deceased in 1894, is supposed to have die without any relations; and the heirs of Miss Margaret Middlemiss, of 6 us-ae 1 burgh, are missing. U. J- Masters, of Hull, last heard of in 1884. h is become
is now 51,540
ill in Ottawa, is
Mr. Adam Book of London has sold his famous horse Longshot. to the Duke of Marlborough.
A company of New York capitalists has been formed to work an oil territory at Botliwell.
Four men were badly injured by a dynamite explosion near Saw Hill Lake. They were thawing a can of it before
Louisville, Milwaukee, St
and gloves was found in where she was employed as a servant.
Prof. Henry XV. Elliott baa advised the United States Senate that from an economic and humane point of view it would be far better for the United States to ki ll �11 t ho remaining seals out right than to permit the slaughter to vont mue under tne premnt regulation�.
The United States Deep Waterways Commission ha� submitted its report to Secretary Olney. The report in an unqualified endorsement of the ship canal project between the United States and Canada, and embraces a recommendation for two hundred and fifty thousand do Jure for preliminary surveys.
According to the returns from the ctxn me rciaJ agencies of Messrs. Dun and Rradstreet there are no new nor special features to trade in the United States. Business is quiet and prices continue low, but the feeling �noun business men is generally a feeling of confidence, and the more steady tone and healthy tendency is considered more satisfactory because it is slow. Stocks in some lines are too large peviaJly in textile fabrics, and It prices for these goods are prolxifole. There have been some large purchases of leather and of wool ; hides at Chicago are tower. During the week there has been little ' variation in w heat. Mercantile collections are reported as usually poor. In some directions an increased demand for dry goods, hardware and groceries is said to exist. Hut practically the business situation is unchanged.
Centrifugal is held at
week'� average
the former prune by importers, but refiners show no anxiety to purchase. (Hit-aide buyers and country Jobbers stul make light offers, and holder* are rath-
a fire*
Mrs. Philip lender, on*' of the oldest residents on the Canadian frontier, died at Niagara Falls, N. Y , on Thursday, aged ninety-two.
The contract for printing the Dominion notes, postage stamps, and postal cards has been awarded to the American Bank Note Company of New York.
The lody of Mr. Holiert Johnson of Port l>alhousie was found in the XVel-land Canal, into w hicb he is supposed to have fallen on Monday night.
Mr. Edward Hanlon has challenged Mr. Gaudaur for the world�s championship, conditional on the race being rowed in Toronto bay, three or five iles, for one thousand dollars, on May
entitled to funds through the
the brothers of
death of hie parente Nasmyth Morrieson, who died in India
also, the deecend-bo died in
in 1846, are aoughit ante of Rowland Cowper, w London in 1828. The residue of the estate of Mrs Isabel Fyffe. formerly of Bombay, deceased in 1873, bias, in the absence of heirs, fallen to her Majesty, the Queen ; and the " non-naizemut children of his late Highness, the Nawnb Nazim of Bengal, are inquired for. The descendants of Dr. Joy Adolph*!�, of Germany, are entitled to abb re in the
estate of
The Dominion Government has been advi�d by the Indian superintendent in British Columbia that the report from the Pacific coast at tout the troubla among the Indians regarding poUaching was exaggerated.
Mr J. H. Maooam, of the Geological Department. has left for England to join Prof. Duty Thomson and assist In preparing a report to the Imperial Government on the result of their observation of seal life in the Pribyloff Islands last summer.
� new schedule of wages and duties for the men on the eastern division of the C.P.R. was arranged between Mr. Bpencer. Superintendent of the division. and a number of representatives of the men hauling from points between Fort William and Quebec.
The resignation of Mr. John Sinclair ae Governor-General�s secretary has been accepted, and Mr. Sinclair has been appointed, without pay, acting secretary for his Excellency. This is on account of Mr. Sinclair's contesting a Scotch constituency for the Imperial Parliament.
Mr. W. L. Scott, Master in Chancery
i to decide a knotty
who died nearly 200 years ago �7000 has become due to the next of kin, Mary Hendry, who was living in 1777. T. J. Hull, who left England for Australia, in 1846. is entitled to freehold property; the children of Caroline Day, who died at Leamington, in 1874, sought ; and legacies are due to the brother and sister of Mary J.Caldwell, who went to America in 1836.
The proceed* of the sale of a freehold estate in Cheshire await James Kirkley. who left England in 1873; the of Donald McRae of Gravesend, who died in 1851 are wanted ; and Francia Lucas, of Plymouth, w-ho went to many years ago, is a missing lega-Newe is wanted of William Ling-ford, on whose arm is tatooed a skull and cross bones, and who left for Am-1885 ; and the children of A dob
The Czarina is reported to be seriously ill.
Mr. Willie, United State� Minister to Honolulu, is dead.
propowd navnl yard extension at1 Kong will cost $1,250,600.
his skin: 1 with a tusk. The man used to Lll-trcat tine Nasi, and was discharged about a ywar ago recent ly n*-�*iiiployed in i
The Dowager Esnpnvw AsaJio, mother of Emperor MjuUmhito, of Japan, is dead.
Emperor William is still very active in forwarding his scheme for the reorganization of the artillery.
Sir John B. Thurston, Governor of Fiji and High Commissioner for the Western Pacific, is dangerously ill, and his recovery is doubtful.
The Maharajah of Durbhangah baa remitted eight lakhs of rupees of his
d will expend a similar amount in the famine relief work.
A liberty League has been formed in New Zealand to check faddists. Total prohibitionists were the first to experience the power of the league.
Famine and plague are stalking hand in hand through India, and it is almost impossible to give any idea of the fearful distress that prevails.
The Young Turk agitation is spreading in the Balkan provinces, and placards have lieeu issued calling upon true Moslems to kill the mad dog of a Sultan.
The Turkish Reform League has issued a circular from Brussels, declaring that unother massacre is in contemplation. and calling iijion the powers to dethrone the Sultan.
at Ottawa. 1
question as to whet her Mr. Peter Mo* Rae or hie wife died first in a drowning accident. As the huslmnd was
l>ody of his little boy st>ed in his arms, the Master d�duit hat he must have died first, because his eff�rts would he hampered by the boy.
erica m Oram, who died in an infirmary in 1881, are missing. William Jeffrey, of Folkestone, last beard of in 1874, and Jemima Jeffery, who disappeared thir-
both inquired for ;
found with the
revenue, an
el a
Lord MounLstephen has given �400 to the Indian famine relief fund.
The great channel tunnel scheme to connect Dover and Calais has been abandoned.
The Queen continues in fine health end is busy over the programme for the diamond jubilee.
It is stated on authority that Mr. William Waldorf Astor has not Income a British subject.
A Chancery suit which was started in 1720 is still in progress. The amount involved is nine million pounds.
Not a Canadian has yet subscrilied to the Mansion House Fund in London for the Indian famine sufferers.
The Prince and Princess of Walee " subscribed �250 to the Mansion House Fund for the Indian famine sufferers-
ty years ago. are
while A. R. Reeve, decorative painter, said to have gone to America in 1889, is entitled to �900. J. L. White, of Chichester who left England in 1870, is also entitled to funds, and J. C. Golden, who in 1881, was in the employment
of a baker, may share in the residuary estate of a lady recently deceased .Mary A. Charleswortb, of York, in 1874, is interested in the estate of tor father and it is again notified that �oo2ti is due to the unknown heirs of John Kenny. who died abroad. Information is wanted of James Blair, who. on a voyage from Leith to London, fell oyer loard, and particulars are required as to securities belonging to a clergyman drowned in the wreck of the Drummond Castle. Claimants may lienefit to extent of �9000. arising from the estate of Commodore Michael Stackpoole, o*
Limerick, who died in 1846; the children of Harriet E. Gow, deceased in Liverpool, in 1873. are wanted; also, the descendants of Thomas Jeff ray, who died en route from India
The sons of William Platt, who died at Winkfield, Berks, in 1853. are called for; and F. S. Capon, who left England in 1883. is interested in a legacy of �1000. Other missing beneficiaries include Eliza Ballant ine. who went to WHERE FINEST LACE IS MADE. Australia twenty-five years ago; Ag-
in 1844 ; .the next of kin of W D. Overton. of Swindon. Gloucestershire; W.
N. Cornock, of Birmingham, last seen in 1884 ; the next of kin of T.H. Hake; of King's Lynn, who died in 1845; L.
W Rood said to have died in Demarara in 1839, and J. T. Boode, probably deceased in Germany in 1846.
The next kin or representatives are sought of John Lowe, of Boston, Lincolnshire, who died in 1872; Miss Sophia Collett, of London, in 1765; Charles Gore, of London, in 1797; John Col lis, w ho died in Limerick, in 1846; Henry Bridge, of Manchester, deceased in 1878;
. James Brander. late British Vice Con-
promptness in keeping your guj at Lisbon, in 1829; W. F. Preston,
. I of Rolleston, who died in 1881 : Ma i.
putting the best constructions on Gen q Ball ingall, who retired in 1816, f others. | and D A N., who was transported to
Don�t you think the true principle of ' WALKING IHh l L(X)R. again after mo many years, mias
life is for all mankind to go hand in paierfamilias (walking the floor with e,iy Lady�No longer miss. Professor-
hand I � . .. . .. _ son and heir)�Babies, they s:iy. are such f am married. Professor�Married!
1 don�t know about that ; there are , things! But what do they Well, well, who would hive thought times and places when mankind has to ^ f mef Talk a I out helpline ms I u^t t have one band on its pocket-l*ook ,ulllK
The Hamburg-American Liner Fuerst Bismarck, which ran aground in the Elbe on January 6, is still aground, all efforts to float her having thus far proved futile.
Paris papej's state that the Admiralty Council is in favor of using spuad-rons in time of war, and has rejected Admiral Aube's proposal for a fleet of fast cruisers with a view to privateer-
The Princess (�himay. who eloped with a Hungarian musician, has been engaged to ajiftear in tableaux vivants at the Berlin Winter Gardens, after her divorce from her husband, at a salary of seven hundred and fifty dollars I a night.
Lord Rosemead (Sir Hercules Robin-eon) is very ill and has asked to he relieved from the Governorship of the Cape.
Rosebery is again suffering from Insomnia, and will not lie present in the House of Lords during the opening weeks of the session.
SfAttnirut by L�r4 lieorge Hamilton -Inmiruwp Extent ol the IIMrlHt Altrrl ed The Uni* �Ion n�u�r Fund.
A despatch from London says:� Lord George Hamilton, Secretary of State for the Indian Department, has
Strangely do some people talk of getting over � a great sorrow�overleaping
it passing it by, thrusting it into obliv-sent to the Lord Mayor the statement Not ^ No one ever does that
upon which the appeal for .subscrip- no nature which can be touch
SE.'�� H." 5S M to ,1. I~IIM � ��(.*��'��
SSrn&S� FUJtrSTui AS�, �'F'S&r�iV�:
ine* until the end of March, and that mility and faith, as the lsr. I �
In other districts, having 44,000,000 to us a wall on the right side and on
of population, the distress may deejien the left, until the gulf narr^ , with famine for a shorter or longer narrows before our eyes and -, ..
period, while 6,000,000 people inthena- safe on the-opposite shore. DM. live States may be victims of famine.
The density of the famished popu a- Hls GRIEVANCE,
tion varies from 902 per square mile . . ,
in Mozafferpore and Bengal to 122 Young man, said the one who wished persons per mile in llhalagat and the him well, have you utterly forgotten Central Provinces. There were 1,200,- what you owe to the honored name you 000 people on the relief work at the heart Have you no regard for the beginning of January, and this number sacred dust of your ancestors! will certainly reach 2,000,000, and may Thev didn't leave me any, said the
Mr. Richard Holmes, the librarian of Windsor castle, is preparing the material for the authoritative �Personal Life of Queen Victoria.��
Mr. Geo. A. Kirkpatrick. Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, who underwent on operation in London on Wednesday, is slowly gaining strength.
Two more cases of cholera have developed on lioard the quarantine transport Nubia, which arrived at Plymouth from India on Saturday.
London papers of all shades of politics are said to approve of the signing of the arbitration treaty between Great Britain and the United States.
round their heads
Five Drawing-rooms will be held during the jubilee season, two by the Queen and three in which the Princess of Wales will act for Her Majesty.
Hon. Edward Blake has been chosen by the Irish members to move the amendment to the address in reply to the Queen's speech in the Imperial Parliament.
The British Government is taking active steps to fit out an expedition to avenge the Benin massacre. It is probable that the Kingdom of Benin will be
annexed. , _ 4
Lord Hamilton, Secretary of State for India, states that the famine, including loss of revenue, will cost the Indian treasury between four and six million pounds.
It is remarked in London that Canada has now a chance of showing that her Imperial sympathies are more than the expression of words, by subscribing towards the Indian relief fund, on which I Canadian name has so far appeared.
For living a pure life.
For doing your level beat.
For being kind to the poor.
For heating before judging.
For thinking before speaking.
For standing by your principl
For stopping your ears to gossip. For bridling a slanderous tongue. For being square in business deal
For giving an unfortunate person a
They didn�t leave me any, said young man.
2,000,000, and may
exceed 3,000 It is estimated that the famine will cost the India Treasury at last �4,000.000 to �0.000.000.
A cablegram from Calcutta states that the distress is rapidly deepening �specially in the Rundeleund districts, where half the population needs re-
The dividing line between laughter and tears, said the maximistic boarder,
is a very small one. . .
As if we din t know that, said Ashury Peppers. Many is the. time L have found myself howling within a minute after had laughed at the teacher.
The Mansion . (louse g
amounted to nearly �30,000 on Tuesday night, including a donation of �250 by the Prince of Wales, and the donation by the Queen, of �500, which has already been chronicled.
relief fund
For f acts o
him; I married him. __*
Mr. Cornelius N. Bliss, of New York, positively delined the portfolio of the Navy Department.
United States Secretary Olney has rebuked Ambassador Bayard for mak ng political speeches in Png�and.
Any person who has used Nervilins,
From a Life Burdened With Pain ^R^omt te^dol�a� a
and Suffering. buttle. A good thing la *orthHtfta
we g ht in gold, and Nerviline is the
1411. snor. Severe Heed era re end Pels* Is %undgla bi^flve^ minutee^tMt^
Ue Beglee el Ike Kidney� Marte Ike m Qne minute ; Lome back at one
Life �f Mr�. Met a see Miserable��r. application; headache in. a few minim pink Pille fared After uiM ; and aJi pains just as rapidly.
From the G raven hurst Banner.
J*oor health ie an affliction that ia dreaded by every one, and the first sign
of approaching disease is usually met ghiltoh'e Cotmumpttom Cure cures with an attempt on the part of thd pa- where other� fail*. It ie the lending lient to check and kill it. Frequently, Cough Cure, and no home should tie however, even the most skilled physir without It. Pleasant to take and goes viens fail, and the sufferer endures a rig,i^ to the spot.
KiEEllEl �
Mc'-Vau^^t^'jT�Lto �h.ry�nf1, hVa^wif!,', Dr. Agfnew�s Ointment mil cure all I illness and cure as follows:�"For three cases of itching piles in from I � �
?:,�'r�runviS ar % gg r;
first symptoms of hr trouble were Ian- fort. For blind end blesding pilee itie guor and loss of appetite, accompanied eczema, ia rim rs itch, end a ! j *
by bearing down pains and heaoaohes. eceema, barbers itch, and all �rupi ions which affected her periodically. As of the skin. Relieve� in ft day. 55 < en I s.
me grew on she was attacked :
ins in the region of her kidneys that s'came almost unbearable owing to their severity. Home remedies and different medicines were fried, but with no good results. Last winter she grew so weak and helpless that 1 was obliged to seek medical aid for her, and accordingly sent her out to Barrie, where she received the �**st medical attention, the result of which was only slightly beneficial. On her return, owing no doubt to the tediousness of the journey, she suffered from a relapse and her trouble came back in a form more aggravated t ban before.
I noticed in a paper which I was reading one day a testimonial from one who hud been cured of a similar trouble, and although knowing that other remedies had failed in my poor suffering wife's case, there was yet a ray of hope. I therefore procured a few boxes of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and on my return home administered the first dose to my wife. It is perhaps needless to relate that I M3 fore the first supply was exhausted she found great relief. My wife now commenced to enjoy a buoyancy of spirits and kept on taking the Pink Pills with increasing good results. By the time she had mod six boxes her condition had so improved that her neighbors were almost unprepared to believe the evidence of their own eyes when seeing the change in her appearance Before taking tw pills it was a severe task even to dress herself, much less to do any housework, while now, although not having used any of the pills for more than a couple of months, she other household duties without the slightest inconvenience. Taking all things into consideration, I feel it a duty I owe to other sufferers to
well nigh distracted wife and the jaws of a lingering but certain death.�
The experience of years has proved that there is absolutely no disease due to a vitiated condition of the blood or shattered nerves, that Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills will not prompt hr those who are suffering fr troubles would avoid much misery and save money by promptly this treatment. Get the
1 think my 18-year-old lx>y will 1* a smart business man when tw up" remarked McSwidlingen'.
Go on with the story, replied Squil-
I had a couple of tons of coal delivered the other day. and to encourage Tommy to earn somet hing I offered hun 76 cents to shovel it into the cellar Ue took the contract with great alacrity. but l have found out afterward that he did not handle the ooal him-
How did he manage It I
U hired a colored men to put It In for 50 wnt* and cleared 25 without doing auy work huneed
with Hypophosphites, is a fat-food and It causes such changes in the system - t 11 that the gain is permanent and improvement
Liver Oil I continues even after you cease taking it.
Sound flesh; rich blood; strong nerves? good digestion ; aren�t these worth a thought ?
� Cod-
In all eternity no tone own lie so sweet As where man's heart with God in uni-eon doth beat
50c. and |i eo at all druggist�.
Stop that Cough I Take warning It I rpoRONTO CUTTING SCHOOL. Tonne
The shadow of trouble is generally lag Machine, 113 Yonge 8fc_________
blacker than the trouble itself. --------
Une of the beat things for cleaning Iwys* hands is sand soapj It may lie made at home, and so made is cheaper and better than any which can be purchased. Scrape or cut into small pieces � any pure soap and umit it, As soon as ' the soap is melted take the dish from the fire and stir in the mixture clean, dry sea sand t hat has Imxmi heated. Use nearly as much sand as you have soap. As soon as the mixture is oool onougn to handle roll it into balls between the palms of the hands, and put the halls into a dark, oool place to harden and dry.
ritishAmerican a a, a A a in �usiness College
*pSM�TOrre�ideu� D H H
W.P.C 851
of the skin. Relieves in a day. 35 cents. |
All �recer�
%Sf . 4Sr,. 5�e..
<P O Weekly Checker Magazine, 2 mo*, for 25o WA� Add., A Bennie, 117 Mutual 8t, Toronto
Cutter�I suppose these ohoir fights are quite as harmless as the prize
variety f
Her ter�Indeed not I 1 heard Singer tay that the contralto cut him twice In one day.
THAT KILLED | Walsnn�s CODgh Drops
HEw�.r hhc.�� ' { I Canada Permanent
ness, biliousness, backaches and headaches. His liver a kidneys were out of order.
He thought to get well by dosing himself with cheap
remedies. , Ai
the ending. He fell a victim to Bright�s dlseasel The money he ought to have invested In a safe, reliable remedy went for a tombstone.
IN c�MOr �J
Rum In pot Education at Lowest PoadMe Cast graduates always sesea*�fujL Write MV octal o* a*. W. J. ELLIOTT, Prisolpa�
�Young men and women now In attendance at
TOEOJTW- (ierrand and Yonge Hie.,
Latest and beet course* ef Bualaea* Training Most thorough and complete facilities f# Bhorthaodand Typewriting are found In tkft College. Otudenre assisted to iponltisaft Osfc particulHrs. W. H. SHAW. Principal
Doctors Said Mrs. Ackerman, of Belleville Would Never Get Better.
i T.
Paid-up Capital
And f he Doctors, Too, for Eight Boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills Made a Well Woman of Her After Six Years' Illness,
And then came
Head Office�Toronto 8L, Toronto.
Branch Offices-Winnipeg, Man. ; Vancouver, R 0.
Belleville, Ont., Jan IL�If there's any one thing under Heaven that exotica a man's pity it is a weak, suffering woman.
if there's any disease on earth that causes weakness and suffering in women more than another it is Kidney disease. � �
If there's any medicinei lie tween Heaven and Earth that will infallibly! cure Kidney Disease, it is Dodd's Kidney Pills.
And that's no dream.
Women rise up by the score and call Dodd blessed for his wonderful discovery that has made weak ������
kaoheS W���������LHH
Pills have been trietb Let one of these grateful women tell her story:� � *
"I have teen troubled with Kidney Disease for six years to red, but it was of no use. They told me I would never get better. I saw stout the wonderful cures of DODD'dl KIDNEY PILLS, and I p box. Upon getting relief to use eight boxes, and I can safely say I am completely cured. You may publish this as you see fit, so as to help some other person who may have Kidney trouble
The ample resources of this Company enable He Directors to make advances on Real Estate without delay, at low rates ef interest, and on the most favorable terms of repayment. Loans granted on Improved Farms and on Productive Town and City Properties. Mortgagee and Municipal Debentures Purchased. Application may be made through the Company's Local Appraisers, or at the Offices or the Company,
J. HERBERT MAHON, Managing Director. Toronto
h. !�
This Is s developed claim, with shaft 110 fe#
for Prospectus. __
The band is rapidly replacing the circular In up-to-date sawmills The mystery thrown around the band has disappeared. Circular sawyers learn rapidly to handle band saws, so that no inconvenience Is felt tfe build Ike new % Allis - Maud, a practically perfect band mill. Never fails. You can run one successfully and take 20 per cent, more lumber out of next year's stock at no extra cost for Government dues, cutting or driving to mill. Why continue to waste this I Investigate! Write us to-day. 6
BAND vs.
la the only atandard remedy In the world for kidney and liver complaints. It Is the only remedy which physicians universally prescribe. It Is the only remedy that Is backed by the testimony of thousands whom It has relieved and cured.
backs and unknown where Dodd's
tends to all
1 had doo-
rooured one I continued
cure, and rom such
resorting to genuine Pink Pills every time and do not be persuaded to take an imitation or some other remedy from a dealer, who for the sake of the extra profit to himself, may say is "just as good.� Dr. and I Williams' Pink Pills cure when other medicines fail.
MRS. S. ACKERMAN, North Front street
April 27
of Toronto, are the sole owners ^� makers of this remedy in the Dominion.
Write to them, enclosing price (50 ^
cents), if your local druggist is not sup- �ranerOsm.CiTT orToledo. 1#a>
. I Prank J. Chine y makes oath tnafc he Is the
rtner of the firm of F. J. Chink y A
of Toledo. Coun-
I, William Walker, of the City of Hamilton, do solemnly declare that I reside at 64 Col borne Street, and am employed as passenger brakeman on the G. T. R.
I suffered intensely with what ia caked Railway Kidney* and also bad Sciatica, which became so severe that I had to leave
E>r Banner 01 tne nrm we.
Molly�He said the world had been I L^/tbe eurn^o/^NK^tjNimKff IK)LLA Kd
deAKrt to him till he met me. Polly for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot
my work. I had medical treatment, was fly blistered and had hot irons applied, but without succ�s�. I took a great quantity of medicine and when I began the use of Ryckmai�s Kootenay Cure I thought it was only another experiment and could hardly trust my
better. The pain gradually left me, my kidneys began to act with regularity and promptness, my appetite returned, and now I am cured. I am forty years of age, have been with the G. T. R. for twelve years, and am now able to work every day, thanks to Kootenay Cure, which I have pleasure in recommending to everyone suffering with Rheumatism or Kidney Trouble, and especially to railroad men, who are all more or less subject to disordered Kidneys.
Sworn to before J. W. Seymour Corley.
Notary Public.
-That'explailM � by be diuK<a to tike I � ourel hjrtheueeof Hall^CatarkuOvkk.
A camel, 1 ffuppaee. | gworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December. A D. 1886.
Notary Public.
Sold by Drugsi�U. 76c.
n senses when I began to get
She�"I tlbiiik I might love you more if you were not eo extravagant. He �"It's my extravagant nature that makes me love you eo "
Life ia not a plaything, to be used as long as it gives pleasure, and then oast aside* It is an imperative trust, � ,, continuous obligation from which no
For Constipation take Kun*a Clover ^ief, no loss, no shame can ever ab-Root Tea, the great B^od Purifier. ^lve U9 Cures Headache, Nervousness, Eruptions on the Face, and makes the head clear as a. bell. _____
Nothing is so fierce but lova will soften it; nothing so sharn-eighted ut love will throw a mist liefore its ejes.
Dr- Agnew s Cure for the Heart Saves the Life of a lady Resident of the Northwest.
Hamilton, 30th Dec.,
His Wonderful Catarrhal Powder Cures a Nova Scotia Resident of Catarrhal Deafness.
When heart failure overtakes a per-unless the action of the heart can be immediately accelerated, the very worst results may follow. This is where we hear of so many oases of sudden death from heart disease. The elements that constitute Dr. Agnow�s Cure for the Heart are such as to give relief in this particular immediately, without producing any hurtful effects. Then, continued with a little patience, the disease becomes 1 vanished from the system. Mrs. J. L. Hillier, of White-wood, N.W.T., says very plainly that this remedy saved her life. She had toen much affected with heart failure, finding it almost impossible to sleep or lie down for fear of suffocation. The best doctor�s skill inf these Northw^M Territories, was of no avail. She says: ��A local druggist recommended a bottle of Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart. I tried it and with the result that I immediately secured ease, and after taking further doses of the medicine the troulile left me. The fact is, knowing how serious was my condition this remedy saved ray life.�
It woulld be a mistake to suppose t hat Dr. Agnew�s Catarrhal Powder will only aure the milder forms of catarrh. It will certainly do this, and with wonderful expedition. But, as in the cae* of Mr. Joim Maelnnia, of Waitbabuck N S.. it will cure the worst case of catarrh. This gentleman suffered from catarrhal .deafness, but after using one bottle of this < *m*dy he was able U) tear as good as ever. Painless and delightful to use. it rellevee in ten minutes, and m a little time permanently cures c-n'.vrrh of ail kinds.
y I, James Muir, of the City of Hamilton, Co. X f of Wentworth, residing �43 Emerald Street W., 1 do solemnly declare that I am at present employed as night baggageman master Grand Trunk Station, Hamilton. I was troubled for over twenty years with Lumbago, and at times was ao severely afflicted that I could not walk. Twice a year during the time the attacks were very intense, but the pain warn cotftttantly with me, and for about ten years I couldAot stand straight for a longer period than aboAi fifteen minutes, when I would be compelled tofcan forward in order to relieve mylelf.
After using nine bottles of Ryckman's Kootenay Cure I am free from Lumbago and consider myself completely cured. I told Mr. Ryckman that if I felt no pains for one year after taking hie medicine, that I would give him a testimonial, and as the time empire# this week, I came to him without solicitation to give this sworn declaration. I conscientiously consider Kootenay Cure one of the greatest and best remedies for back or kidney trouble ever used by mankind, and wish my case to become generally known, as I doctored with five different medical men and was told by some of them that they could do nothing for me ; others said, "Go to bed and stay until I get better,� but that would have been giving up all hope and confessing myself n hope!
my attention, many from Consumption
quarrel I can al-
When two women svavH tell which is to blsme
f��ot0 Otl'L Who seems most imisbls has been the ogg rt^ssor.
t \
/ /TXr Woman
- JPBiiibiii
�- amps
' Sstb
it only right that medical men, universities and hospitals should use the remedy extensively.
The �A. M. C.
Hamilton, nth Dec., 1S96
At Oheaterville last week, in the division court, His H.mor Judge Garnie o gave judgment f r ff>0 to a woman who recently had her clothes torn to shreds and her hands bitten by dogs on the farm of a woman living near that village. It appears that the defun dant in the caao waa a woman who lives alone and keeps from 20 to 30 doge about the place. These attacked the other wo , who was badly u�**d up before the
The P.F. J. Shows TW
r: q:';;;, c:::^� j���u a^�
W AKKKN VU B. Co., ,X)iiUon, uni.
The P. A P. J. Ry have instructed
their solicitors, Rochon and Champagne, of Hull, to issue a writ of injunction against the Hull Electric Company, to restrain the Company from building t �eir line over the Scott property until such time am the appeal against the cour judgment in the recent suit as to wmc company had the right of way over e property ia disposed of
Superior Court, DUtrict of Pontlue.
Court House, Bryson, Jan. 22.
For Sale or to Rent.
owner oaiua to Lhe rescue
l Men�s Suits, Boys� Suits,
Youths� Suits,
all must be sold to
Wfclthun Squibs.
Business is rushing here it present Eleven fine looking teams went m to draw logs for Mr. Airx. Witte on Mon
His Honor Judge Malhiot, presiding.
Massey Harris Co. vs. P. Kelly�Action dismissed with coats.
Robt. McFarlane vs. W. J. Pouporo -Petition in conteetstion of election dismissed without coats.
Churchwardens of St. James Church, Leslie vs. Louis Dseetiais and N. Uageliais, intervening. Court orders appointment of appraisers to report on the value of improvements made, before adjudging on the merits.
J. F. Demers vs. C. McNally. Action for damages for verbal insult. Adjourned to 26th February.
John Pouport Memorial Fund.
�liisa Chris. D-mlan, of Allumette Island spent Saturday and Sunday with
Mise Annie Ernault.
Misa Susan Poupore, one of our highly esteemed young ladies, left on W edm*s day the 20th inst., for Lachine, Cue, where she has gone to attend the convent.
Sleigh driving is all the rage here now. Who enjoyed the drive Sunday f
Lost or strayed from th** Chutes black headed lao, carrying on hit* arm a pair of long top moccasins, and in his p�*cket and bis back stolen property. ware of said coon. Will hear particu ars soon from buona.
Obit. -There passed away at Renfrew, Ont., on Friday, 22nd inst., Mm. Thick er, relict of the late Thomas Thacker, of London, Eng., late of Portage du Fort. The deceased lady had been in falling health for two years past, but her sickness took a more serious form during the last two months, and when the end came she met it bravely and peacefully, with entire submission to the Divine will
The funeral took place at Portage du Fort on Sunday, 24'h, at 1, p m., by the Ven. Archdeacon Naylor in the absence of Rev. H. Plaisted, followed by a large
Deo. 8. D6.
Cleese Maker and secretary
Wanted for the
Clarendon Cheese & Butter Co.
Overcoats, Dry Goods, s Clothing, Boots 56 Shoes, Cheaper than ever.
furnishing# necessary or not.
m lit*, tender* for a competent Hecretary, U> perform ail work In connection with the Company�s business under that head.
All appllastlons to be addressed to the derslgned.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Subscription towards the proposed memorial to the late John Pou pore, have been so far received by Mr Wm. Clarke from the following partiel :
D. Rosa. P McNally.
Rev. Ferrari. Wm. Eadee
Sheriff McNally. C. McNally.
8 L. Brabeson. O H. Brabason
� John Bra bason Thos Leahy, Jr
P. McMahon. P KiHoran.
D Roy. Gto. Palmer.
P Lynch. M. Doyle.
C. E. Jewell. Wm. Clarke
Mr Clarke deairea ua to itate that the time for receiving subscriptions towards
been extended to
A'8 c. * b. co.
The Hull Conservatives made the first move on Thursday last to prepare for the provincial elections, which are expected to come off in March.
A report is in circulation that the government intend inviting the Duke and Duchess of York to visit Canada during
the present year Laurier may move a resolution to that
effect in the House.
E. C. Horne, of New York, has been awarded the contract for the erection of the Russell Opera House, an extended description of which recently appeared in the Ottawa Journal. The price is said to be about $100.000.
Parkins�. Jan. 4.1897
Saw and - -^ Grist Mills.
concourse of friends and relatives body rests in the quiet cemetery of St George�s Church, t� await the resurrec
JUqumcat in pace
Ii is said Premier
the above object has the 1st of April, next, in order that any who have a desire to contribute to the fund may have an opportunity of doing
tion morn
To b� come wealthy acquire skill In soine-Uiing To become Nhllllul In business methods, you should take h course with us. Our facilities are excellent ; our teachers, the best ; our rates, most reasonable.
W rite for new catalogue, giving full deception of courses, methods of teaching and REDUCED KATES.
The undersigned begs to an-
bounce to the farmers and general public of Bristol and vicinity, that they are fully equipped for doing all kinds of
Alleyn Kotos.
The Richmond Guardian which was wiped out of existence by fire in November last, canto out again last week in a spanking new dress and generally im proved appearance. The paper this time is issued by the �Guardian Printing Com pany" with the late proprietor�Mr. \V. E. Jones�as editor in chief. We wish the Guardian the beat of good luck and prosperity under the new auspices.
At the election ef councillors for Alleyn, Jany. 11th, the following changes
were made :
Mr. John Gibson was elected mayor in place of II. H. Howard, E-tq.
Mr Thus. Simpson was elected council lor for the ensuing term, and Mr. 0. Tanner re-elected. Mr. H. Milford was also re elected secy, treas.
Mr. Samuel Young is having quite a number of logs taken out h s steam mill, which is in operation at
Times are very dull here now count of the absence of snow.
Miss Carruthera of Aylwin, is at present visiting friends here.
Miss Clara Hceney spent a few days with friends here last week.
Mr. W. J. Sparks, of Aylwin, is visit-
friends in this vicinity.
Quite a number of our young people gathered at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Howard on Friday evening last,
Custom Gristing,
JOHN KEITH, Principal,
148 to 154 i Baokitit., Ottawa
Arthur Smilev,
indvrtakvr, liiifoalimr mid Fimrral Director SHAW VILLE - - QI E.
There are 400 A. O. U. W. lodges in je Each of these will send a del to the Grand Lodge of Canada,
day in our ar-
We are prepared to grind the year (excepting Sundays) rangements are so perfected that every farmer may get his own grist without
a second time for it. If you
which will meet in Toronto, February 18th next. It is anticipated that there wi.H he a separation of this lodge from the Supreme Lodge of the United States. At present the latter has jurisdiction over the entire American continent. The death rate in the United States has been h greater, relatively than in Can ada, that the Grand Lodge here has been
it �
on ac
All orders will receive Personal Atten
Telephone No. 9.
returning ___ .. 4 . ,
wish to save money and feaet on wholefood, try our stone ground flour.
so muc
paying more than it would pay were separate body, hence the anticipation of a separation. All the lodges have been TDV notified of the extreme importance of
JEWELLfcnY ' the coming convocation.
where they spent a very enjoyable time, tripping the light fantastic until the �wee
I contracted a severe cold, which settled y lungs, and I did what Is often done �n cases, neglected It. 1 then consulted outer, who found, on examining me, that pper part of the left lung was badly cteu. The dlclnes he gave me did not �in to do any good, and I determined to v Ayer�s Ch� rry Pectoral. After takings t xv doses my trouble was relieved, and hero I had finished the bottle I was cured.� A. la k. watchmaker, Orangeville, Out
n m
hours�1 of the morning.
Master Percy Hecney is at present vie iting his sister at Apple Hill.
One of our most popular young men got caught in the rain on Sunday night last returning from �you know where.� Tiy and strike a tine Sunday
next time, W�.
Mr. Cluff returned from Aylwin to-day.
Welcome back, Jack. Pansy.
ill HU
The Wednesday and Thursday sessions of the County Union S. S. Association, held here last week, were well attended, and the proceeding� which took place were of a most instructive and interestAt Thursday morning's
the u
etc. etc.
The subscriber desires to inform his old customers and the public generally that lie has removed his blackamithing busi-back to his old stand on Main Street (opposite nobody,) where he is now prepared to execute all work with which he be favored in a most satisfactory
A complete stock of the above always on hand at
SON S session, officers for the current year were
President�Rev. T.
Ayer�s Cherry Pectoral
elected as fullowaHI �
A. Nelson ; Secretary�W. A. Hudgins, The next annual convention will be held at Bristol on 26th and 27'h January, �98 Township conventions will begin about June 15rh and will be held at Fort Cou-longe, Campbell's Bay, Thorne, Leslie, Yarm, Austin, Shaw ville. Lower Litch* field, North Bristol and Quyon.
Main St. � � Shawville.
Highest Awards at World�� Fair.
may manner
* " r'a Villa �uro Indigestion*
Couloage Notes.
For a � have or Haircut
The Ladies� A�d entertainment advertised to take place on the 8th of this month, but which was postponed indefir itely on account of bad roads, bad ice and a little diphtheria scare, came off on Fn Sai> Death.�Over a week ago Mr. I day evening, the 22nd inst., and was a Andrew T. Brennan, of Petewawa, was decided success, financially and Other-injured on the temple by a falling limb of wise. The program was a pretty lengthy a tree. He paid little or no attention to I one, and splendidly carried out. The the injury, but he got suddenly worse and new town had quite a largo building
young man I was jammed full, even the undo being
only lived a few days after. The funeral densely packed.
took place from his father's residence, Mr. Jackson, of your village, had Petewawa, to the Engl sh Church cemo charge of the entertainment, which is ?ery on Saturday, and was under the a sufficient guarantee that the perform-auspices of the Loyal True Blues, the de- anco was of a high order, ceased having been a member of the Before and altar the entertainment re Pembroke Lodge, eighteen of whom freehmente were served in the school escorted his remains to the cemetery, house, close by�three long tables being Rev. Mr. Fairbairn conducted the beauti fairly loaded dowu with the very choicest ful service of the Anglican church, after of edibles, most tastefully displayed, which tha True Blue� had their impres Everything was so nicely set out that s
who wasn�t even a little bit hun-
Special attention paid to
and all kinds-
The only food that will build up a weak constitution gradu-ChanCe ally but surely is
Call at the
Charges Moderate
Hair Dressing Parlor
Martin's Cardinal Food
consulted a doctor
Thanking the public for past favors, the subscriber hopes by strict attention to business and by giving good satisfaction to merit a continuance of their patronage.
a simple, scientific and highly nutritive preparation for infants, delicate children and invalids.
KERRY WATSON 4 CO., P*oF*iEte*e.
Shawville, Nov. 9, 1S96
... i- , .. , gry couldn�t resist the temptation to in* I
The following is a partial list of theme vy8| gftee� cents in sampling the good who appeared m costume at the Carnival %h eo abnndantly furnished, held here on the 19th mat : I Sleigh after sleigh continued to arrive
from Pembroke, Beschburg, Front Westmeath, Campbell�s Bay, Black River arid other points, well tilled with pleasure seekers, all of whom seemed to enjoy themselves to their heart�s content.
At the close af the entertainment, and when all who came from a distance had partaken of a good supper, the young people had the hall cleared and enjoyed themselves � tripping the light fantastic� till it warn even past the �wee, sms' hours,� so often spoken and written of.
The diphtheria cases around here a cou pie of weeks ago, have all disappeared, and the scare has subsided.
Since the snow came, contractors� teams have commenced to rush up the different shanty supplies.
There are fifteen inches of solid black ice here, both in the Cou longe and O ta rivers, and our citizens seem to be preparing for s very hot summer, judging from the quantity of that article they are storing away.
Coulonge, Jan. 23, �97. As Onlooker.
sive service
McCredie 56 Hodgins, - - Proprietors.
It is a well known fact there is nothing contributes so much to a gentlemen�s appearance as a neat, good fitting Suit of Clothes.
Gentlemen desiring such cannot do better than leave their order with me.
Ltd!*�:� _
Nina Hodgins, Silver Star. _ . Annie McRae, Tambourine Girl. Edna McKay, Starlight.
Alma Hobba, Topsy.
Nessle McKay. Evergreen.
Minnie Lunani, House Maid.
May Lang, Scotch LaaMe.
Amy Burroughs, Goddeaa of Liberty Buddie McGuire, summer.
A ll kinds of Plaining and Matching executed.
Sashes, Doors, Mouldings, Blinds, etc., etc., manufactured.
Ernie McRae, King of Hearts.
Llndon Hodgins, Lacrosse.
Clarence Naylor,Old Man.
Tbos. Allan, the coming woman of the lttb
Suits made only in the Ernest Burroughs, Zulu Chief.
latest and most fashionable ����S
styles, and guaranteed to fit a1,�>e mcK*y! wlu*.dler
every time. Agret McKay, Mother Hubbard.
J Charlie Boroughs. Night.
Herbie Pale, Sergeant In the Stand-bys Robert Thompson. Highlander.
A If. McGuire, Marine.
8. Greenleys, M �
A. Morrison. "
Shawville. taSSSSh �
Eddie I*ng,
1 J. Elliott, �
J R. E. Armstrong '*
Building Contracts taken and Estimates Furnished.
Telephone communication.
R. G. Hodgins.
Prices Moderate.
Robt. McCredie.
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