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Shawn Mclean shawnmclean

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"JobStatus": "SUCCEEDED",
"VideoMetadata": {
"Codec": "h264",
"DurationMillis": 14900,
"Format": "QuickTime / MOV",
"FrameRate": 30,
"FrameHeight": 576,
"FrameWidth": 320

Shawn Mclean contributions week ending Jan 14, 2017

Neon Wallet Repo Management

  • Cleaned up old branches
  • Closed old and resolved issues (25+ issues closed)
  • Labeled/Categorized issues
shawnmclean /
Last active Nov 13, 2017

shawnmclean contributions for week 19

Neon Wallet

PRs and Issues

  • Code reviews and manual smoke test for refactoring stories, modals and getters.
  • Closed a few Issues that were not relevant.

shawnmclean contributions for week 16

Review and merging PRs for the week

  • Code reviews of the container refactoring
  • Manual testing of dev branch after major PR changes.

Integration Test

  • Accepted PR for integration test
  • Partial working of integration test on CI
shawnmclean / jaobersvervotehack.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Free Vote Script for Jamaica Observer Voting System
View jaobersvervotehack.js
var request = require('request');
var lineReader = require('line-reader');
var selection = 1; // <- the id of the person to vote for
lineReader.eachLine('proxy.txt', function(line, last) {{
uri: ''+selection,
proxy: 'http://'+ line
}, function (err, resp, body) {});
shawnmclean / swap.ps1
Created Sep 18, 2014
Swap Azure staging and production
View swap.ps1
Import-Module Azure
Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile "C:\Certificate\Azure.publishsettings"
Write-Host "Swapping staging and production slots..."
Switch-AzureWebsiteSlot -Name "griklyapi" -Slot1 "production" -Slot2 "staging" -Force
Write-Host "Swap complete"
View AccountsTests.cs
public class AccountsTests : TestBase
public async Task Register_Returns_Successfull()
var registerModel = new RegisterModel
Email = Constants.USER_EMAIL,
FirstName = "Shawn",
shawnmclean / TestBase.cs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Base Test class for integration testing WebAPI
View TestBase.cs
public class TestBase
private static TestServer server;
public static TestServer Server
get { return server; }
shawnmclean / SetupUserManager.cs
Created Aug 31, 2014
Setting up UserTokenProvider
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IDataProtectionProvider provider = app.GetDataProtectionProvider();
if (provider != null)
userManager.UserTokenProvider = new DataProtectorTokenProvider<IdentityUser, Guid>(provider.Create("User Tokens"));
shawnmclean / Startup.Auth.cs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Manually setting Data Protection Provider
View Startup.Auth.cs
userManager.UserTokenProvider = new EmailTokenProvider<IdentityUser, Guid>();