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============== sample 1 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to grow, learn and give.
I believe that everything happens for a reason - there are no
coincidences in my world!
If you're interested in knowing more about how all this plays out for
me personally then keep reading...if not feel free to move on to
something else : )
My name is Alicia and I live with my boyfriend Rob and our two fur
babies, Milo (dog) & Zoe (cat), just outside Brisbane Australia. Our
house backs onto bushland full of wildlife such as koalas (we have one
living up the top of a very tall gum tree at the moment!),
kookaburras, pademelons plus heaps of other birds and insects (some
good, some bad!) so it’s beautifully peaceful yet we can be anywhere
we want to go within 10-25 minutes drive. It’s perfect really!
Rob and I met online almost three years ago now through – an absolute Godsend if ever there was one!!! We hit
it off immediately over the phone but had to wait another week before
actually meeting face to face because I went away for a few days soon
after we started talking but honestly it felt like forever!! When we
did finally meet, again it was instant attraction and chemistry…in
fact we spent six hours together! That first date turned into dinner
too and from day one we were inseparable. Incredibly, we both knew
straightaway that we would get married someday which has been proven
true when Rob proposed while we were holidaying in Fiji earlier this
year. Yep …that’s right folks…he put a ring on it and I said yes!! No
wedding plans or dates set yet though…just enjoying being engaged for
Milo came along shortly afterwards and Zoe joined us last Christmas so
they complete our little family perfectly. They've even gotten used to
each other after only 7 months together already!
Aside from spending time with Rob and walking/working out with Milo
everyday, what makes me tick the most is writing. From the age of ten
I'd wanted to write books but never thought id be able to do it
properly without going to university. Nowadays that doesn't matter
anymore thanks to technology and the internet; self publishing is the
way forward.
============== sample 1 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that as your speed
increases with respect to others around you who remain at rest or move
at a lesser velocity than yourself, time slows down.
The faster one travels then the slower one's internal clock runs
relative to those stationary in relation to them, and likewise those
moving at lower speeds will appear to age more rapidly from the
perspective of someone travelling at higher velocities. As such, it is
possible for two twins born together but separated early on by great
distance, one remaining here on Earth whilst another takes up a life
aboard an interstellar spacecraft which travels near light-speed back
towards where they came from (whereupon the ship turns round and heads
straight back again), that upon their eventual reunion years later, if
not decades or even centuries, the latter would have aged far less
having lived most of his or her days zooming through deepest space as
well as enduring periods spent in suspended animation during any
lengthy journeys taken between stars when not actually accelerating -
all this because the astronaut had been travelling close enough to the
speed of light during many phases of their journey to experience its
effects firsthand.
In other words, to use some famous catchphrases: "It's bigger inside!"
Yes, I know what you're thinking! But no, I don't think so... The
Doctor always has more room for passengers in his TARDIS than should
be physically feasible. How can he possibly fit so much into something
so small? Of course, we all know why; Time Lords are experts in the
art of dimensional transcendentalism, able to manipulate the very
fabric of reality itself simply by willing things into existence. Or
perhaps he just moves stuff out the way whenever anyone wants to go
somewhere else. No matter how you look at it though, there's
definitely more to it than meets the eye.
============== sample 1 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Choose the domain name you want to use for your site, such as or just We recommend
registering multiple variations of your desired domain name so that
they cannot be used by competitors. For example, if I was registering
my own business online, then it is likely I would look at getting
something like: (your main web address) (for adwords campaigns and easy brand
recognition) (if Jim also provides painting services
2. Next, research and select hosting providers. There are many options
available – including us! The choice will depend upon how much space
you need, whether you’d prefer Windows server or Linux (most common),
how many emails you require etc. In general we suggest going with one
of Australia’s largest hosts such as NetRegistry, VentraIP, HostPapa
or Crazy Domains. Please note that some developers offer free hosting.
However please keep in mind these companies do not have any control
over what happens outside their networks which might affect your sites
performance in the long run; especially when using WordPress software.
If you choose this option make sure to back up regularly to avoid data
3. Once the nameservers are pointed to the host, the next step is
choosing a Content Management System (CMS). This will allow you to
update most aspects of your new website without relying on someone
else’s assistance. You may have heard the term ‘Wordpress’ before:
this is an open source CMS system – meaning it has been developed by
numerous people around the world and is continually updated according
to new developments within the internet sector. Although there are
similar systems out there, generally speaking WP is the best all round
package for websites as it allows users full accessibility and
complete control. Most importantly, it has a huge range of plug ins
which allow customization of features specific to each individual
client or industry. Some examples include bookings, event calendars,
newsletters, slideshows, ecommerce stores, video embedding…..and the
list goes on.
4. Finally, once you know who’ll be managing your CMS
============== sample 2 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of
life is to give it away - Pablo Picasso
/ Current Affairs / Sports By : Erewise
Sports Quiz 2017 for RBI Grade B and NABARD Exam 2016
RBI Grade B Phase II & NABARD Development Assistant Prelims Exam will
be held on 5th November, 2016. We hope you all are preparing hard for
this examination as we know how important these exams are from
banker’s point of view. So we have come up with another quiz which
will help you in the revision process and also boost your confidence
level before appearing for the examinations. This quiz consists
questions based on current affairs related to sports, so attempt
today’s quiz and check where you stand among thousands of aspirants
who appeared for this quiz. All the best :)
Q1. Which country has recently won Under-19 Asia Cup by defeating
C. Sri Lanka
D. Pakistan
Answer: Bangladesh defeated defending champion India by three wickets
to win their maiden U-19 title at the Kinrara Academy Oval in Kuala
Q2. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of International Hockey
Federation (FIH) Olympic qualifier board?
A. Narinder Batra
B. Jagmohan Dalmiya
C. Shashank Manohar
D. Praful Patel
Correct Answer: C [Shashank Manohar]
President of Board of Control for Cricket in Indi(BCCI), Shashank
Manohar has been appointed as Chairman of international hockey
federation (FIH ) Olympic Qualifiers scheduled in February next year.
FIH CEO Jason McCracken said that Manohar is a man of great
credibility within sport globally and he is pleased that his expertise
would be made available to them during an event of such importance,
particularly given the complexities associated with hosting an event
in Delhi.
Q3. Name the Indian tennis player who was named women's doubles World
Champion alongside partner Martina Hingis after they had won nine
titles together last season at the WTA Championships.
A. Sania Mirza
B. PV Sindhu
============== sample 2 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that there is no such
thing as absolute motion. Motion must always be measured relative to
something else and it can be shown in a simple experiment using a
moving train that it makes absolutely no difference what we measure
this “something” against – another train or the ground next to the
track for instance.
The only important factor is how fast one body moves with respect to
the other. The relationship between them (the reference frame) does
not change how things behave – they are completely interchangeable
when calculating physical laws like gravity and electromagnetism. All
objects obey these same laws regardless of their state of motion and
whether you’re on Earth looking up at the sky or floating through
space, far from any gravitational pull. This gives rise to some
strange ideas which were confirmed by experiments over 100 years ago
including those involving atomic clocks!
It all began back in 1865 during an experiment involving falling
bodies. At the time it was believed that light travelled
instantaneously but James Clerk Maxwell had just developed his famous
equations describing electricity and magnetism with Einstein later
realising that nothing could exceed the speed of light as predicted by
Maxwell’s equations. It took eight more years before he published four
papers on the subject that became known collectively as “Einsteins
Theory of Relativity”. In addition to explaining the curious behaviour
of moving atoms, he also showed why mass increases with velocity and
described the warping effect that gravitation has on spacetime.
There have been many books written on the details behind E=MC² and
others about Special & General Relativity which will give you a better
understanding if you want a deeper knowledge of such matters. Even so,
I hope I haven’t lost you because the main point here is that we
humans perceive everything around us as being fixed i.e. sitting still
whilst we move across its surface yet according to Albert Einstein
there really isn't anything out there that actually stands perfectly
still. The whole universe is constantly expanding and everything
expands along with it. As a result, even our familiar surroundings
aren’t quite as solid and reliable as we may think!
============== sample 2 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Secure the domain name for your business, club or organization (see
"Securing Your Domain Name" article). If you want to use someone
else's hosting services, you still need your own domain name if you
are serious about having an online presence (i.e., a web site).
2. Buy or lease space on the Internet from a company that provides web
server and Internet connectivity. Most of these companies provide
easy-to-use tools for building websites without extensive programming
knowledge -- they call it WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get").
You will also have access to technical support personnel who know how
to work with their products. The cost for this service ranges anywhere
from $35/month upwards depending upon features required.
Web servers do not always include email accounts as part of the
package. So you must decide whether you wish to host your email
through them as well - otherwise you may find yourself setting up free
email accounts at Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail, Google GMail ...etc. This
option offers convenience but lacks professionalism so don’t expect
customers / clients to take you seriously when using one of those
addresses. In addition, such email platforms often come with
limitations regarding storage size which could lead to frustrations
down the road if you plan on keeping large files attached onto emails.
Hosting packages usually offer more storage space as well as email
account management tools; e.g., create new mailboxes, forward,
alias...etc. As mentioned above, this comes at extra costs ranging
between $40-$75 per year per user, again depending on level of
Some hosting providers offer a bundled package where they give you the
first email box(es) for free while charging for additional ones. Keep
in mind that you may still end up paying for each incoming email
address even though there is no actual “account” associated with it.
For example, let’s say your preferred domain name is
“”. When someone sends an email message to,…etc., many
providers consider all these variations as unique addressees requiring
separate fees despite the fact that all messages flow into a single
If you already have a computer or network in place then you probably
realize the benefits of having local control
============== sample 3 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to give your gifts.
Sometimes we don’t know what those gifts are, but it’s our job to
figure that out and then share them with others in a way that will
make a difference for all humanity. Because when you realize that you
have something special inside of you, you know that everyone else has
their own gift as well. And if they do not use it or express it, no
one benefits from having made this world better than how they found
it. You can leave a legacy behind by changing things in yourself
first, then helping others who need someone like YOU to help raise
them up too!
============== sample 3 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that there are no fixed
physical laws in nature. Laws change depending on one's frame of
This is a revolutionary breakthrough because up until this point we
thought all observations were absolute and true regardless of who
observed them or how they came about. The most obvious example is
gravity. If I drop an object from my hand it will fall to the ground
at 32 feet per second squared (g) whether you observe it or I do. This
was believed to be so for every observation. Even light had been
considered to travel the same speed under any circumstances.
But Einstein proved that if something could move as fast as light then
its mass would increase toward infinity and time itself would slow
down toward zero. To understand why requires some understanding of
space-time but suffice it to say, time appears different to me than
what it does to you when we are moving relative to each other. And
since time and motion are interrelated our observations can differ
The reason this matters to us believers is simple: We cannot know
everything absolutely. In fact, nothing in physics is certain in this
universe and none of God's creation should even try to reach such a
lofty goal. All things must remain theories - subject to revision by
future generations with new ideas. What is important today may not be
next week and what seems impossible now might become commonplace
tomorrow. That is the very essence of science; always questioning old
belief systems while creating new ones based upon better data than
And yet some of us think we have it ALL figured out, don’t we? It sure
feels like it sometimes! But what happens when more evidence comes
along which makes your assumptions look silly and antiquated? Have you
ever found yourself arguing against new knowledge just because it
doesn’t fit into your current paradigm? Well, get used to feeling
foolish because it’ll happen again real soon.
Ask a young person today what they see five years from now and many
won’t even bother trying to guess. They realize anything can change
overnight. Old business models collapse as new ones take their place.
Political parties come and go. Cultural norms drift back and forth
between extremes. Nothing is stable anymore and those who expect it to
be are in for a rude awakening.
If, however, we accept the truth that we live in a world where NOTHING
============== sample 3 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Choose your web hosting provider
The first step is to choose the right Web Hosting Provider for you. In
this case, we recommend using Godaddy, Bluehost or HostGator as these
are reliable and offer competitive pricing with many options available
to suit different needs from basic hosting at low prices all the way
up to dedicated servers. All of them have excellent customer service
which will help you along your journey. They also provide 24/7
technical support should anything ever go wrong. The process itself is
very easy when it comes to signing up; just follow their instructions
and before long everything will be set up for you. You can even
purchase domains through some web hosts if you do not already own one.
Your domain name will most likely be included free into the package
that you buy. It’s usually best to find something relevant to your
brand or business so try to pick an appropriate name when choosing
your domain. A popular option is going with the .com extension since
they rank the highest on search engines but there are other extensions
such as .net, .org etc which may also work well depending on what you
need. Once you log into the control panel of whichever host you
decided to use, you will see various areas where things like WordPress
(the blogging platform), Softaculous Auto Installer (for installing
scripts) can be found. You don’t necessarily need any knowledge about
coding or programming languages because nowadays many websites come
ready made meaning that you only need to customise certain parts of
it. For example, there are free templates which allow users to change
details such as colours, layout, fonts, images etc. without having to
actually re-code the entire site. These sort of features make building
a website much easier than before!
Softaculous will enable you to install software directly onto your
server easily and quickly. This makes setting up sites fast and
convenient for everyone including beginners who might otherwise
struggle slightly. The whole process isn’t complicated and the end
result is worthwhile considering how powerful applications like
Wordpress really are. There is also software for creating ecommerce
stores, online auctions, blogs and more besides. Even if you do not
know how to code, you can still create professional looking pages
thanks to readymade scripts from trusted developers. Many of these
tools are open source too which means that they can be downloaded
freely from anywhere on the internet!
============== sample 4 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to be happy, and in order to do this
you need a few simple things: good friends & family that love you,
something to look forward to (a trip or concert coming up), and if
possible do something creative - an outlet for emotions.
I think I'm a pretty good friend, and have some very close ones that
are there when needed. But my problem lies somewhere else; I am unable
to commit myself fully to any relationship or project. And it doesn't
matter how hard I try, once things got serious with someone or
something, I just can't go through with it anymore. It all starts off
great but then I get fed-up sooner than expected. Sometimes I feel
like running away from everything without telling anyone where I am
going to escape into another world. Is that normal? How does one deal
with such feelings? Do other people experience these situations as
============== sample 4 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that everything is
relative. It means that there are no absolutes in life; nothing stays
still or remains constant forever. Everything changes – be it a
person’s state, their perception about things and events around them,
as well as what they do on such occasions.
In terms of business, this translates to how companies react when
facing challenges brought by market trends, customer demands,
competitors, regulations, etc., or even just in response to new
opportunities. Business processes have to change from time-to-time
because if not, then a company runs the risk of becoming obsolete. And
when something becomes irrelevant (or outdated), nobody wants to
associate with it anymore. We can see evidence of this happening every
day. For example, people use smartphones more than laptops these days.
Netflix has become so popular that many video rental shops had gone
bankrupt while others closed permanently. The world wide web continues
to evolve at an incredible rate year after year. These examples show
us how important adaptability is for survival or success.
============== sample 4 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Registering the domain name you want to use,
2. Buying web hosting space for your site and finally
3. Designing or building the actual home page and other pages of your
site using HTML coding techniques or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You
Get) software such as Microsoft Frontpage etc.
This article will cover all three of these points.
When selecting a domain name there are many factors that one should
consider. For example if someone is searching online for something
specific they may type it into Google followed by .com, .net or
another extension. So having the correct domain at first glance could
result in more traffic coming to their site. Other examples would
include when people see an ad on television with a URL address which
ends in instead of .com they might not go directly to the
desired site because they automatically assume it’s based somewhere
else in Europe. Another point to note is that most search engines only
index the content of websites ending in .com or .net so registering
any new websites under anything else could mean less exposure. There
are however many ways around this problem. In recent years there has
been some controversy over whether or not domains containing hyphens
(-) were penalized within searches performed by search engine giants
like Yahoo! And Google. The general consensus now seems to be no while
many sites still do rank well in search results after using them; but
since the release of “Google Suggest” users have noticed that certain
phrases containing hyphenated words tend to show up much lower than
those without. Also it appears that if you perform a normal organic
keyword search on Google then results showing URLs with hyphens don’t
appear quite as often as others. This would suggest that while these
hyphens aren’t really harmful to search placement they also won’t help
very much either way, and since they make things look a little
untidier I wouldn’t recommend using them unless absolutely necessary.
As far as keywords go, try to keep it relevant to what kind of
products/services you intend to offer from your site. It doesn’t hurt
to put your company or brand name after the main keyword phrase(s).
Try to avoid using numbers as much as possible as well as excessive
punctuation marks and symbols. To give a better idea about how your
chosen names looks try typing them out onto different
============== sample 5 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to create yourself.
I don’t know if you have ever heard someone say that they are not a
morning person, however it was never something that I really
understood until this summer when my sleep schedule got completely out
of whack. There were some days where I would wake up at 4 am and other
ones where all the snooze buttons in the world couldn’t get me up
before noon (which isn’t good when your job starts at 8). Whenever I
did finally roll myself out of bed, there was always one thing I
wanted more than anything else: coffee. But sometimes even the idea of
going downstairs to make a pot wasn’t enough to motivate me since by
then the thought of taking another step seemed too daunting. On those
mornings, I’ve learned what a lifesaver it can be to just grab an
espresso shot from the fridge instead!
============== sample 5 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that time and space are
not absolute but relative to each other.
In 1905 Albert Einstein published his paper on special relativity in
which he stated that “time dilation” occurred when a body travelled at
high speeds compared with another stationary object. In simple terms
this means that if you were travelling very fast – close to the speed
of light (3,000 kilometres per second) or faster than light – for just
one minute, then it would take one million years for an observer on
earth to see only sixty seconds pass by! Time literally slows down as
your movement gains momentum. The effect is caused by the way gravity
warps both space and time. As a result even massless particles such as
photons can be pulled into orbit around massive objects like black
The effects of gravitational waves have been measured recently using
pulsars: rapidly spinning neutron stars whose radio emissions sweep
across Earth’s line-of-sight thousands of times per day. Using these
measurements scientists have confirmed that the rate at which a clock
ticks depends on its location in relation to the force of gravity.
One consequence of all this has led to some strange conclusions about
our understanding of reality itself. It seems possible that there
could be multiple universes that exist in parallel dimensions so far
removed from us that we cannot observe them directly. These universes
may also contain different laws of nature, making them unrecognisable
to us. One interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that new
worlds emerge every moment. If true, many versions of each person
might be living out their lives in slightly altered circumstances.
This entry was posted in Science & Technology and tagged Relativity
Theory, Space/Time Continuum by Blogger Eric Burgess. Bookmark the
============== sample 5 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Get an account with DreamHost (or another web hosting company) and
pay for your domain name (such as You
will also need to get the basic plan with Dreamhost which is around
$8/month. This gives you all you’ll ever need for the first year,
including unlimited bandwith. It’s important that when you buy your
domain through DreamHost you select “Register” rather than “Transfer
Domain”. If it says transfer then it won’t work. Your domain needs to
be registered at Dreamhost before we go on.
2. Now visit and download WordPress 3.0.x or later.
Don’t bother downloading extra plugins or anything else – just grab
the latest version of WordPress itself. Installation instructions are
included within the folder you downloaded (on Windows look in the
ReadMe file), but if you have any problems feel free to email me or
write on my facebook wall.
If I'm doing this for you - please ignore...
When you get this part done… let me know!
============== sample 6 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to be found by living it in a
meaningful way. This means, for me, being good and true to yourself as
much as possible. It also entails helping others along their path
while remaining respectful of who they are on that journey. We all
have our own ways of finding our truths within ourselves but we can
help each other with those quests for understanding if we remain
open-minded enough to listen without judgment.
I am seeking someone who has these same values. Someone who cares
about animals (vegans or vegetarians preferred) and wants them treated
humanely; someone who believes in treating everyone equally regardless
of race, sexual orientation, gender identity etc.; an intelligent
person who likes learning new things and enjoys having interesting
conversations with me; someone who understands that communication is
key and thus will talk freely about any issues rather than hold
grudges; someone honest, kindhearted, compassionate, nonjudgmental,
loving, forgiving, affectionate, easygoing, generous (not
materialistic), adventurous (willing to try new experiences).
============== sample 6 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that there is no absolute
motion. Instead it holds that each observer has a right to their own
perspective. In other words, the laws of physics are the same in all
inertial frames (non-accelerating coordinate systems).
The Special Theory of Relativity was proposed by Albert Einstein in
1905; however, many of its concepts had been discussed for decades
prior. It includes two postulates which essentially assert the
constancy of light speed and equivalence of all non- accelerated
observers' reference frames as well as the Lorentz transformations
between them. The consequences include time dilation, length
contraction and mass increase at high speeds relative to other frames
of reference.
============== sample 6 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Find and register an available domain name that works for your
business, product or service (like a name on the door).
2. Buy server hosting space to store all of your files, images and
information about who you are, what products/services you offer, etc.,
(just like renting office space.)
3. Design & Develop - design the look and feel of the site yourself
using software tools offered by some hosts, or have someone else do
this part if it is too time-consuming or complex for you. If you
prefer not to create your own content, we will provide content for you
through our services at affordable costs!
4. Publish Your Website Online – once complete, upload everything onto
your new web host’s servers where others may now view them online. You
need to know how to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) applications such
as WS_FTP , Cute FTP , CoreFTP . The basic function of these programs
is to allow you to transfer data from one computer to another over the
Internet, just like copying files between computers via diskette but
much slower depending upon the speed of your connection to the Web.
When setting up your account with the host company, ask the
representative how they suggest you go about getting your files
uploaded into their system. Some companies run automated scripts that
take care of this step for you. Others require manual entry every time
you want something published.
5. Promote Your Site Using Search Engines & Directories – Once your
site is live, submit it to search engines and directories so people
looking for websites similar to yours or containing keywords relevant
to your business might find it easier. Many sites out there exist only
because of being found through major search engine listings.
============== sample 7 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to experience as many different
things as you can in your lifetime. The more experiences you have, the
more knowledgeable and wise you will become. As a result, the
decisions which are made on a daily basis by you or others around you
will be better than they would otherwise have been.
A lot of people don't understand what it means to live life with
purpose like this. They tend to do whatever feels right at that moment
without thinking about how their decision could affect them later down
the line. This may seem crazy but when you really stop and think about
it, there aren't too many people who take time out to do some real
deep introspection of themselves. It seems that most people just go
through life simply reacting and responding to stimuli rather than
taking time out from all the noise and craziness going on inside their
heads (and outside) to figure out WHO THEY REALLY ARE! And if you
first step to knowing yourself is finding someone whom you trust
completely; someone who knows everything about you – good OR bad,
ANYONE ELSE!! Once you find such a person, ask him/her to give you an
honest assessment of yourself. Whatever he/she says will probably hit
home for you because it was something you already knew (deep down),
but were either reluctant to admit it openly or didn’t fully come to
terms with it before. Now, once you reach a point where you know
exactly who you are, then it becomes much easier to look back upon
past events and see whether certain actions you took in those
situations helped bring you closer towards your goal(s). If not, then
you need to analyze why that particular outcome happened and make sure
it doesn’t happen again.
The next thing worth mentioning here is one's ability to "see" clearly
into his future. How can we expect ourselves to make sound judgment
calls today if all we ever do is dwell on our past? In order to move
forward, we must learn from our mistakes instead of living in them
============== sample 7 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that there is no such
thing as absolute motion. It makes predictions about what observers
would see if they could travel at or near to the speed of light (300
000 km/s).
In a nutshell: Einstein’s special theory of relativity describes how
we observe electromagnetic radiation and matter moving close to the
speed of light – in other words it deals with objects travelling very
fast through space. His general theory of relativity extends this
description to include not just objects with high speeds but also
those which are accelerating under gravity. This explains why time
passes more slowly far away from massive bodies like black holes than
on Earth. The theory predicts that all clocks tick slower the further
you move them into strong gravitational fields.
============== sample 7 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Select your domain name and register it with one of the registrars;
2. Choose your hosting company and setup an account for their
services. You will need to provide them with the login details that
you received when purchasing your domain name so they may connect
everything together;
3. Next step is choosing which platform or tool you want to use to
build your site. There are many options out there. Some require coding
skills while others do not. It really depends on how much time you
have available to learn something new versus simply getting into
action as quickly as possible. I recommend WordPress since it is very
straightforward but also because it has endless amounts of plug-ins,
widgets, designs/themes, etc… It’s free as well!
If you would like assistance building your own customized site from A
to Z please contact me at
============== sample 8 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift, and then give it
So you could say that finding a way to do this through my artwork
fulfills me in ways nothing else can. I love working with people who
have experienced trauma or loss because they are often more connected
to their humanity than others; not always, but sometimes. Being around
such strong humans inspires me to be better and to help them express
themselves through visual arts so they feel seen, heard &
loved…because everybody deserves to feel those things no matter what
has happened to them.
============== sample 8 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that all motion is
relative. That means there isn’t a preferred reference frame for
observing how things move through space and time—a principle that
holds true even if you’re racing at close to light speed in an
airplane or rocket ship.
Relativity has been around for more than 100 years now (and was
recently validated by measurements made during a total solar eclipse).
But as a new video from PBS Space Time points out, scientists have yet
to find anyone who can actually explain Einstein’s groundbreaking work
simply enough so that it can be understood by someone without any
background knowledge on the subject. In fact, Albert Einstein himself
would often struggle when asked to provide explanations of his own
theories to laypeople, because he knew just how complicated they
really are.
You don't have to understand the science behind this optical illusion
to enjoy watching it
============== sample 8 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Select which site you want to build (see below).
2. Click on the 'Sign Up' link for that product and follow our
step-by-step instructions! Our software will guide you through the
process of setting up your new website, including getting it listed
with Google so people can find your business online! The websites are
very easy to use and there is no need to learn any coding at all. You
control everything yourself. If you get stuck then just drop us an
email or pick up the phone - we are here to help!
3. Make sure you click on 'Site Settings' within each site builder to
set up your payment details as well as add your branding and legal
information where required.
4. Start adding content to your site! Add pictures, text, products
etc. There are many different features available to suit every type of
business. See the section about Extra Features for more info.
There are two types of sites to choose from depending on what sort of
business you have. All of them come packed full of fantastic features
and tools to give you flexibility. It's important to understand what
makes these sites slightly different before you make your choice...
The standard website package comes with 5 pages included such as Home
Page, About Us, Contact, Gallery & Product Pages*. This option gives
you ultimate control over how your website looks and works; you can
even edit the HTML source code if necessary. In addition you have
access to over 60 Widgets* (e.g. Blogs, Newsletter Signups) plus
additional sections like Events, Menus and Document Downloads*. These
extra areas allow you to create additional pages if needed. For
example: An events page allows you to list out future dates, times and
locations of specific events whilst also giving customers the ability
to book tickets directly via PayPal. A menu system would work great
for restaurants looking to showcase their meals.
You can upgrade to this version by purchasing the Business Website
upgrade under the Addons tab once your website has been created.
Please note however that this does not mean you need to start again
building a whole new website!! We will simply switch your original one
across to the upgraded version.
This particular form of website comes preloaded with lots of built-in
functionality specifically aimed towards holiday rental accommodation
providers i.e., hotels, bed and
============== sample 9 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to be happy. You only live once, so
you might as well enjoy it. The Dalai Lama says that one should “Live
a good, honorable life… Then when you get older and look back, you’ll
be able to enjoy it a second time.”
It seems like we have spent our lives looking for happiness in all
sorts of things – jobs, money, possessions, relationships, adventure
etc., but what if true lasting happiness could all come from within?
What if there was an actual ‘formula’ for being genuinely happy? Well,
according to psychologist Shawn Achor who has researched this topic
extensively, there actually is! Here are five habits he suggests,
along with some other tips to help us find more joy in every day:
1) Practice Gratitude – When we appreciate what we already have, we
can experience more positive emotions which leads to greater success.
To achieve more gratitude in your own life, try keeping a journal
where you write down three new things each week or month that you feel
grateful about . These don’t necessarily need to be big events either;
even something simple such as noticing how beautiful nature looks on a
sunny day, appreciating how delicious your lunch tasted or feeling
thankful towards someone in your life are great examples of things we
often take for granted yet they bring real value into our lives. Try
to focus less on materialistic goals (which ultimately won’t make us
truly content), and instead place emphasis on enjoying experiences and
spending quality time with loved ones. After all, those are the
memories that will stay with us forever!
2) Cultivate Optimism – Our thoughts control much of our reality, so
why not choose empowering beliefs which serve us rather than limiting
ones? Instead of thinking,“I am never going to lose weight,” switch
the self-defeating mindset around by saying, “I know that losing a few
pounds won’t happen overnight, but if I keep at it eventually my hard
work will pay off!” Don’t let fear hold you back from taking risks in
order to reach your full potential. As Nelson Mandela put it, “May
your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Another way to
become more optimistic is through meditation because it teaches us how
to detach ourselves from egoic desires, and instead
============== sample 9 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that an observer's frame
of reference affects how he or she sees and measures time. This idea
was first introduced by Albert Einstein in 1905 with his special
theory of relativity. It can be difficult to understand the concept
without doing some math, but we thought it would be fun to show you
what happens when things get really fast (and therefore near light
speed) anyway!
The Relativity app takes a simple physics experiment and makes it into
something fun for all ages. We think this is best played on tablets
such as iPad because of its larger screen size -- although smartphones
will work too. You can challenge your friends, or even yourself, to
see who has better reflexes...or maybe just practice your reaction
times if you are new to the game. But however you choose to use our
apps, we hope you have lots of fun playing them!
============== sample 9 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Choose the right platform for your needs (WordPress, SquareSpace
etc.) and register your domain name on this platform;
2. Buy web hosting from an established company that offers SSL
certificates (which are necessary to ensure secure connections);
3. Install an SSL certificate if you want your visitors’ data to
remain confidential during the session;
4. Start building the site either by yourself or hire someone who is
experienced at it.
What Is An SSL Certificate & Why Do You Need It?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer – basically, it means using
encryption technology when transferring information online so that
hackers won’t get their hands onto sensitive data such as banking
details and passwords. The protocol was created back in 1990s and has
been around ever since. Every website with https:// prefix is
protected by HTTPS which uses TLS/SSL security layers. When creating a
new account or shopping online, look out for the green padlock icon
appearing next to the URL of the page – it shows that the connection
between the browser and server is encrypted. This ensures peace of
mind because no one will intercept any private info.
How To Obtain An SSL Certificate For A Website
The procedure isn’t difficult but requires some knowledge about how
websites work. There are plenty of tutorials online and videos showing
step-by-step guides, so we suggest watching them before proceeding
further. Firstly, you need to select the type of certificate you wish
to buy and pay for it straight away. Then, set up your CMS accordingly
and wait until the CA sends you notification regarding successful
installation of SSL. After that, all that remains is to install
WordPress plugin or enable SSL settings through web host control
panel. Check out our recommendations below!
============== sample 10 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to give life meaning.
We all need a reason for being, something we yearn to do and that
gives us pleasure in this often difficult world. For some it’s their
family or children; others find fulfillment in pursuing lofty goals.
The trick is not to delay but to begin as soon as possible. Indeed our
whole life is an exploration well spent.
A good way to start is by doing things you like – playing sports,
making music, writing stories, painting pictures. You can build on
what you love so that your pleasures feed into each other. At
university, studying languages led me to translation work with UNESCO
then teaching at Oxford. Later my interest in theatre brought me into
contact with great directors who introduced me to the art of acting
which has given me decades of joyous creativity.
I am fortunate indeed to have found my vocation early enough. I have
been able to live my dream of writing books about people around the
globe striving to bring happiness to themselves and to those less
privileged than they are. Now, through World Book Night 2014,
thousands more will be sharing these inspiring tales!
============== sample 10 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that the speed at which
time passes is relative to how fast you are travelling compared with
someone else and also by gravity. This means that the faster an object
moves through space or the closer it gets to a strong gravitational
field (such as Earth), the slower time flows for this object.
Asked in Physics, Albert Einstein, Scientific Method
What is Einsteins theory?
It's called The Theory Of Relativity, but there are two parts: General
Relativity and Special Relativity. Here are some links explaining them
Why did Einstein develop his special theory of relativity?
Einstein developed his special theory of relativity because he wanted
to explain why the laws of physics were the same no matter what your
frame of reference was. He made the assumptions that the speed of
light is constant and that the laws of nature hold true for all
inertial frames then used these principles to derive the equations
seen on the front page of wikipedia about the topic - see link below.
For more information search 'Special theory of relativity' on
============== sample 10 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Create your site's visual design by using our templates or creating
one from scratch. You can create as many pages and subpages for the
site with ease.
2) Add functionalities to the site (forms, maps, blogging etc...) -
see the "How To" section. This is an area of the site that we are
constantly adding new articles to and if you have any questions about
how something could work on the site don't hesitate to contact us
============== sample 11 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to be happy, but how can you define
I think that happiness comes from within and it depends on your own
definition. To me, being able to travel with my friends or family
makes me really happy as does eating delicious food! I love trying new
things too so sometimes when an opportunity arises at work I am always
up for taking part in a project even if it’s out of my comfort zone –
this gives me satisfaction. There are many other ways that make people
feel fulfilled and achieve their version of ‘happiness’ like painting,
reading books, exercising, gardening etc – these all give people joy
but its important not to underestimate what simply having good
relationships with our loved ones mean to us.
============== sample 11 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that everything is
relative. That is if you travel at 10 miles per hour it will be faster
than someone who walks and slower than a train moving on its tracks.
Relative to something else your speed can change even though you are
maintaining a constant velocity or movement forward.
If we apply this principle into our daily activities we would see how
things might appear differently from different perspectives. For
example, some people may say that they have been successful in life
because they own their home and car while others consider themselves
failures for not acquiring these two items. However both groups could
be happy with what they do possess. Thus success depends more upon the
perspective or viewpoint of each group as opposed to an absolute set
of rules which must be followed. In other words, one person’s failure
is another person’s success.
In the same way we often think only about ourselves when it comes to
our feelings but we rarely stop to examine why we feel the way we do
towards certain subjects or topics. If we were able to ask those
around us how we make them feel then maybe we would better understand
where we stand in regards to many issues. Sometimes we just assume
that everyone feels like us towards a particular subject when in
reality there could be various reasons why someone does or doesn’t
support you or your cause.
When I was growing up my parents never allowed me to use profanities
during any conversation. They believed that it was rude and
disrespectful to curse so I learned early not to swear. Of course I
also knew several adults who cursed frequently along with all their
children too! But my family didn’t care about what anyone outside said
or did; only about what happened within our household. Some folks
believe that swearing isn’t bad but in my circle it was considered
wrong and unacceptable. Although I know some people don’t agree with
my family’s thinking on this issue and yet neither party is right nor
wrong because it depends upon their belief systems.
Similarly some people drink alcoholic beverages everyday and nothing
out of the ordinary happens, however many communities still frown upon
such activity and sometimes look down on those who imbibe heavily.
Others abstain completely from alcohol consumption due to religious
preferences or personal opinions regarding the dangers associated with
overindulgence. Yet whether for or against consuming alcohol, no one
perspective is
============== sample 11 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Register the domain name you want (if available). This is the first
step of building your site. The domain name will identify your company
or product on the Internet and give users an easy way to find your
business online. You should also consider registering additional,
relevant domains that might direct traffic to your main web address.
If you already own one, make sure it's registered at a registrar like
GoDaddy or Network Solutions so you have control of the DNS
information for your domain(s).
2. Choose a Web host. A Web hosting service provider will give you
space on their computer (called servers) where your entire website
files are stored along with all other websites they host . You need
this storage if you plan to display images and photos as well as
videos and audio clips. Most hosts offer several different types of
plans, but for most small businesses, shared hosting is sufficient.
Some providers such as FatCow offer both domain registration and Web
hosting services.
3. Select a Web design software package. There are many options out
there, including Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, NVU, KompoZer, and Writer. Which tool you choose depends mainly on how
technical you are, whether or not you know HTML code and what kind of
design features you require. The least expensive option by far is Open
Office. It has a built-in word processor called "Writer" that lets you
create basic web pages without having to learn any coding language.
4. Build your Website. Once you get used to using whichever tools you
chose above in Step 3, then begin constructing your site. Here are
some tips to help you build a better, more effective website:
• Create content people would actually read. Make sure visitors don’t
go away from your page because of bad grammar and misspelled words.
Spend time crafting text that grabs attention right off the bat. If
writing isn’t really your thing, consider hiring professional writers
who specialize in creating compelling marketing copy for blogs and
commercial sites.
• Don’t overload visitors with too much visual noise. Your site may
look cluttered or even ugly when you try to cram too much stuff into
limited virtual real estate. Always keep things nice and simple
whenever possible so readers won’t feel intimidated by your text-heavy
============== sample 12 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to be happy and make others around
you happy.
I believe we are here for a reason, but that reason is different than
everyone else’s.
And I think that when people try to find their meaning in other things
– money, success or power – they lose sight of what really matters:
being alive.
Because ultimately, if you aren’t living your own truth, then why
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============== sample 12 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that there is no such
thing as absolute motion. Rather your frame of reference defines how
you see things moving and changing around you.
This video will take a look at what this means for us in our everyday
lives and examine some examples like GPS satellites and the speed of
============== sample 12 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Register your domain name, if you haven’t already (e.g., This is the address that people use to find
your site online. You should choose something that reflects your brand
and is easy for customers to remember. For more information about
selecting a good web address, see How to Choose Your Company Domain
Name – 5 Essential Tips.
2. Pick a Web Hosting Plan from this page to get started with hosting
on our world class servers. All of our plans allow for unlimited
traffic/bandwidth so no matter what plan you pick we will never charge
additional fees based on usage. If you need help deciding which
package would best suit your needs please contact us and one of our
representatives would love to assist!
3. Build your website using any site building tool or software program
like Microsoft FrontPage®, Macromedia Dreamweaver®, Adobe GoLive® etc…
The files are then uploaded via FTP client software such as CuteFTP™
or WS_FTP™ directly to your account at HostPapa. Our technical support
team will gladly walk you through it over the phone if you prefer
============== sample 13 =================
I believe the meaning of life is love.
Love for ourselves, our spouses or partners and children if we are so
blessed to have them in our lives…love for those around us who may
need a little extra kindness at times…and yes even loving ourselves
enough to be good stewards of what God has given us: Our healthy
bodies (when they are well), the ability to serve others when needed,
our beautiful planet that gives us food, air, water, minerals and all
things natural. Love means being thoughtful about how our actions can
affect someone else or something living as nature intended.
I know it sounds simplistic but really isn’t everything boiled down to
this? We live in a world where there is an abundance of hatred. There
always will be people who hate themselves more than anything and that
self-hatred will overflow into every area of their lives including how
they treat other human beings. Sometimes these folks don’t necessarily
mean any harm – they just feel “less than” and aren’t sure why. Other
times the haters have been taught from birth that certain groups
should not feel worthy due to race, religion, sexual preference or
nationality, etc., which creates an environment ripe with disrespect,
mistrust and eventually violence towards anyone viewed as different.
This leads me back to my point; If you begin each day by asking
yourself, “How can I show love today?” you would probably go through
your daily routine differently. You might think twice before making a
harsh comment to your mate or child or employee because you care
deeply about hurting another person’s feelings. It could change
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============== sample 13 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that time runs slower for
a moving object compared to one at rest. Albert Einstein originally
introduced this idea in his 1905 paper “On The Electrodynamics Of
Moving Bodies” and followed it up with his now famous E = mc2 equation
(energy equals matter multiplied by the speed of light squared) six
years later, which explains how all mass has an associated energy
content and vice versa.
These theories have been proven correct many times over during
experiments on both small scales as well as large ones such as sending
clocks into orbit where they moved much faster than their counterparts
remaining on Earth’s surface. This same concept can also be observed
first hand when looking out your window while driving down the
freeway. While you may notice cars ahead seemingly standing still,
those drivers will see you travel past them at high velocity.
The following infographic from Futurism compares the relative speeds
of different objects throughout our solar system and beyond including
NASA’s Juno spacecraft currently en route towards Jupiter and New
Horizons heading toward Pluto.
============== sample 13 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Purchase your Domain Name from Hosting Nation (or transfer it to
us) - Learn more about this here...
2. Select the type of hosting you require from our packages below -
Learn more about what the different types are and why they're needed
3. Build Your Website with Easy To Use Web-Builders like SitePad or
4. If you would prefer not to build your own site we also offer Custom
Designed Sites, for full details click here...
============== sample 14 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of
life is to give it away."
"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do
so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
============== sample 14 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that there is no absolute
frame of reference. The laws of physics are the same in all moving
frames of references and for accelerated and non-accelerating
observers; there exists a maximum speed limit c (the velocity of
light), which can never be reached by massive objects, regardless of
their acceleration or mass - as any motion with constant acceleration
will always lead to infinite energy requirements.
The first one, called special relativity, was published in 1905, and
postulates an equivalence between gravitational forces and inertial
forces due to uniform acceleration, based on the constancy and
universality of nature's physical laws and therefore does not take
into account gravity. Special relativity describes the relationship
between space and time when dealing only with relative speeds near the
speed of light. It assumes a flat spacetime without curvature and is
useful for describing highspeed motions.
Then came general relativity, first proposed in 1916, which includes
both nonuniformly accelerating systems and gravitation fields, and it
was intended to provide a more accurate description than Newtonian
mechanics of bodies in motion under the influence of gravity. General
Relativity predicts how matter warps space and allows us to
mathematically describe the structure of our universe using tensors.
Special relativity has been integrated into quantum field theories
such as electrodynamics while general relativity still remains unified
with quantum mechanics.
============== sample 14 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Registering the domain name (
2. Purchasing internet hosting space from a company, which will host
your site on their servers for an annual fee.
3. Decide whether to build it yourself or hire someone else to do it.
============== sample 15 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to give it purpose, a goal and
something worth living for.
Without that there is no real point in existing as all one would do
then is live out their days until they died.
Not very appealing if you ask me.
============== sample 15 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that there is no absolute
frame of reference. The laws of physics are valid in all inertial
systems (i.e., those with no acceleration). Thus, it would be
meaningless to state that you were moving at a speed of 10 kilometers
per hour since this statement needs further clarification: relative to
The reason this came about was because Einstein proposed an experiment
whereby if we had two very long trains placed end-to-end and a man
walking down the center line between them, he will see both as
stationary while feeling his own motion. But observers standing on
each train can’t see him moving but instead see their respective train
as moving forward. At first glance this may seem contradictory;
however, it does make sense when one considers that light has a finite
velocity. For instance, consider an observer sitting next to a road
watching cars go by. If he measures the time for a given car to travel
from point A to B, then he could deduce its average rate of motion
over that interval. Now, suppose another person stands directly across
from our observer and watches the same event occur; his observation
would be slightly different due to the fact that the photons emitted
by the front bumper of the car reach the eye of the second observer
after they have already reached the eyes of our original observer.
Therefore, the measurements from these two perspectives don’t match
up! This result implies that simultaneous events are not so! It also
suggests that measuring distance and space may depend on your
Now let us consider some consequences that arise out of Einsteins
theories which are known today simply as special and general
relativities. Firstly, the effects described above only become
noticeable when objects approach the speed of light or during high
gravitational fields—which is why Newtonian mechanics still works
extremely well at low speeds within the earths atmosphere but breaks
down near black holes or other celestial entities. Secondly, the
relativistic effect called length contraction causes objects
approaching the speed of light to appear shorter along their direction
of motion. Another consequence of relativism is the dilution of time.
In essence, clock rates slow down as velocities increase causing time
dilation. Both the effects just mentioned are real physical phenomena
which actually happen to things like atomic particles.
So how do we know that this phenomenon exists? We need look no farther
than satellite navigation techn
============== sample 15 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Define the purpose of your site and select an appropriate domain
name for it (e.g.,
2. Determine what type of hosting is best for you, based on whether or
not you need to do e-commerce transactions online; how much disk space
you require; and if you will be using any special tools like
PHP/MySQL/ASP scripts that must be supported by your host’s server. If
you are building a basic static html site with no bells & whistles,
then cheap shared hosting plans should work just fine. For more
advanced sites, such as those doing e-commerce, vps or dedicated
servers maybe required depending on traffic volume and other factors.
3. Designing your web pages. This could involve purchasing one of the
many different types of software packages available which would allow
you create your own website(s) – or hiring someone else who has this
skill set. Keep in mind that you have 8 seconds to capture the
attention of your visitor so make sure your design looks good! You
don’t want visitors leaving your site due to poor navigation or
content organization either, so take some time when laying out your
structure (ie menu system) to ensure everything works well together
before going live to avoid having to redo things later after getting
user feedback.
4. Promoting Your Site. Once your site design is completed you will
need to start promoting it somehow. There are various ways of
accomplishing this including search engine optimization techniques
whereby changes are made to the source code “behind” the visible page
itself in order to help increase rankings in major search engines such
as Google. The most effective way by far to promote your site though
is through article marketing, whereby short articles about topics
related to your business are written from scratch and distributed
across numerous third party websites on the internet over time.
Article writing is often considered tedious because it requires
patience and excellent grammar skills but unfortunately there really
aren’t any shortcuts here unless you pay somebody else to write them
for you.
============== sample 16 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to be found in a spiritual
relationship with God.
As a child, my family was not religious and did not attend church or
synagogue nor celebrate holidays that are typically associated with
religion: Christmas or Hanukkah. In addition, my father’s parents had
left their Judaism behind when they immigrated from Russia and married
into Christian families (my grandfather became an elder in his
church). Therefore, although I grew up thinking about God, it was on
my own terms without any formal training or influence from organized
Throughout my adult years I have read books by spiritual teachers who
share insights for living a joyful and fulfilled life. My first
exposure to these teachings came during graduate school while taking
classes at The University of North Texas where Dr. Robert L. Koffman
taught courses based upon Edgar Cayce Readings. His classes were
filled with information about health, meditation and ancient
philosophies including those of Hinduism and Buddhism. These concepts
provided me with valuable guidance as I began working toward
completing my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and later
pursued certification as Master Certified Trainer through Anthony
Robbins Companies. After leaving UNT and throughout my career, I
continued reading numerous books written by modern day masters such as
Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle and many
others. As you can see, there has always been something missing from
this journey – belief in Jesus Christ.
In 2015, our son enrolled in St. Paul High School after attending
public schools since kindergarten. He loves his new environment and we
enjoy being involved in activities with other parents in support of
his education. It didn’t take long before I realized how different I
am compared to everyone else because I do not profess faith in God,
let alone Jesus Christ!
After two decades of studying, teaching and practicing principles of
personal development, I felt like I was ready to learn more about what
it takes to live a spiritually-centered life. And so here I am . . .
openly exploring options available within Catholicism and Protestant
denominations, as well. Although I am not yet sure which direction
will ultimately provide my answer, I feel compelled to move forward
============== sample 16 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that time and space are
relative. Time is not absolute - it can speed up or slow down
depending on your point of view. Time passes faster for those who
travel at a higher velocity than for those they left behind. Space is
also not absolute; it curves around massive objects like planets and
stars (this phenomenon is known as gravity).
============== sample 16 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Registering the domain name (
2. Finding a hosting service to "host" your site's files on their
3. Designing the look of your web pages with images, background colors
and fonts using HTML or an easy-to-use editor such as FrontPage
4. Creating content for each page by writing text and adding graphics
that explain what you do and why someone should use your
5. Publishing it so others may view it on the World Wide Web
============== sample 17 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of
life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso
I am an educator, artist and writer living in Los Angeles who loves to
travel, go on adventures and make artwork with kids! As a child, my
mom gave me everything she had but most importantly her time, love,
support and encouragement to explore all that this world has to offer.
My greatest joy comes from giving back by helping children learn about
themselves through their own creative expression. Every child is
unique, talented and amazing in his or her own way. It’s just finding
out what they are most passionate about and then guiding them towards
exploring ways to express themselves!
============== sample 17 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that the speed at which
light travels is constant.
Now here’s a mind-boggler for you: According to Einstein’s famous
equation E=mc2 (energy equals mass times the square of the speed of
light), if an electron were accelerated to just under 90 percent of
the speed of light it would have enough energy to create another
electron and two neutrinos. The resulting three particles have more
combined rest mass than the original particle, so where did this extra
matter come from? “This is called pair production,” says Dr. Grossman.
“It’s one of many ways in which energy can be converted into
matter—and vice versa.”
Einstein’s Relativity Explained – What Is Matter & Energy?
A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss | Book Review
============== sample 17 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Choose a domain name, which will serve as the address of your
online business and define its identity on the Internet. (ex.:
2. Register it.
3. Find a host for your site – this is where all the data from your
web pages will be stored. There are two main types of hosting services
you should know about when starting out: Shared Hosting vs Dedicated
Server. For more information and comparison between these options
visit our article here. When choosing a host, make sure to look into
their security measures because if there’s one thing that could ruin
an entire company’s reputation, it would be security breaches! That’s
why we also recommend keeping track of new hacker methods with sites
like CSO Online so you can protect yourself against them. For example,
just recently hackers used Microsoft Word documents to deploy malware
to unsuspecting victims.
4. Purchase or design a website template. This will give structure to
your content and help you organize it better. You then need to add
your logo and customize the appearance by changing colors and fonts,
etc. You may also want to use some images or videos to increase
engagement of visitors. If you don’t have any of those prepared yet
but still wish to get started right away, consider using free stock
photos available at many websites such as Unsplash &
5. Add textual content according to what type of business you run. It
needs to be clear enough so anyone who visits your page knows
immediately whether they found what they were looking for within 8
seconds. If not, they leave without making a purchase.
6. Make your site mobile-friendly since most users nowadays browse the
internet through their phones rather than desktop computers. They
prefer responsive templates to static ones for easier navigation. To
see how well does your webpage perform on different devices go ahead
and try Google PageSpeed Insights tool.
7. Start promoting your brand using various SEO techniques, building
backlinks and posting useful articles related to your niche. Don’t
forget to stay active on social media too.
Why Are Websites Important?
The importance of having a professional looking website cannot be
stressed enough. The majority of consumers search for products and
brands online before buying anything; in fact in United States
============== sample 18 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to discover your gift. The purpose of
life is to give it away." — Pablo Picasso
Everyone has a dream, and everyone wants their dreams to come true,
but this is not something that happens automatically. What we want
will always require work on our part if it's to become real. Even if
you have an amazing idea for a new product or service, without hard
work and dedication, there’s no reason why anyone would ever hear
about it. There are many people who don’t get what they deserve in
life because they do absolutely nothing about making sure they receive
If you think about this for even a second, you can see how common
sense this statement really is; however, most people fail to apply
this basic principle into their lives. They just sit around waiting
for miracles – forgetting that every miracle starts with someone doing
something extraordinary towards achieving his goals. It all depends on
whether one acts upon his vision or simply keeps waiting hoping things
change. If you were waiting for success to be served on a platter to
you, then wake up today - that won't happen until you take action.
Don't expect anything from others which you aren't willing to offer
them first. Remember, when opportunity knocks – answer the door by
taking ACTION!
============== sample 18 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that everything is
relative. There are no absolutes in life and it is only our
perspective which makes things good or bad for us at any given time.
The best way to understand this philosophy is with an example.
Let’s say you are driving your car down a deserted road on a dark
night. You are feeling low because your boss didn't appreciate your
work today and there was some conflict between you two that left both
of you fuming inside. Suddenly out of nowhere comes another vehicle
from behind and hits yours making its headlight fall off and smashing
one side of your car against the other. It also leaves a deep dent
that will cost you thousands of dollars to fix. In short, your day has
just gone completely wrong!
Now let's take the same scenario again but imagine how differently you
would feel if after coming back home where you live alone, you get
mugged by three robbers who beat you up badly and leave you lying
unconscious on the floor while they pick all the valuables around the
house clean. Your phone, laptop and television set go missing along
with many smaller items. Apart from being hurt physically, you have
been robbed of material possessions as well. How do you think you
would be feeling after such an incident?
We could debate for hours about whether you were better off when your
car broke down or when you got mugged. But what we can safely assume
here is the fact that even though both instances seem equally terrible
when imagined in isolation, the truth is different. We cannot compare
them directly since each circumstance affects a person differently.
For instance, you might value your car over other worldly belongings
like phones etc., so losing your car hurts more than not having access
to your phone does. On the contrary, had someone else been in your
place during these events; he/she may have felt worse about getting
their phone stolen instead of the car. This is exactly why we should
never judge something based upon our own personal standards. Others
view things quite differently from our perspective – what seems black
& white to us might look greyish green to others.
What is important to realize then is that everyone views events
through his/her very own lenses and thus feels differently depending
upon their particular situation. So don't ever think you know how
another person must be feeling under certain circumstances - you
simply can't
============== sample 18 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Choose your site design
3. Pick out the features you need
4. Pay for it and build it!
5. Upload content, images, videos etc...
6. Have visitors!
============== sample 19 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of
life is to give it away.
The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success, but
significance - and then even the small steps and little victories
along your path will take on greater meaning.
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life .
Don't be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other
people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others opinions drown out
your own inner voice . And most important , have the courage to follow
your heart and intuition.. They somehow already know what you truly
want to become. Everything else is secondary.... Stay Hungry... Stay
Foolish !
============== sample 19 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that everything is
relative: motion and speed are only valid in relation to something
else. The first formulation was made by Galileo (1564- 1642), who
described it as the principle of relativity. He said that the laws of
nature must be the same for all observers regardless of their frame of
reference, which is simply whatever they use or believe to calculate a
position in time and space.
In other words, if you’re on Earth watching two cars pass each other
at high speeds, then hop into one of them just before it passes you,
nothing changes except your perspective. It feels like you’ve stopped
moving while the car next to you zooms past. From inside the other
vehicle, however, it looks like you zoomed past him. Neither viewpoint
is wrong; both drivers will agree on how fast the cars were going and
what happened when they passed. This is an example of Einstein’s law
of special relativity, which says that measurements such as velocity
can change depending on whether you’re “moving” towards or away from
something, but some things — those based entirely upon light, because
its transmission speed never varies — do not depend on this movement.
Einstein’s general theory of relativity extended his work by
describing gravity in terms of curvature of spacetime rather than
force. The more massive an object, the greater spacetime warping power
it has. Gravity itself became known as curved spacetime. In the
diagram below we see a representation of the way objects with mass
create curves in the fabric of spacetime. The larger the mass the
stronger the curve. Time also flows slower near large masses due to
these curves. Clocks placed higher up in gravitational fields advance
faster than clocks closer to the ground.
============== sample 19 =================
Building a website can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Choose an ISP (Internet Service Provider) — The first step is to
select and sign up with an Internet service provider, known as the
“host” of your site. This company will provide you space on their
server for housing your web pages so that they are accessible from
anywhere around the world through the internet. Your host should have
a 98% uptime reliability record; this means your page(s) will load
quickly when someone accesses them because there are no bottlenecks
between the server where your pages reside and the user’s computer.
You also want an established business with good support systems
already in place since customer service in the hosting industry is not
always reliable or consistent. Many hosts offer free set-up and
technical advice via online chats and phone calls. It may sound
complicated but it really isn't all that difficult if you know what
you need to look for. I recommend Jumpline Web Hosting - see details
2. Purchase a domain name — A domain name is the address people type
into their browser window to view your site. Domain names are
purchased at a yearly price from registrars such as GoDaddy, Register,
etc… Most cost between $7-$35 per year depending upon whether or not
it has been previously registered by another entity. Once registered a
domain cannot be used again until it expires – usually after one year
unless renewed. There are many options available ranging from .com to .org to country specific addresses like .ca or
Whichever option you choose, try to keep your domain name short yet
descriptive. Some sites use keywords to help boost search results.
3. Design your own website using an HTML editor program, template, or
hire a designer—There are two ways for building websites. One way
involves writing code in Hypertext MarkUp Language (a.k.a., HTML).
Those skilled in this method hand craft every aspect of each webpage
including text placement, photos, links, tables, forms, etc... For
those who do not care to learn the coding process, WYSIWYG editors
(What You See Is What You Get), such as FrontPage®, Adobe
Dreamweaver®, Microsoft Expressions® , NVU, Kompozer, and other drag &
drop programs make it very easy to build
============== sample 20 =================
I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of
life is to give it away.
I'm not really interested in politics, because I think it's just too
removed from my own life. If there's a war, though, or a disaster, I
want to know what's happening.
You're not going to get me to say anything about Donald Trump other
than that I'm going to do everything possible to keep him from being
president. You can interpret that anyway you like.
============== sample 20 =================
Simply put, the theory of relativity states that all motion is
relative. This means that movement must be described based on a frame
of reference and there are no absolute frames from which to describe
motion. There are two types of motion: uniform (at constant speed) and
nonuniform or accelerated.
The most famous example of acceleration due to gravity is Newton’s
apple falling off its tree branch. The force exerted by Earth pulls
objects toward it. Acceleration occurs when an object changes its
velocity in some way; in this case, it slows down because of the
gravitational field. Velocity can also change if an object gains or
loses mass; however, for now we will ignore changes of mass. A second
type of acceleration involves changing direction without loss of
speed. For instance, consider a car turning around a curve at high
speed—the vehicle maintains its speed but alters course. Finally,
acceleration may occur simply as a result of time passing, such as a
skydiver whose parachute fails to open. In each situation, the person
speeds up until he reaches terminal velocity as he falls through the
air. It is important not to confuse acceleration with rate of change.
An object does not need to be moving to undergo acceleration. Consider
sitting still in your room while a rocket blasts into space overhead.
As the ship moves away, you feel the pressure of sound waves rushing
past you. If these pressure waves were powerful enough they could push
you to the ground, causing you to experience decelerating forces.
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