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shaykalyan / lily58_keymap.json
Last active August 24, 2023 02:40
QMK keymap for the Lily58 split keyboard. To use with
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"version": 1,
"notes": "",
"documentation": "\"This file is a QMK Configurator export. You can import this at <>. It can also be used directly with QMK's source code.\n\nTo setup your QMK environment check out the tutorial: <>\n\nYou can convert this file to a keymap.c using this command: `qmk json2c {keymap}`\n\nYou can compile this keymap using this command: `qmk compile {keymap}`\"\n",
"keyboard": "lily58/rev1",
"keymap": "shaykalyan",
"layout": "LAYOUT",
"layers": [
shaykalyan / adb-commands-to-add-data-toggle.txt
Last active August 22, 2020 20:42
T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S20 OS doesn't have MobileData toggles but it can be added via ADB. Via
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adb devices
adb shell
settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles
settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles "YOUR_LIST_HERE,MobileData,Hotspot"
shaykalyan /
Last active September 22, 2023 04:34
Oh My Zsh theme with Powerline font guide