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Created November 15, 2018 20:24
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docker swarm find hostname by container id or hostname using two methods
# Default settings block, change here if you need or put other defaults to your .bashrc
DSFC_USER="${DSFC_USER:-root}" # defaults to root
DSFC_HOSTS_GREP="${DSFC_HOSTS_GREP:-"swarm-"}" # what to grep in /etc/hosts
DSFC_HOSTS_LIST="${DSFC_HOSTS_LIST:-`(cat /etc/hosts | grep ${DSFC_HOSTS_GREP} | cut -f1 | xargs -L1 echo | uniq)`}" # change the default inside backticks to your way to get hosts list
DSFC_METHOD_SSH="${DSFC_METHOD_SSH:-1}" # whether to use the ssh and docker ps method
DSFC_METHOD_SSH_CONNECT_TIMEOUT="${DSFC_METHOD_SSH_CONNECT_TIMEOUT:-5}" # connection timeout for the ssh method
DSFC_METHOD_DSM="${DSFC_METHOD_DSM:-1}" # whether to fallback to the local docker swarm manager capabilities
DSCF_METHOD_DSM_SERVICE="${DSCF_METHOD_DSM_SERVICE:-.}" # sets a grep pattern for service name too look the container among - speeds up docker swarm manager method.
# Usage printing block
read -r -d '' usage << EOM
Finds container by id on a predefined hosts list, since swarm does not make it easy. Assuming you have ssh access to the swarm nodes list or running on a manager node.
$(basename "$0") [-h|--help] - this message
$(basename "$0") CONTAINER_ID_OR_NAME [SERVICE_NAME] - this is basically strings passed to grep on each host. Set SERVICE_NAME if known to speed up search in Docker Swarm Manager node mode.
Environment variables:
list of hosts to connect to for the "ssh docker ps" method. Defaults to all records from "/etc/hosts" having substring defined in DSFC_HOSTS_GREP.
if DSFC_HOSTS_LIST is not set, this variable will be used as the grep pattern to filter hosts from "/etc/hosts"
user to connect to the hosts on the list.
ssh connect timeout when using "ssh docker ps" method
whether to use the "ssh docker ps" method at all
whether to use the "docker swarm manager node" method at all
if defined, SERVICE_NAME is set to this var value if not implicitly set on command line
Tries the "ssh docker ps" method first, since it's way faster. If the first method failed or disabled, tries "docker swarm manager node" method, that may take a while.
if [[ $# -eq 0 ]] ; then
echo "$usage"
exit 1
case "$1" in
-h|--help) printf "$usage"
exit 0
if [ ! -z "$2" ]; then
# Trying using the "ssh and docker" ps method
DSFC_METHOD_SSH_RESULT=-1 # using unique simple numbers
if (( DSFC_METHOD_SSH == 1 )) ; then
for DSFC_HOST in $DSFC_HOSTS_LIST ; do ssh -o ConnectTimeout=$DSFC_METHOD_SSH_CONNECT_TIMEOUT $DSFC_USER'@'$DSFC_HOST 'docker ps | grep '$1' | grep '$DSCF_METHOD_DSM_SERVICE' |sed "s/.*/$(hostname)/"|sort|uniq' || DSFC_METHOD_SSH_RESULT=$? ; done
if [ -z "$DSFC_HOSTS_LIST" ]; then # if no hosts were found, consider error
DSFC_METHOD_SSH_RESULT=-3 # using unique simple numbers
# Trying using the slower "swarm manager method" if allowed and ssh method didn't work
DSFC_METHOD_DSM_RESULT=1 # if not trying - do not interfere with previous result
if ((DSFC_METHOD_DSM = 1 && DSFC_METHOD_SSH_RESULT != 0)) ; then
RW_DSM="$(docker node ls)"
if [[ $? -eq 0 ]] ; then
SEARCHFOR="$(docker service list --format '{{.Name}}' | tr '\n' ' ' | grep $DSCF_METHOD_DSM_SERVICE )"; ((for f in $(docker service ps -q $SEARCHFOR); do docker inspect --format '{{.Status.ContainerStatus.ContainerID}} {{.NodeID}}' $f; done) | grep $1 | cut -f2 -d' ' | xargs docker node inspect --format "{{.Description.Hostname}}") | sort | uniq
DSFC_METHOD_DSM_RESULT=1 # if not on a docker swarm node, use previous exit codes
exit $(( DSFC_METHOD_DSM_RESULT * DSFC_METHOD_SSH_RESULT )) # we have simple numbers, so unique exit code, but maybe negative
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