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Last active September 27, 2020 10:05
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Simple Memoization in Elixir (using FastGlobal)
defmodule Memoize do
@moduledoc """
Simple memoization helper built on top of FastGlobal.
Remember to add `{:fastglobal, "~> 1.0"}` to your
dependencies first.
## Usage
def my_method do :my_method, fn ->
# return something
## Other
Author: Sheharyar Naseer
License: MIT
Find updates to this module at
# Public API
# ----------
@doc """
If previously saved value exists, return that else
perform memoization for given key and function.
def run(key, fun) when is_atom(key) do
case get!(key) do
nil ->
value = fun.()
put!(key, value)
result ->
@doc "Force get value"
defdelegate get!(key), to: FastGlobal, as: :get
@doc "Force put value"
defdelegate put!(key, value), to: FastGlobal, as: :put
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