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Created April 10, 2017 16:55
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diff --git a/docroot/modules/contrib/field_collection/src/FieldCollectionItemAccessControlHandler.php b/docroot/modules/contrib/field_collection/src/FieldCollectionItemAccessControlHandler.php
index 4c79e3d..41339d8 100644
--- a/docroot/modules/contrib/field_collection/src/FieldCollectionItemAccessControlHandler.php
+++ b/docroot/modules/contrib/field_collection/src/FieldCollectionItemAccessControlHandler.php
@@ -23,9 +23,13 @@ protected function checkAccess(EntityInterface $entity, $operation, AccountInter
// Here we will be if host entity was not set and entity is not new.
elseif (!$entity->isNew()) {
+ // Applications that were migrated throw errors on first save though
+ // the ui. This is a temporary work around for that.
+ /**
throw new \RuntimeException($this->t('Host entity for field collection item (@id) was not set.', [
'@id' => $entity->id(),
+ */
Bypass error when saving migrated application.
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