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Kevin "Schmidty" Smith shenanigans

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The Movie List

Just a small list of movies to watch.

Serious and Entertaining

  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Apocalypse Now

Weird and Artistic

shenanigans /
Last active Apr 24, 2018
What I think I know about WiX presented in a way that I think is more illuminating than the available free reading material so far

WiX For Drunks

The WiX Toolset, the definitive command line toolset for creating Microsoft Installer packages, is famous for being a royal pain in the ass to learn. This tutorial attempts to cut through the problems this author encountered with the existing free reading material. Mostly it will introduce from the beginning the concepts you will need to understand to avoid encountering bajillions of confusing errors the very instant you exceed the use cases available in a tutorial.

Using WiX Tools

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