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// See
// for Dialogflow fulfillment library docs, samples, and to report issues
'use strict';
const functions = require('firebase-functions');
const {WebhookClient} = require('dialogflow-fulfillment');
const {Card, Suggestion} = require('dialogflow-fulfillment');
const {
} = require('actions-on-google');
process.env.DEBUG = 'dialogflow:debug'; // enables lib debugging statements
exports.dialogflowFirebaseFulfillment = functions.https.onRequest((request, response) => {
const agent = new WebhookClient({ request, response });
console.log('Dialogflow Request headers: ' + JSON.stringify(request.headers));
console.log('Dialogflow Request body: ' + JSON.stringify(request.body));
function welcome(agent) {
agent.add(`Welcome to my agent!`);
function fallback(agent) {
agent.add(`I didn't understand`);
agent.add(`I'm sorry, can you try again?`);
// // Uncomment and edit to make your own intent handler
// // uncomment `intentMap.set('your intent name here', yourFunctionHandler);`
// // below to get this function to be run when a Dialogflow intent is matched
function yourFunctionHandler(agent) {
agent.add(`This message is from Dialogflow's Cloud Functions for Firebase editor!`);
let conv = agent.conv();
conv.ask(new Suggestions('Suggestion Chips'));
conv.close(new MediaObject({
name: 'Jazz in Paris',
url: '',
description: 'A funky Jazz tune',
icon: new Image({
url: '',
alt: 'Media icon',
conv.ask(new Suggestions(['suggestion 1', 'suggestion 2']));
// // Uncomment and edit to make your own Google Assistant intent handler
// // uncomment `intentMap.set('your intent name here', googleAssistantHandler);`
// // below to get this function to be run when a Dialogflow intent is matched
// function googleAssistantHandler(agent) {
// let conv = agent.conv(); // Get Actions on Google library conv instance
// conv.ask('Hello from the Actions on Google client library!') // Use Actions on Google library
// agent.add(conv); // Add Actions on Google library responses to your agent's response
// }
// // See
// // for a complete Dialogflow fulfillment library Actions on Google client library v2 integration sample
// Run the proper function handler based on the matched Dialogflow intent name
let intentMap = new Map();
//intentMap.set('Default Welcome Intent', welcome);
//intentMap.set('Default Fallback Intent', fallback);
intentMap.set('', yourFunctionHandler);
// intentMap.set('your intent name here', googleAssistantHandler);
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