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Last active June 4, 2019 19:55
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latest build output of github/semantic on WSL
shiftkey@perfectly-mediocre:~/src/semantic$ cat /etc/lsb-release

shiftkey@perfectly-mediocre:~/src/semantic$ cabal -V
cabal-install version
compiled using version of the Cabal library

shiftkey@perfectly-mediocre:~/src/semantic$ ghc -V
The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 8.6.4

shiftkey@perfectly-mediocre:~/src/semantic$ git show HEAD
commit 1a9840622c0f62af63c6dad748153edc73e347ff (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Merge: 5d86878d2 3e1f3bcb9
Author: Rob Rix <>
Date:   Tue Jun 4 15:34:50 2019 -0400

    Merge pull request #80 from github/remove-redundant-hasspan

    Remove redundant HasSpan class.

shiftkey@perfectly-mediocre:~/src/semantic$ cabal new-build
Resolving dependencies...
Build profile: -w ghc-8.6.4 -O1
In order, the following will be built (use -v for more details):
 - algebraic-graphs-0.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - ansi-terminal-0.8.2 (lib) (requires build)
 - async-2.2.1 (lib) (requires build)
 - base-compat-batteries-0.10.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - case-insensitive- (lib) (requires build)
 - contravariant-1.5.2 (lib:contravariant) (requires build)
 - cookie-0.4.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - fastsum- (lib) (requires build)
 - ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - gitrev-1.3.1 (lib) (requires build)
 - haskeline- (lib) (requires build)
 - haskell-lexer-1.0.2 (lib:haskell-lexer) (requires build)
 - heap-1.0.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - hostname-1.0 (lib:hostname) (requires build)
 - hourglass-0.2.12 (lib) (requires build)
 - hscolour-1.24.4 (lib:hscolour) (requires build)
 - integer-logarithms-1.0.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - managed-1.0.6 (lib) (requires build)
 - memory-0.14.18 (lib) (requires build)
 - mime-types- (lib) (requires build)
 - network- (lib:network) (requires build)
 - network-uri- (lib) (requires build)
 - old-locale- (lib) (requires build)
 - optional-args-1.0.2 (lib) (requires build)
 - parallel- (lib) (requires build)
 - parser-combinators-1.0.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - prettyprinter-1.2.1 (lib) (requires build)
 - primitive- (lib) (requires build)
 - random-1.1 (lib) (requires build)
 - reflection-2.1.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - safe-0.3.17 (lib) (requires build)
 - semigroups-0.18.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - singleton-bool-0.1.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - sop-core- (lib) (requires build)
 - split- (lib) (requires build)
 - stm-chans- (lib:stm-chans) (requires build)
 - syb-0.7 (lib) (requires build)
 - system-filepath-0.4.14 (lib:system-filepath) (requires build)
 - tagged-0.8.6 (lib) (requires build)
 - th-abstraction- (lib) (requires build)
 - time-locale-compat- (lib) (requires build)
 - transformers-compat-0.6.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - unix-compat-0.5.1 (lib:unix-compat) (requires build)
 - unliftio-core- (lib) (requires build)
 - unordered-containers- (lib) (requires build)
 - utf8-string- (lib:utf8-string) (requires build)
 - void-0.7.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - zlib-0.6.2 (lib) (requires build)
 - ansi-wl-pprint- (lib) (requires build)
 - http-types-0.12.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - ghc-typelits-natnormalise-0.6.2 (lib) (requires build)
 - pretty-show-1.9.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - kdt-0.2.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - pem-0.2.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - cryptonite-0.26 (lib) (requires build)
 - asn1-types-0.3.2 (lib:asn1-types) (requires build)
 - socks-0.6.0 (lib) (requires build)
 - old-time- (lib:old-time) (requires build)
 - vector- (lib) (requires build)
 - scientific- (lib) (requires build)
 - uuid-types-1.0.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - tf-random-0.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - mersenne-random-pure64- (lib:mersenne-random-pure64) (requires build)
 - generics-sop- (lib) (requires build)
 - haskell-tree-sitter-0.1.0 (lib:haskell-tree-sitter) (first run)
 - haskell-src- (lib) (requires build)
 - system-fileio- (lib) (requires build)
 - distributive-0.6 (lib:distributive) (requires build)
 - transformers-base- (lib) (requires build)
 - mmorph-1.1.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - exceptions-0.10.2 (lib) (requires build)
 - constraints-0.11 (lib) (requires build)
 - MonadRandom- (lib) (requires build)
 - vault- (lib:vault) (requires build)
 - semilattices- (lib) (requires build)
 - charset- (lib:charset) (requires build)
 - string-conversions- (lib) (requires build)
 - http-media- (lib) (requires build)
 - streaming-commons- (lib) (requires build)
 - optparse-applicative- (lib) (requires build)
 - ghc-typelits-knownnat-0.6 (lib) (requires build)
 - cryptohash-0.11.9 (lib) (requires build)
 - asn1-encoding-0.9.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - vector-th-unbox- (lib) (requires build)
 - vector-builder- (lib) (requires build)
 - megaparsec-7.0.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - attoparsec- (lib) (requires build)
 - QuickCheck- (lib) (requires build)
 - tree-sitter-typescript-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-typescript-internal) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-ruby-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-ruby-internal) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-python-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-python-internal) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-php-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-php-internal) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-json-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-json-internal) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-java-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-java-internal) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-haskell-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-haskell-internal) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-go-0.1.0 (lib:tree-sitter-go-internal) (first run)
 - comonad-5.0.5 (lib:comonad) (requires build)
 - monad-control- (lib:monad-control) (requires build)
 - temporary-1.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - safe-exceptions- (lib) (requires build)
 - fused-effects- (lib) (requires build)
 - http-client-0.6.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - ghc-typelits-extra-0.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - asn1-parse-0.9.4 (lib:asn1-parse) (requires build)
 - math-functions- (lib) (requires build)
 - neat-interpolation- (lib) (requires build)
 - parsers-0.12.10 (lib) (requires build)
 - attoparsec-iso8601- (lib) (requires build)
 - aeson- (lib) (requires build)
 - quickcheck-instances-0.3.19 (lib) (requires build)
 - proto3-wire-1.0.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-typescript-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-ruby-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-python-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-php-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-json-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-java-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-haskell-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - tree-sitter-go-0.1.0 (lib) (first run)
 - bifunctors-5.5.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - lifted-base- (lib) (requires build)
 - fused-effects-exceptions- (lib) (requires build)
 - x509-1.7.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - mwc-random- (lib) (requires build)
 - http-api-data-0.4 (lib:http-api-data) (requires build)
 - aeson-pretty-0.8.7 (lib) (requires build)
 - semigroupoids-5.3.2 (lib:semigroupoids) (requires build)
 - profunctors-5.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - assoc-1 (lib) (requires build)
 - lifted-async- (lib) (requires build)
 - enclosed-exceptions-1.0.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - x509-store-1.6.7 (lib) (requires build)
 - servant-0.15 (lib:servant) (requires build)
 - reducers-3.12.3 (lib:reducers) (requires build)
 - invariant-0.5.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - free-5.1.1 (lib) (requires build)
 - foldl-1.4.5 (lib) (requires build)
 - shelly-1.8.1 (lib) (requires build)
 - x509-validation-1.6.11 (lib) (requires build)
 - x509-system-1.6.6 (lib) (requires build)
 - recursion-schemes-5.1.3 (lib) (requires build)
 - keys-3.12.2 (lib) (requires build)
 - adjunctions-4.4 (lib) (requires build)
 - turtle-1.5.14 (lib) (requires build)
 - tls-1.5.0 (lib) (requires build)
 - kan-extensions-5.2 (lib:kan-extensions) (requires build)
 - connection-0.3.0 (lib:connection) (requires build)
 - pointed-5.0.1 (lib:pointed) (requires build)
 - lens-4.17.1 (lib:lens) (requires build)
 - http-client-tls- (lib) (requires build)
 - vector-instances-3.4 (lib:vector-instances) (requires build)
 - machines-0.6.4 (lib:machines) (requires build)
 - insert-ordered-containers-0.2.2 (lib) (requires build)
 - these-0.8.1 (lib) (requires build)
 - swagger2- (lib:swagger2) (requires build)
 - proto3-suite-0.2.0 (lib) (first run)
 - semantic-0.6.0 (lib) (first run)
 - semantic-0.6.0 (exe:semantic) (first run)
Starting     async-2.2.1 (lib)
Starting     ansi-terminal-0.8.2 (lib)
Starting     algebraic-graphs-0.3 (lib)
Building     async-2.2.1 (lib)
Starting     base-compat-batteries-0.10.5 (lib)
Building     ansi-terminal-0.8.2 (lib)
Building     algebraic-graphs-0.3 (lib)
Building     base-compat-batteries-0.10.5 (lib)
Installing   async-2.2.1 (lib)
Completed    async-2.2.1 (lib)
Starting     case-insensitive- (lib)
Building     case-insensitive- (lib)
Installing   ansi-terminal-0.8.2 (lib)
Completed    ansi-terminal-0.8.2 (lib)
Starting     contravariant-1.5.2 (all, legacy fallback)
Installing   case-insensitive- (lib)
Completed    case-insensitive- (lib)
Building     contravariant-1.5.2 (all, legacy fallback)
Starting     cookie-0.4.4 (lib)
Building     cookie-0.4.4 (lib)
Installing   contravariant-1.5.2 (all, legacy fallback)
Installing   cookie-0.4.4 (lib)
Completed    contravariant-1.5.2 (all, legacy fallback)
Starting     fastsum- (lib)
Completed    cookie-0.4.4 (lib)
Starting     ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3 (lib)
Building     fastsum- (lib)
Building     ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3 (lib)
Installing   base-compat-batteries-0.10.5 (lib)
Starting     gitrev-1.3.1 (lib)
Completed    base-compat-batteries-0.10.5 (lib)
Building     gitrev-1.3.1 (lib)
Installing   gitrev-1.3.1 (lib)
Completed    gitrev-1.3.1 (lib)
Installing   algebraic-graphs-0.3 (lib)
Completed    algebraic-graphs-0.3 (lib)
Installing   fastsum- (lib)
Completed    fastsum- (lib)

Failed to build ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3.
Build log (
Configuring library for ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3..
Preprocessing library for ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3..
Building library for ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3..
[1 of 1] Compiling GHC.TcPluginM.Extra ( src/GHC/TcPluginM/Extra.hs, dist/build/GHC/TcPluginM/Extra.o )
/usr/bin/ error: cannot find -ltinfo
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
`gcc' failed in phase `Linker'. (Exit code: 1)
cabal: Failed to build ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3 (which is required by
exe:semantic from semantic-0.6.0). See the build log above for details.
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