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Created July 14, 2013 13:21
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#-*- coding:utf-8 -*-"
def psychologist():
print('Please tell me your problems')
while True:
answer = yield
if answer is not None:
if answer.endswith('?'):
print("Don't ask yourself too much questions")
elif 'good' in answer:
print("A that's good, go on")
elif 'bad' in answer:
print("Don't be so negative")
free = psychologist()
print next(free) # # Please tell me your problems
# None
# sendを使うとyieldが渡された値を返す。
free.send('I feel bad') # Don't be so negative
free.send("Why shouldn't?") # Don't ask yourself too much questions
free.send("ok then i should find what is good for me") # A that's good, go on
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