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Created April 6, 2016 21:53
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Yummy Chocolate Treat Theme for Ext JS 6 apps
// Defining Colors
$white_chocolate: #A99386;
$milk_chocolate : #523027;
$caramel_chocolate: #9C6D51;
$dark_chocolate : #5D4446;
$silver_spoons: #a79c8e;
$strawberry_chocolate: #f1bbba;
$strawberry_mousse: #EB9F9F;
// ***** Sencha Sass Variable Below *****
// Global Colors
$base_color : $dark_chocolate;
$neutral_color : $white_chocolate;
$body_background_color : lighten($caramel_chocolate,50%);
// Window Colors
$window_body_background_color : $white_chocolate;
$window_header_background_color: $dark_chocolate;
// Panel Colors
$panel_body_background_color : lighten($white_chocolate,45%);
$panel_header_background_color: $dark_chocolate;
// Grid Colors
$grid-row-cell-focus-color: $strawberry_mousse;
$grid-row-cell-selected-background-color: $strawberry_chocolate;
$grid-row-cell-focus-background-color: lighten($strawberry_chocolate, 15%);
// Buttons
$button-default-base-color : $milk_chocolate;
$button_toolbar_color : $milk_chocolate;
// Progress Bars
$progress_bar_background_color: $strawberry_mousse;
// Toolbar
$toolbar-background-color: lighten($white_chocolate,30%);
// Tab Panel
$tab_base_color: $milk_chocolate;
$tab_color: lighten($white_chocolate,25%);
$tab_font_size: 18px;
// ***** Fonts **********
// Importing Google Fonts
@import url(;
$chewy: 'Chewy', cursive;;
$font-family: $chewy;
$font-size: 14px;
$color: $white_chocolate;
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