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【Slack FAQ 翻訳】 2014/6/23 制限アカウントとシングルチャンネルゲスト FAQ Restricted Accounts and Single-Channel Guest FAQ

2014/6/23 元記事:

制限アカウントとシングルチャンネルゲスト FAQ Restricted Accounts and Single-Channel Guest FAQ


原題: What is a Restricted Account?

A Restricted Account allows you to add a team member who is only able to see a subset of your team's channels, groups, and members. A restricted user will not be able to browse the team's channel list or join any channels on their own — they must be invited by an existing regular team member. Restricted users will only see team members who are in at least one common channel or group.



原題: What is a Single-channel Guest?

A Single-channel Guest is a type of Restricted Account that can only access a single channel or group.



原題: When would I want to use one of these instead of making a regular account?

Restricted Accounts


Single-Channel Guests


Paid (same per-user cost as a regular account on the team)

有料 (チームのレギュラーアカウント と同じ)

Free (limited to 5 accounts per paying team member)

無料 (チームの有料アカウント数の 5倍まで)

Contractors working on a large-scale project with activity across multiple channels and groups

複数のチャンネルやグループにまたがっ て行動する規模の大きいプロジェクトの 作業を行う契約者

Clients with whom you would like to share your work; useful for everything from mockups and concepts to finished products

作業内容を共有したいお客さん。 モックアップやコンセプトからプロダクト の終わりまで情報を共有するのに便利です

Freelancers, interns, and other temporary staff members who should not have access to all team communications

フリーランス、インターン、その他の 一時的なスタッフで、全ての コミュニケーションに参加する必要が ない人

Friends, family members, or industry colleagues for water cooler chat


Members of smaller groups within a large organization that uses Slack as a single team

大きな組織で1つのSlackチームを 使う場合の、小さなグループのメンバー

Contractors working on a small project for your team where activity is confined to a single channel or group

1つのチャンネルかグループで構成される チームで行われる、小さなプロジェクトに 参加して働く契約者

Members of other teams within the same large organization with whom you collaborate frequently

同じ大きな組織に属する、よく共同作業 を行う他のチームのメンバー

Members of your organization who don't need access to much team information, but who should be able to receive announcements and direct messages

あなたの組織のメンバーで、多くのチーム の情報に触れる必要の無い人、ただし、 アナウンスやダイレクトメッセージは 受け取りたい人。


原題: How can I create new Restricted Accounts?

Administrators and Owners of paid teams can create new Restricted Accounts from



原題: Can we change an existing account to a Restricted Account?

Administrators and Owners can switch existing accounts to Restricted Accounts using the controls on the right side of the page at

管理者とオーナーは既存のアカウントを制限アカウントに変更できます。 ページの右サイドにあるコントロールから行ってください。


原題: How many Restricted Accounts can I have on my team?

You may have an unlimited number of Restricted Accounts on your team. Single-channel Guests are limited to 5 accounts per paying team member.



原題: What messages and files can a Restricted Account see?

Restricted Accounts, including Single-channel Guests, can see the entire message history for all of their open channels and groups. They will also be able to see all files shared into those channels and groups.



原題: Can restricted accounts send Direct Messages?

Users with Restricted Accounts can send Direct Messages to anyone they can see — that is, anyone who is currently in one of their open channels or groups.



原題: Which Slack features are unavailable to restricted accounts?

Restricted Accounts do not have access to these Slack features:

  • The IRC and XMPP gateways
  • Renaming and archiving channels
  • Creating and modifying integrations
  • Setting channel topics and purposes
  • Team statistics
  • Access logs
  • Configuring custom emoji


  • IRCとXMPPのgateway
  • チャンネルの名前変更とアーカイブ
  • インテグレーションの作成と変更
  • チャンネルのトピックと目的の設定
  • チームの統計情報の閲覧
  • アクセスログの参照
  • カスタム絵文字の設定


原題: Can we convert regular accounts to Restricted Accounts?

Yes, existing accounts can be converted to Restricted Accounts or to Single-channel Guests.



Note that Restricted Accounts and Single-channel Guests may access the profile of any team member via the API or 3rd-party clients.


2014/7/3 にSlack開発元から翻訳の公開許可をもらいました。

Ben J. (Slack) Jul 03 11:02

Thanks for translating our FAQ! I'll let the team know about it, please feel free to translate additional documents, you do not need a license or anything along those lines.

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