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Created September 24, 2023 02:46
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Bun exiting without debug

We're going to be calling into Python from Bun, so ensure that you have Python 3 and Pip and install these packages for Python:

pip install fugashi

pip install unidic

Now make a fresh Bun project and install bunpy, a port of deno_python that lets Bun call Python.

bun init
bun install bunpy

Declare this module:

// index.ts
import { python } from "bunpy";

// Get a long string of Japanese text (a novel), like 4,000
// lines long or more.
// You can get a public domain novel here. Just select all, and
// copy-paste into a string. No need to remove the English bits
// as the tagger can handle mixed languages.
const longJapaneseString = "風立ちぬ…";

// Call the below-declared code.
// Call the below-declared code.

export function main(japaneseText: string): string {
  const { GenericTagger } = python.import("fugashi");
  const { DICDIR } = python.import("unidic");

  const tagger = GenericTagger(`-d "${DICDIR.toString()}"`);
  let pron = '';
  for(const line of japaneseText.split("\n")){
    pron += getPronunciation(line, tagger) + "\n";
  return pron;

export function getPronunciation(
  text: string,
  tagger: Fugashi["GenericTagger"]
): string {
  let acc = "";
  const pronIndex = 9;

  for (const word of tagger(text)) {
    // The crash will happen around here, during the proxy
    // accesses. I'm not too clear which access is faulty.
    let pron =
      word.proxy.feature.valueOf().length > pronIndex
        ? word.proxy.feature.valueOf()[pronIndex].valueOf()
        : word.proxy.surface.valueOf();

    if (pron === "*") {
      pron = word.proxy.surface.valueOf();

    acc = acc + pron;

  return acc;

interface Fugashi {
  GenericTagger(args: string): PythonArray<Word>;

interface Word {
  proxy: {
    feature: PythonArray<PythonString>;
    surface: PythonString;

type PythonArray<T> = {
  [Symbol.iterator](): Iterator<T>;
  valueOf(): Array<T>;

interface PythonString {
  valueOf(): string;

Run the code:

bun run index.ts
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