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Reportbug first-run
Welcome to reportbug! Since it looks like this is the first time you have used reportbug, we are configuring its behavior. These settings will be saved to the file "/home/shirish/.reportbugrc", which you will be free to edit further.</code>
Please choose the default operating mode for reportbug.
1 novice Offer simple prompts, bypassing technical questions.
2 standard Offer more extensive prompts, including asking about things that a moderately sophisticated user would be expected to know about Debian.
3 advanced Like standard, but assumes you know a bit more about Debian, including "incoming".</code>
4 expert Bypass most handholding measures and preliminary triage routines. This mode should not be used by people unfamiliar with Debian's policies and operating procedures.</code>
Select mode: [novice] 2</code>
Please choose the default interface for reportbug.
1 text A text-oriented console user interface
2 gtk2 A graphical (GTK+) user interface.
Select interface: 1
Will reportbug often have direct Internet access? (You should answer yes to this question unless you know what you are doing and plan to check whether duplicate reports have been filed via some other channel.) [Y|n|q|?]? n
What real name should be used for sending bug reports?
>Which of your email addresses should be used when sending bug reports? (Note that this address will be visible in the bug tracking system, so you may want to use a webmail address or another address with good spam filtering capabilities.)
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