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Last active March 5, 2019 15:38
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;; Implementation of John Nash's enciphering-deciphering machine described in
(use gauche.sequence)
(use gauche.generator)
(use srfi-1)
(use srfi-43)
(use srfi-60)
;; The 'key' of this machine is a configuration of Permuter-Reverser (P/R)
;; We have N positions in the P/R. You should provide two sets of
;; permutations P and reversal-bitmask R.
;; P is a permutation of (0 1 ... N-1). R is a list of N booleans
(define (make-permuter P0 P1 R0 R1)
(define regs (make-vector (length P0) #f))
(set! (~ regs 0) in-bit)
(permute! regs (uncycle-perm (if in-bit P1 P0)))
(vector-map! (^[i b] (xor (~ (if in-bit R1 R0) i) b)) regs)
(~ regs 0)))
(define (make-encipherer P0 P1 R0 R1)
(define P (make-permuter P0 P1 R0 R1))
(define D #f)
(^[] (glet1 in (plaintext-input)
(rlet1 r (xor in (P D))
(set! D r))))))
(define (make-decipherer P0 P1 R0 R1)
(define P (make-permuter P0 P1 R0 R1))
(define D #f)
(^[] (glet1 in (ciphered-input)
(rlet1 r (xor in (P D))
(set! D in))))))
(define (xor a b) (if (and a b) #f (or a b)))
;; Convert cycle notation of permutation (see TAOCP 1.3.3) into the
;; second-line of the two-line permutation.
(define (uncycle-perm p)
(map cdr (sort-by (map cons p (append (cdr p) p)) car)))
;; End of implementation
;; The rest is convenient generator utilities
(define (bytes->bools byte-gen)
(define c '())
(if (null? c)
(glet1 d (byte-gen)
(set! c (integer->list d 8))
(pop! c))
(pop! c))))
(define (bools->bytes bool-gen)
(^[] (let1 bits (generator->list bool-gen 8)
(case (length bits)
[(0) (eof-object)]
[(8) (list->integer bits)]
[else (error "premature end of input stream")]))))
(define port->bools ($ bytes->bools $ port->byte-generator $))
(define (string->bools s) (call-with-input-string s port->bools))
(define write-bools
($ for-each (^b (write-byte b) (flush)) $ generator->lseq $ bools->bytes $))
(define (bools->string bools)
(with-output-to-string (cut write-bools bools)))
;; Examples
(define key '((1 3 6 2 4 0 5)
(2 1 5 0 3 6 4)
(#f #t #f #f #t #f #f)
(#t #t #t #f #f #t #t)))
(define E (apply make-encipherer key))
(define D (apply make-decipherer key))
($ bools->string $ D $ E $ string->bools "hi, there!")
($ write-bools $ D $ E $ port->bools (current-input-port))
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