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Created May 29, 2011 21:13
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(use gauche.sequence) ; for fold2
(define-macro (tagbody . body)
(let ([entry (gensym)] ;implicit label for the entry
[escape (gensym)])
(receive (segments rest)
(fold2 (^(f ss fs)
(if (symbol? f)
(values (cons (reverse `((,f ,escape) ,@fs)) ss) (list f))
(values ss (cons f fs))))
'() `(,entry) body)
(let1 segments (reverse (cons (reverse rest) segments))
;; segments :: (id form ...)
`(letrec (,@(map (^s `[,(car s) (^(,escape)
(letrec ([go (^l (,escape l))])
,@(cdr s)))])
(trampoline ,entry))))))
;; trampoline driver
(define (trampoline entry)
(let/cc finish
(let loop ((label entry))
(loop (let/cc e (finish (label e)))))))
(define (sum n)
(let ((s 0) (i 0))
(print "start!")
(if (= i n) (go end:))
(set! s (+ s i))
(set! i (+ i 1))
(print "s="s" i="i)
(go loop:)
(values s)))) ; use 'values' to avoid 's' from being recognized as a label
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