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Install manual of Lua interface
diff --git a/src/INSTALL b/src/INSTALL
--- a/src/INSTALL
+++ b/src/INSTALL
@@ -172,6 +172,30 @@
And to not search for locally installed headers and libraries at all, use:
./configure --without-local-dir
+When you want to compile with the Lua interface features enabled, make sure
+you compile on a machine where Lua is installed, otherwise the configure tests
+may fail. You need to compile with "luainterp" features:
+ ./configure --with-luainterp
+If Lua headers and libraries are installed not in /usr, for example in
+/usr/local, use:
+ ./configure --with-luainterp --with-lua-prefix=/usr/local
+Or set LUA_PREFIX environment variable:
+ export LUA_PREFIX=/usr/local
+ ./configure --with-luainterp
+When you want to compile with LuaJIT instead of Lua, make sure you compile on
+a machine where LuaJIT is installed, otherwise the configure tests may fail.
+You need to compile with --with-luajit in addition to --with-luainterp:
+ ./configure --with-luainterp --with-luajit
+When you want to compile with Lua interface feature using dynamic loading,
+ ./configure --with-luainterp=dynamic
3. OS/2
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