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About variadics in Rust

This is an analysis of how variadic generics could be added to Rust. It's not a proposal so much as a summary of existing work, and a toolbox for creating an eventual proposal.


Variadic generics (aka variadic templates, or variadic tuples), are an often-requested feature that would enable traits, functions and data structures to be generic over a variable number of types.

To give a quick example, a Rust function with variadic generics might look like this:

steveklabnik /
Created August 3, 2014 18:15
alienation 101

Quick summary:

Alienation is one of the ways that capitalism sucks. It's a symptom that something's not right, not the underlying cause. Alienation is something that happens because of the way that capitalism is built.

In short, alienation is a separation between things that should be together. This separation causes tension.

Four ways that capitalism is alienating:

From your product of labor