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[Web Performance]


<link rel="preload" href='./style.css' >


  • The preload property enables browser to load resources tha will be required very soon in the page rendering lifecycle, before the main rendering kicks in.
  • The call for resources can be prioritised.
  • Store in the cache for future requests.
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[Django setup] django setup and tutorials

Install drf

pip install djangorestframework

Create project

django-admin startproject <project name>

Initial migrations

python migrate

Run server

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[Javascript design patterns] #js #development

Pattern is a reusable solution to a commonly occuring problem. A pattern is a reusable solution that can be applied to commonly occurring problems in software design. templates for how we solve problems

Types of design pattern

  1. Creational pattern
  2. Structural pattern
  3. Behavioural pattern


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[TS tutorial] Notes #react #js #ts


  1. install tsc compliler
  2. npm install -g typescript
  3. create a folder with an index.html
  4. npm init
  5. npm install --save-dev liteserver
  6. create index.ts
  7. run tsc index.ts

To automatically reload

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[LIFE COACHING] Video summary

How Your Nervous System Works & Changes Link

Brain is really a map of experience.

5 functions of nervous system

1. Sensation

  • These are non negotiable.

2. Perception

  • Take what we are sensing and focus on it, make sense out of it, to explore it , to remember it. Eg: Putting your focus on the feet and feel it.
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Android studio set up

react-native link

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Created May 20, 2021
Leetcode important questions #interview #coding


In JavaScript, objects have a special hidden property [[Prototype]] (as named in the specification), that is either null or references another object. That object is called “a prototype”:

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Learning excercises #react


  • Infinite scroll and pagenation Link