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Last active Aug 26, 2019
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Google Summer of Code Final Submission Report

GSoC 2019 Final Submission Report

Notification counts update without page reload

Extension:Echo provides a notification system for MediaWiki. My project was to make notifications count update without page reload which can be further broken into different tasks.

Update notification count on header icons

The header icons contain the count of unread notifications(alert, messages). Earlier this count changed only when the respective icon was clicked. My project involved updating the notifications count via a polling mechanism i.e. after every n seconds we check if there are any notifications.

Visual cue to indicate updated count

Total unread notification count(alert + message) is displayed in the title bar which gets updated whenever there are any new unread notification.

Temporarily display notification text

Notification snippets are displayed using mw.notify() which contains notification header in the description. These are displayed temporarily for about 3 secs.

Preference to enable visual cue and displaying notification snippets

There is only one preference for both displaying notification snippet and displaying total notification count in the title which in future can be split into 2 different preferences.

Also, all these functionalities are feature flagged.

My GSoC contributions can be found here

Looking forward to more awesome contributions to Open Source Community 😄.

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