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Created September 26, 2019 17:19
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public void dfsHelper(TreeNode node, int depth, Map<Integer, List<Integer>> depthToListMap) {
if (node == null) {
if (!depthToListMap.containsKey(depth)) {
depthToListMap.put(depth, new ArrayList<Integer>());
dfsHelper(node.left, depth + 1, depthToListMap);
dfsHelper(node.right, depth + 1, depthToListMap);
// this is a clever way to implement level order traversal using dfs with the help of a map to keep overwriting the
// depth info
public List<List<Integer>> levelOrderDfs(TreeNode root) {
List<List<Integer>> res = new ArrayList<>();
if (root == null) {
return res;
Map<Integer, List<Integer>> depthToListMap = new HashMap<>();
this.dfsHelper(root, 1, depthToListMap);
int i = 1;
while (depthToListMap.containsKey(i)) {
return res;
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