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\\ Proposed PARI/GP slution for
\\ Based on
\\ Contact:
T(n, k)={n!*polcoeff(sumdiv(k, i, moebius(k/i)*exp(sumdiv(i, j, x^j/j) + O(x*x^n))), n)}
Tlog(n, k)={log(0.000000000001+n!*polcoeff(sumdiv(k, i, moebius(k/i)*exp(sumdiv(i, j, x^j/j) + O(x*x^n))), n))}
for(n=1, 22,print(b(n)))
d(n,k,s)={t=k*k*exp(Tlog(n,k));s+=t;printp(" ",n," ",n*n," ",k," ",t," ",s);s}
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# ECMExportSymbols
# ----------------
# This module provides the ``ecm_export_symbols`` function for providing
# versioned symbols within libraries.
# ::
# ecm_export_symbols(<target_name>
View 8 Basics of Programming
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY), either
version 4.0 or at your option, any later version. See:
Author:Usmar A. Padow (amigojapan), contact:
Written in 2017.
8 Basics of Programming
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#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;
enum _tile_state
empty = 0,
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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use v5.10;
use strict;
use warnings;
use utf8;
use Carp;
use Net::GitHub;
use List::Util qw/max/;
my $org = "dagolden";
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<script type="text/javascript">
var settid = "sitelocked";
var status2 = false;
var data = { "sitelocked":true, "officelocked":false, "paging":20 };
if(status2 === true){
console.log('ITS TRUE');
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<rindolf> Hi all. I'm seeking advice for a problem I'm having. I have created a fanfic world - - where my conception of Star Trek TNG/DS9 is real and Buffy is presumed to be fictional. However, now it is a parallel world called the Beckyverse where my conception of Buffy is real and Star Trek is presumed to be fictional.
<fischma01> Buffy deals with vampires and such, Star Trek deals with the final frontier
<rindolf> Moreover, then in a typical or,_Escher,_Bach style, the Selinaverse's Q Continuum finds a way to reach the Beckyverse, and they help them. My question is: in which wiki do both worlds belong? or ? My main problem with keeping it in the Buffy wikia is that it's very
<rindolf> inactive, and Buffy quite went into obscurity ("Sarah Michelle Gellar? Who is she?")
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shlomif / Bar_Refaeli.markdown
Created Jul 29, 2014
IRC log with Bar Refaeli.
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EdwardIII: :-) EdwardIII: yes. EdwardIII: Bar Refaeli is the Israeli alpha female. EdwardIII: EdwardIII: I wonder if I should add her Twitter to the ext. links. EdwardIII: - No. 1! EdwardIII: hmm... the reporter who wrote that story is called "Sarah Anne Hughes" similarly to my .

shlomif / gist:11385356
Created Apr 28, 2014
Equivalent Perl+Shell and Ruby One-Liners (For learning Ruby)
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C=50 perl -plE 's/^[^\[]+//;$_=substr($_,0, $ENV{C});' < fc-solve-pseudo-dfs.log.txt | uniq -c | perl -plE 's/\d\K /\t\t/'
C=50 ruby -lne 'BEGIN{$C=0}; sub(/^[^\[]+/,""); $_= $_[0,ENV["C"].to_i]; $P ||= ""; f = lambda { printf("%10d\t\t%s\n", $C, $P) if$C>0; $P=$_;$C=1; }; if ($P != $_) then ;else $C += 1 end ; END{}' < fc-solve-pseudo-dfs.log.txt
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