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Last active Oct 26, 2020
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Custom Wine running
# Configuration (set through environment variables):
# WINEPREFIX what prefix to use.
# WINEPATH to use custom location of Wine (e.g. /opt/wine-master).
# WINEARCH to set architecture (win64/win32).
# Notes:
# WINEPREFIX this one you most probably need, otherwise, it will fall back to
# default prefix at $HOME/.wine
# WINEPATH should be set if you need custom Wine, otherwise it will fall back to
# default (implict) Wine, which is a common usage. This is not a Wine env variable,
# but simply custom variable used in the script to set a location if needed.
# WINEARCH is normally needed to be set only once, when creating a new prefix.
# Uses which sets the environment
source $(dirname ${BASH_SOURCE[0]})/
echo "Wine environment"
printf "Wine prefix : "
if [[ "${WINEPREFIX+iset}" ]]; then
echo "default(!)"
echo "Wine arch : ${wine_arch}"
printf "Wine location: "
if [[ "${WINEPATH+iset}" ]]; then
echo "$WINEPATH"
echo "default"
echo "Wine binary : ${wine_bin}"
echo "==========================================="
$wine_bin "$@"
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