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transmission blocklist guide

Transmission Blocklist

The Transmission torrent client has an option to set a Blocklist, which helps protect you from getting caught and having the DMCA send a letter/email.

It's as simple as downloading and installing the latest client:

After installing, navigate through the menu: Edit > Preferences > Privacy:


  1. Check enable blocklist
  2. Paste in: (peep the curls) (github)
  3. Check Enable automatic updates
  4. Click Update
  5. Close
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v0d0r commented Jun 1, 2024

here is something i hacked together using the list. of course i ended up registering to to get this to work. replace with your own custom url they provide you based on your selection etc... also worth noting i run transmission in a docker and extract the blacklist file to my container config / blacklists folder then restart the container for it to read it on startup. then i just cron the below script weekly.




Download the blocklist file


Extract the blocklist file

gunzip -f $OUTPUT_FILE

Move the extracted file to the desired location


Restart the Docker container

docker restart $DOCKER_CONTAINER

echo "Blocklist updated and Docker container restarted successfully."`

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