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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 & 0.7.1 protocol
# Minecraft PE 0.7.0 & 0.7.1 alpha Protocol #11
# 50 identified Packets
[C ==> S] 0x82 LoginPacket (String, int, int, int, String)
[C <== S] 0x83 LoginStatusPacket (int)
[C ==> S] 0x84 ReadyPacket (bits[8])
[C <=> S] 0x85 MessagePacket (String)
[C <== S] 0x86 SetTimePacket (int)
[C <== S] 0x87 StartGamePacket (int, int, int, int, float, float, float)
[C <== S] 0x88 AddMobPacket (int, int, float, float, float, byte, byte, Metadata)
[C <== S] 0x89 AddPlayerPacket (GUID, String, int, float, float, float, byte, byte, short, short, Metadata)
[C <== S] 0x8A RemovePlayerPacket (int, GUID)
[C <== S] 0x8C AddEntityPacket (int, ubyte, float, float, float, int, short, short, short)
[C <== S] 0x8D RemoveEntityPacket (int)
[C <== S] 0x8E AddItemEntityPacket (int, short, ubyte, short, float, float, float, byte, byte, byte)
[C <== S] 0x8F TakeItemEntityPacket (int, int)
[C <== S] 0x90 MoveEntityPacket ()
[C ??? S] 0x93 MoveEntityPacket_PosRot (int, float, float, float, float, float)
[C <=> S] 0x94 MovePlayerPacket (int, float, float, float, float, float)
[C ??? S] 0x95 PlaceBlockPacket (int, int, int, ubyte, ubyte, ubyte, ubyte)
[C ==> S] 0x96 RemoveBlockPacket (int, int, int, bits[8])
[C <== S] 0x97 UpdateBlockPacket (int, int, ubyte, ubyte, ubyte)
[C <== S] 0x98 AddPaintingPacket (int, int, int, int, int, String)
[C <== S] 0x99 ExplodePacket (float, float, float, float, int, byte, byte, byte)
[C <== S] 0x9A LevelEventPacket (short, short, short, short, int)
[C <== S] 0x9B TileEventPacket (int, int, int, int, int)
[C <=> S] 0x9C EntityEventPacket (int, ubyte)
[C ==> S] 0x9D RequestChunkPacket (int, int)
[C <== S] 0x9E ChunkDataPacket (int, int, ubyte, Write, Write, Write)
[C <=> S] 0x9F PlayerEquipmentPacket (int, ushort, ushort, byte)
[C <=> S] 0xA0 PlayerArmorEquipmentPacket (int, byte, byte, byte, byte)
[C <=> S] 0xA1 InteractPacket (bits[8], int, int)
[C ==> S] 0xA2 UseItemPacket (int, int, int, int, bits[16], bits[8], int, float, float, float, float, float, float)
[C ==> S] 0xA3 PlayerActionPacket (int, int, int, int, int, int)
[C <== S] 0xA5 HurtArmorPacket (byte)
[C <== S] 0xA6 SetEntityDataPacket (int, Metadata)
[C <== S] 0xA7 SetEntityMotionPacket (int, short, short, short)
[C <== S] 0xA8 SetRidingPacket (int, int)
[C <=> S] 0xA9 SetHealthPacket (byte)
[C <== S] 0xAA SetSpawnPositionPacket (int, int, ubyte)
[C <=> S] 0xAB AnimatePacket (bits[8], int)
[C <=> S] 0xAC RespawnPacket (int, float, float, float)
[C ==> S] 0xAD SendInventoryPacket (int, ubyte, short, Item, Item)
[C ==> S] 0xAE DropItemPacket (int, ubyte, Item)
[C <== S] 0xAF ContainerOpenPacket (ubyte, ubyte, ubyte, String)
[C <=> S] 0xB0 ContainerClosePacket (ubyte)
[C <=> S] 0xB1 ContainerSetSlotPacket (bits[8], bits[16], Item)
[C <== S] 0xB2 ContainerSetDataPacket (ubyte, short, short)
[C <== S] 0xB3 ContainerSetContentPacket (ubyte, short, Item)
[C ??? S] 0xB4 ContainerAckPacket (ubyte, short, Write1, Write0)
[C <== S] 0xB5 ChatPacket (String)
[C <=> S] 0xB6 SignUpdatePacket (short, ubyte, short, String)
[C <== S] 0xB7 AdventureSettingsPacket (bits[32])
# 9 identified Mobs
0x0a Chicken (Animal)
0x0b Cow (Animal)
0x0c Pig (Animal)
0x0d Sheep (Animal)
0x20 Zombie (Monster)
0x21 Creeper (Monster)
0x22 Skeleton (Monster)
0x23 Spider (Monster)
0x24 PigZombie (Zombie)
# 5 identified Entities
0x40 ItemEntity (Entity)
0x41 PrimedTnt (Entity)
0x42 FallingTile (Entity)
0x50 Arrow (Entity)
0x53 Painting (HangingEntity)
# 4 identified TileEntities
# 81 identified Blocks
1 (0x1)
2 (0x2)
3 (0x3)
4 (0x4)
5 (0x5)
7 (0x7)
8 (0x8)
9 (0x9)
10 (0xa)
11 (0xb)
12 (0xc)
13 (0xd)
14 (0xe)
15 (0xf)
16 (0x10)
17 (0x11)
18 (0x12)
21 (0x15)
22 (0x16)
24 (0x18)
26 (0x1a)
30 (0x1e)
35 (0x23)
41 (0x29)
42 (0x2a)
43 (0x2b)
44 (0x2c)
45 (0x2d)
46 (0x2e)
47 (0x2f)
48 (0x30)
49 (0x31)
50 (0x32)
51 (0x33)
53 (0x35)
54 (0x36)
56 (0x38)
57 (0x39)
58 (0x3a)
60 (0x3c)
61 (0x3d)
62 (0x3e)
63 (0x3f)
64 (0x40)
65 (0x41)
67 (0x43)
68 (0x44)
71 (0x47)
73 (0x49)
74 (0x4a)
78 (0x4e)
79 (0x4f)
80 (0x50)
81 (0x51)
82 (0x52)
83 (0x53)
85 (0x55)
87 (0x57)
89 (0x59)
92 (0x5c)
95 (0x5f)
96 (0x60)
98 (0x62)
102 (0x66)
103 (0x67)
105 (0x69)
107 (0x6b)
108 (0x6c)
109 (0x6d)
112 (0x70)
114 (0x72)
128 (0x80)
155 (0x9b)
156 (0x9c)
245 (0xf5)
246 (0xf6)
248 (0xf8)
249 (0xf9)
253 (0xfd)
254 (0xfe)
255 (0xff)
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shoghicp commented Jun 6, 2013

@zhuowei TRIPLE YAY! Crafting is notified to the server ;)

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What method was used to gather this data and organize it into this format?

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