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日付をcache名として、同じURLのHTTP Responseを複数Cache storageに保存したらどうなるかテスト

日付をcache名として、同じURLのHTTP Responseを複数Cache storageに保存したらどうなるかテスト


<title>cache storage multi response</title>
<script src="./index.js"></script>
open browser console
const delay = msec => new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, msec))
window.addEventListener('load', main)
const dates = [ '20181116', '20181115', '20181117', ]
async function deleteAllCaches () {
for (const key of await caches.keys()) {
async function setHeaders (res, headers) {
const newHeaders = new Headers(res.headers)
for (const [k, v] of Object.entries(headers)) {
newHeaders.set(k, v)
return new Response(await res.blob(), {
status: res.status,
statusText: res.statusText,
headers: newHeaders
async function findLatestCache (req) {
console.log('findLatestCache', req.url)
for (const date of (await caches.keys()).sort().reverse()) {
const cache = await
const res = await cache.match(req)
if (res) return res
return null
async function main () {
await deleteAllCaches()
console.log('caches', await caches.keys())
const req = new Request('./index.html')
console.log('setup caches', dates)
for (const date of dates) {
console.log(`setup ${date}`)
const cache = await
const res = await fetch(req)
cache.put(req, await setHeaders(res, {'x-cached-date': date}))
await delay(1000)
console.log('caches', await caches.keys())
console.log('normal caches.match')
const res = await caches.match(req)
for (const key of res.headers.keys()) {
console.log(key, res.headers.get(key))
console.log('cache.match in order from new date')
const res2 = await findLatestCache(req)
for (const key of res2.headers.keys()) {
console.log(key, res2.headers.get(key))
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