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Created November 16, 2018 20:09
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%= include 'header';
<%= $callee %> <%= $name %>!
Some text here
# skipped
use strict;
use utf8;
use open qw( :std :utf8 );
# skipped
use Mojolicious;
my $template = '2.html.ep';
# skipped
my $mt = (my $app = Mojolicious->new)->renderer;
# skipped
my $callee = 'Dear';
my $first_and_middle_name = 'John';
my $out = $mt->render($template, {
'callee' => $callee,
'name' => $first_and_middle_name,
print $out;
# Can't locate object method "stash" via package "2.html.ep" (perhaps you forgot to load "2.html.ep"?) at /usr/share/perl5/Mojolicious/ line 78.
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