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Vue State Management and Vuex

This is a full-day workshop on architecting state management in Vue. In this workshop, you will learn why you should use Vuex in your Vue application. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn the basics of Vuex like state, actions, mutations, and getters. We will also cover using named modules as well as best practices. If time permits, we may even dive into the new composition api and how we can harness it for state management!


Before You Arrive

Make sure you can create a new boilerplate Vue application using Vue CLI. This means you should be able to install it, generate the app, and run the app.

vue create my-app
cd my-app
npm install/yarn
npm run dev/yarn dev

You can optionally fork/star/pull this repo to follow along (branches represent different exercises): REPO WILL BE ADDED HERE

To get a leg up, make sure you understand these concepts:

More to Come

Star this gist as I'll add more materials for the workshop as we get closer to the date!


Things to read up on later

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