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shred86 / frigate_notification.yaml
Last active September 8, 2021 02:38 — forked from hunterjm/frigate_notification.yaml
Frigate Notification Blueprint
name: Frigate Notification
description: |
## Frigate Mobile App Notification
This blueprint will send a notification to your device when a Frigate event for the selected camera is fired. The notification will initially include the thumbnail of the detection, but will update to include actionable notifications allowing you to view the saved clip/snapshot when available, or silence the notification for a configurable amount of time.
With this blueprint, you may send the notification to multiple devices by leaving "Device" blank and instead use a [notification group][1].
### Required entities:
shred86 /
Created April 3, 2018 03:12
Updated Abode light component for Home Assistant
This component provides HA light support for Abode Security System.
For more details about this platform, please refer to the documentation at
import logging
from homeassistant.components.abode import AbodeDevice, DOMAIN as ABODE_DOMAIN
from homeassistant.components.light import (