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GSoC 2019 Work Product | Shreyansh Dwivedi | Open Event | FOSSASIA

Google Summer of Code 2019 Work Report

Field Details
Student Shreyansh Dwivedi
Github @shreyanshdwivedi
Organisation FOSSASIA
Project Open Event
Technology Flask, Ember JS

Project Description

The Open Event Project offers event managers a platform to organize all kinds of events including concerts, conferences, summits and regular meetups. The various components support organizers in all stages from event planning to publishing, marketing and ticket sales. Automated web and mobile apps help attendees to get information easily.

There were two major divisions of this project:

  1. Implementation of numerous features on the Open Event Server in order to make it complete. Some of the features that I aimed for were the integration of session rating, event tranfer, user account deletable, event invoices etc. The server basically runs on Flask

  2. Integration of missing endpoints and related features on the Open Event Frontend. Once the server implementation was finalized, I ensured to implement it on frontend too. In account of open-event-frontend, also known as Eventyay, I worked on Ember JS and Semantic UI


Considering that we were able to achieve the project goals as well as implement additional features as our stretch goals, the project was a success.

Community Bonding Period

  • I utilized the community bonding period to solve existing bugs related to session, order flow etc. for making the project stable so that new features could be worked upon.

Coding Phase I

  • Implemented a feature which allows an organizer to lock and unlock a session related to the event.
  • Worked on UI and server side implementation of a feature which provides option to a user to delete his/her account
  • Worked on improving server checks and solved a number of bugs in process including checks for discount value, threshold for resetting password etc.
  • Implemented first part of session rating feature which enables the organizer of the event to rate a session submitted for the event and solved the bugs side by side. Screenshot-2019-06-18-Danger-Zone-Account-Open-Event-1

Coding Phase II

  • Implemented a feature which provides option to a user to transfer his/her event to another user.
  • Added a new role to the event and refactored the server and frontend to accomodate it
  • Improved the server side validations and checks related to role-invites, feedbacks, tickets etc.
  • Fixed the bugs on frontend related to admin and organizer dashboard. Screenshot-2019-07-14-Settings-Order-Events-Open-Event-2

Coding Phase III

  • Refactored session rating feature to introduce new attributes to session table and switch to ember table.
  • Worked with co-developers on event invoices for organizers and completed frontend logic of paid route and event invoice table on billing section of user account.
  • Fixed bugs on server related to order cancellation, feedback model etc. and side by side implemented minor UI features such as email override of speaker by admin, addition of stripe test keys to admin payment gateway section etc.
  • Worked on integration of PayTM gateway to the system alongwith co-developers Screenshot-2019-08-20-Session-Sessions-Order-Events-Open-Event

Code Contributions:


(Outreach Event)

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