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func TestAccessControlAllowOrigin(t *testing.T) {
// prepare data
conf := ebs.NewConfig()
expectMethods := "POST, GET, OPTIONS, PUT"
expectHeaders := "Accept, Content-Type, Content-Length, Accept-Encoding, X-CSRF-Token, Authorization"
expectOrigin := ""
req := newTestRequest("GET")
// run handler logic
result, err := ebs.MiddlewareCORS(conf, handler)(req)
assert.IsType(t, nil, err)
assert.Equal(t, http.StatusOK, result.StatusCode)
// check for expected CORS
assert.Equal(t, expectMethods, result.Headers["Access-Control-Allow-Methods"])
assert.Equal(t, expectHeaders, result.Headers["Access-Control-Allow-Headers"])
assert.Equal(t, expectOrigin, result.Headers["Access-Control-Allow-Origin"])
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