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@shrmpy shrmpy/Dockerfile
Created Nov 27, 2018

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Build Flourine snap using the containerized Electron-builder
# Build Fluorine snap
# 1. Save this as a file named Dockerfile (e.g., /tmp/Dockerfile)
# 2. Build the container
# cd /tmp/Dockerfile
# docker build -t fluorine .
# The result Fluorine_1.2.5_amd64.snap file is inside the container /usr/local/fluorine/dist
# 3. To copy the file, run the container with a mount argument:
# docker run -ti --rm -v $PWD:/tmp/tocopy --entrypoint sh fluorine
# >cp /usr/local/fluorine/dist/Fluorine_1.2.5_amd64.snap /tmp/tocopy/
# >exit
# 4. Then install the snap:
# sudo snap install Fluorine_1.2.5_amd64.snap --dangerous
FROM electronuserland/builder
RUN git clone /usr/local/fluorine ; \
cd /usr/local/fluorine ; \
npm install ; \
npx electron-builder --linux snap ;
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