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#required libraries
import sys
import ssl
import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt
#called while client tries to establish connection with the server
def on_connect(mqttc, obj, flags, rc):
if rc==0:
print ("Subscriber Connection status code: "+str(rc)+" | Connection status: successful")
elif rc==1:
print ("Subscriber Connection status code: "+str(rc)+" | Connection status: Connection refused")
#called when a topic is successfully subscribed to
def on_subscribe(mqttc, obj, mid, granted_qos):
print("Subscribed: "+str(mid)+" "+str(granted_qos)+"data"+str(obj))
#called when a message is received by a topic
def on_message(mqttc, obj, msg):
print("Received message from topic: "+msg.topic+" | QoS: "+str(msg.qos)+" | Data Received: "+str(msg.payload))
#creating a client with client-id=mqtt-test
mqttc = mqtt.Client(client_id="mqtt-test")
mqttc.on_connect = on_connect
mqttc.on_subscribe = on_subscribe
mqttc.on_message = on_message
#Configure network encryption and authentication options. Enables SSL/TLS support.
#adding client-side certificates and enabling tlsv1.2 support as required by aws-iot service
#connecting to aws-account-specific-iot-endpoint
mqttc.connect("", port=8883) #AWS IoT service hostname and portno
#the topic to publish to
mqttc.subscribe("$aws/things/mqtt-listener/shadow/update/#", qos=1) #The names of these topics start with $aws/things/thingName/shadow."
#automatically handles reconnecting
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