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set -ex
update() {
mkdir -p ~/bin
curl -L -o ~/bin/
chmod +x ~/bin/

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am shykes on github.
  • I am shykes ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAG6dMVHHD2CVy-aMBp-QRCYo--xvC2O4aQXhHUTN7dYQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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FROM ubuntu
RUN apt-get update -y
RUN apt-get install -y gcc
RUN gcc -o /src/myapp /src/myapp.c
IN /target {
FROM busybox
RUN cp /src/myapp /target/myapp
PUBLISH /target
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Simple ambassador container

The Simple Ambassador Container (let's just call it the ambassador) is a reusable container which can be added to your stack to represent a remote service. Using an ambassador your application can discover remote services using docker's standard links features.


Example usage:

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type Driver interface {
Create(id, parent string) error
Remove(id string) error
Get(id string) (dir string, err error)
Diff(id string) (archive.Archive, error)
DiffSize(id string) (bytes int64, err error)
Changes(id string) ([]Change, error)
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interface GraphBackend {
Init(home string) error
Nuke() error
Create(img *Image, layer Archive) error
Delete(img *Image) error
Mount (img *Image, dest string) error
UnmountAll (img *Image) error
DiffList(*Image, dest string) ([]Change, error)
DiffLayer(*Image, dest string) (Archive, error)
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func TestTree(t *testing.T) {
tree := NewTree("/path/to/db")
// List all root containers
names, _ := tree.List("/")
for _, name := range names {
fullPath := path.Join("/", name)
id, _ := tree.Get(fullPath)
fmt.Printf("%s is a link to %s\n", fullPath, id)
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REDIS=$(docker run -d crosbymichael/redis)
docker run -link $REDIS:6379:redis -t -i 71cba4d74d62 bash
root@7c1879d423b6:/# cat
import docker
from redis import Redis
ip, port = docker.require('redis')
r = Redis(host=ip, port=int(port))
shykes / gist:6196230
Created Aug 9, 2013
Discussion of logging improvements to docker
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10:57 shykes: lastly, we have 2 big limitations for real-world use: logging and reboots
10:57 klizhentas: shykes: can you elaborate on logging?
10:57 shykes: klizhentas: several people have asked me how to integrate their docker setup into syslog or another logging system
10:57 shykes: it's not practical
10:58 shykes: 1) I can't just get a firehose of every container's logs (let alone of a smart subset of them)
10:59 tobstarr: shykes: I would like to have at least some syslog forwarded booted in each container
10:59 backjlack: systemd allows you to do this.
11:00 shykes: 2) it's hard to get a stream of a container's logs in a way that is both reliable and continuous
11:00 fkautz: so, is the problem that they can't hook into syslogd or that it's impracticle for us to provide syslogd support?
11:00 klizhentas: isn't that app specific - so I can tell my container to talk to whatever loggin daemon out there?
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