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include-what-you-use is a garbage. is a garbage.

For instance when we have the following C file:

#include <time.h>
struct tm x;

iwyu generates the following garbage output:

zsh % iwyu 99-tmp.c

99-tmp.c should add these lines:
#include <bits/types/struct_tm.h>  // for tm

99-tmp.c should remove these lines:
- #include <time.h>  // lines 1-1

The full include-list for 99-tmp.c:
#include <bits/types/struct_tm.h>  // for tm
[1]    12133 exit 4     iwyu tmp.c

Which is totally nonsense. <time.h> is defined to have struct tm in ISO C since forever (cf: ISO/IEC 9899:2018 section 7.27).

struct tm is not the only entity that iwyu miss; for another instance max_align_t is missing. Not to mention other entities in POSIX and C++.

This tool is worse than being useless. The suggestion miserably breaks portability. Just trash it.

#include <time.h>
struct tm x;

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shyouhei commented Jul 22, 2019

In order for iwyu to become a non-toy, IMO it should leave all #include <foo> -style lines as-is and focus on #include "foo", or at least understand #pragma gcc system_header to ignore symbols from such files.

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