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Created July 3, 2022 21:23
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Woovi Challenges
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Woovi Challenges

What challenges Woovi needs to solve to succeed?

Scaling Hiring Talent

Hiring Talent is essential to build a successful company.] Great Software Engineer are hard to find and hire.

Scaling Sales

Sales is important to the growth of the company. We need to make sure we are increasing the top of our funnel. That leads are not stuck in the auto onboarding process. Opening a virtual account is a must to merchants to be able to sell. We need to improve and automate our KYC process to make sure we won't add many problems for customer success Make sure we are bringing the right customers to our platform.

Scaling Customer Success

Scaling customer success is important in a high growth startup that wants to attend many Small Business (SMB). To avoid many customer support request we need to keep bugs down, and make the platform easy to use.


Provide cheaper credit payment options to merchants and shoppers. We need to balance risk and easy and fast credit options based on merchant and shopper.

Scaling Marketing

Landing page is the first customer impression of our product. Marketing makes more possible customer know about our company and products improving our funnel top.


How to generate trust for our merchants and customers? Trust is key when management payments for companies. Every single number with show to our customer should be correct. Balance should be correct. Transactions should be correct. Reports should match.

Growth Hack

We need to growth faster than our competitors. Well know growth techniques don't work anymore. We need to keep coming up with new and innovative ways to grow. Auto onboarding, partner, affiliates, sms, whatsapp, web push for shoppers. Private distribution channels will give us a edge over our competitors.


Instant payments provide realtime transactions settlements. Our customers want the same instant experience in our platform. To provide an instant experience we need to make sure our performance is great. We need to track down slow performance database queries. We need to track down slow requests. We need to optimize the number of requests we do for the database and APIs Our API should be fast. Webhook calling should be fast.

Scaling Teams

Each new hired member needs to be trained to learn our principles and patterns. It is easy to a new hired to keep following the patterns that they learned from the previous companies. However, this will increase code complexity. Following patterns and structure are important to be able to scale. Make it explicit good practices, automate what is possible.


Instant payments can't stop working for 1 second. Our platform needs to be reliable to make sure we deal well with failure. Webhooks should be called at least once. Transactions should show in realtime in our platform. Conciliation of transactions should always work.

Technical debt

Be able to conciliate new code and patterns with old and legacy ones. Evolve the codebase without adding more technical debt.

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