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Looking for the First Job state

Looking for the First Job

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This is a very common state for people in college, people before/after a bootcamp, or people from another area.

The first job will be the hardest one to get, but it will get easier over time.

The interview will be harder than the job itself

After knowing a bit of programming, you need to practice a lot (like many hours, 10k hours) to get really good at it.

read the book outliers about it (10k rule). gap (

I do recommend building open source projects with the stack you want to learn and improve. I recommend fullstack javascript

If you get stuck you can ask for help on twitter/slack/discord communities and tag me.

asking questions (even "dumb" ones) will help you process

ask in public ( so more people can learn from the same questions, and you can break your fear of showing that you don't know something

I don't know a lot of stuff, the first thing is learning that you don't know something, and trying to figure it out how to learn that after all.

You should apply to as many job posting as possible.

Do all the code challenges to learn what the companies want you to know, you gonna learn a lot coding them.

Do as many interviews so you can get good at interviews.

All this practice will get you a job soon or later. it can take some time, you just need to persist.

Always ask for feedback for the code challenges and interview, listening to feedback is the only way to improve and learn.

There are many ways to learn something, so consume content in a variety of medium (text, video, audio, code), but also make sure that you are not passive learning.

You need to be active and build stuff using something that you are reading/watching about it.


tweets about it - apply to learn - tweet about stack you wanna work on - how to get hired - how to get stuck

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