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Backtracking sudoku solution
#!/usr/bin/env python
def print_board(board):
for row in board:
for col in row:
print(col, end=" ")
def find_empty_square(board):
Return a tuple containing the row and column of the first empty square
False if no squares are empty
for i, row in enumerate(board):
for j, square in enumerate(row):
if square == 0:
return (i, j)
return False
def num_in_row(board, row, num):
"""True if num is already in the row, False otherwise"""
return num in board[row]
def num_in_col(board, col, num):
"""True if num is already in the column, False otherwise"""
return num in [row[col] for row in board]
def num_in_box(board, row, col, num):
row and col should be the top-left coordinates of the box
True if num is already in the 3x3 box, False otherwise
return num in [board[row+i][col+j] for i in range(3) for j in range(3)]
def safe_position(board, row, col, num):
A safe position is one in which a number can be placed without being
repeated in the same row, column or 3x3 box
True if position is safe, False otherwise
return not num_in_row(board, row, num) \
and not num_in_col(board, col, num) \
and not num_in_box(board, row - row %3, col - col %3, num)
def solve_sudoku(board):
"""Returns True if a solution exists False otherwise"""
next_empty_square = find_empty_square(board)
if not next_empty_square: # The board is full/solved
return True
row, col = next_empty_square
for num in range(1, 10):
if safe_position(board, row, col, num):
board[row][col] = num
if solve_sudoku(board):
return True
board[row][col] = 0 # invalid position, unnasign the number
return False # backtrack and try another number
def main():
grid = [[0,2,6,0,0,0,8,1,0],
if solve_sudoku(grid):
print("No solution exists!")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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