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Table of Contents

  1. Retrospective, 12/7/2017
    1. Last week's action items
    2. Liked
    3. Lacked
    4. Action items

Retrospective, 12/7/2017

Last week's action items

  • Schedule a day a week (more or less) at each other's offices
  • Chat/pair about prototyping interactions, animations


  • Doing acceptence
  • Catching up on blockers
  • Lots of communication
  • Prority insights w/ [NAME]
  • [NAME] being around the office
  • Google Analytics fixes, AWS fixes
  • Sharing context w/ [NAME]


  • Feeling of completion for a single user journey
  • Shippable landing page - unclear why it's not shippable
  • Have a desire to launch, lacking ability to do so
  • Content for going live
  • Agreements on priority
  • Definition of done
  • Definition of MVP

Action items

  • Get clarity around what MVP is - and then reasses priority of stories
  • Define waterline for usability testing
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