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Jason Siffring siffring

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siffring / gist:7238625
Created Oct 30, 2013
An asynchronous loader for TypeKit
View gist:7238625
(function() {
var config = {
kitId: '[your typekit kit id goes here]',
scriptTimeout: 3000
var h=document.getElementsByTagName("html")[0];h.className+=" wf-loading";var t=setTimeout(function(){h.className=h.className.replace(/(\s|^)wf-loading(\s|$)/g," ");h.className+=" wf-inactive"},config.scriptTimeout);var tk=document.createElement("script"),d=false;tk.src='//'+config.kitId+'.js';tk.type="text/javascript";tk.async="true";tk.onload=tk.onreadystatechange=function(){var a=this.readyState;if(d||a&&a!="complete"&&a!="loaded")return;d=true;clearTimeout(t);try{Typekit.load(config)}catch(b){}};var s=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(tk,s)
siffring / Chrome Inspector Stylesheet
Last active Dec 16, 2015
Google Chrome Inspector Stylesheet
View Chrome Inspector Stylesheet
* This stylesheet overrides the display of code in the Chrome Inspector.
* Put it here: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/User\ StyleSheets/Custom.css
/* Darker Skin by Darcy Clarke - 2011
/* Based on Joe Bergantine's Specials Board:
View .bash_login
# Some goodies for your /Users/[username]/.bash_login file
# Set your search path
export PATH
# Alias for clearing your dns cache
alias dnscacheflush='dscacheutil -flushcache'
# Alias for subl
View .gitconfig
# Set your name and email address. The rest can stay the same.
name = Your Name
email =
st = status
di = diff
co = checkout
siffring / gist:3130009
Created Jul 17, 2012
Export ExpressionEngine members to CSV
View gist:3130009
header('Content-Type: application/csv');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=member_export.csv');
header('Pragma: no-cache');
Exports the EE members in CSV format. This is only accessible to admins and editors.
Does not export members in the banned or guests groups.
siffring / .htaccess
Created Mar 4, 2012
htaccess to password protect a specific server
View .htaccess
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Password protect staging server
# Use one .htaccess file across multiple environments
# (e.g. local, dev, staging, production)
# but only password protect a specific environment.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
SetEnvIf Host passreq
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Password Required"
siffring / gist:1608761
Created Jan 13, 2012
How to sync Sublime Text 2 user packages using Dropbox
View gist:1608761
1) In your Dropbox directory, create a new directory called SublimeUserPackages
2) Open terminal
3) Go to Sublime's packages directory
cd ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages
4) Copy the user packages to your new dropbox folder
cp -rp User/* ~/Dropbox/SublimeUserPackages/
siffring / function_as_parameter.js
Created Oct 7, 2011
Javascript: pass a function as a parameter to another function
View function_as_parameter.js
// pass a function as a parameter of another function
function doAnotherThing() {
console.log('Doing another thing…');
function doSomething(callback) {
console.log('Doing something…');
if (typeof callback == 'function') {;
siffring / gist:946604
Created Apr 28, 2011
ExpressionEngine list of new members by month
View gist:946604
{!-- Displays the number of new ExpressionEngine members by month --}
{exp:query sql="select count(*) AS total, month(from_unixtime(join_date)) as month, year(from_unixtime(join_date)) as year from exp_members group by year, month order by year DESC, month DESC"}
<br/>{year}-{month}: {total}
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