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Created April 17, 2013 18:30
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Image threshold with a side-by-side view using SimpleCV.
from SimpleCV import Image, Color, Display
# Make a function that does a half and half image.
def halfsies(left,right):
result = left
# crop the right image to be just the right side.
crop = right.crop(right.width/2.0,0,right.width/2.0,right.height)
# now paste the crop on the left image.
result = result.blit(crop,(left.width/2,0))
# return the results.
return result
# Load an image from imgur.
img = Image('')
# binarize the image using a threshold of 90
# and invert the results.
output = img.binarize(90).invert()
# create the side by side image.
result = halfsies(img,output)
# show the resulting image.
# save the results to a file.'juniperbinary.png')
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Olhcim commented Jul 9, 2014

it gives me the following error for line 16:
TypeError: CvArr argument 'src' must be IplImage, CvMat or CvMatND. Use fromarray() to convert numpy arrays to CvMat or cvMatND

but cv.fromarray(img) doesnt seem to fix anything?

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Greetings. I am working at underwater path detection and path follow for that i have to remove blobs if any on run time. Would anyone tell me that how to remove blob at there?
thanks and regards

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please can any one give me brief about

How to start developing an Image processing Software...Or Machine Vision System...
I heard that there are many opensource codes which i can use to develop vision systems.

I am trying to google from...Where..I can go ahead..??

My requirement is to prepare Machine vision software for known facts that can handled by vision systems
Such as:

  1. Measurements
    1. Presence absence
    2. Data matrix / 2D / Bar code Reading
    3. Defect on area scan basis

later on i will move to the OCR and OCV applications.

please if anybody can help me in this....
Than you in advance..!!

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