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Last active Aug 3, 2022
Sequence Diagramm UsabILIty Hub Exporter

Simple Workflow

    participant WI
    participant TM
    participant mb
    WI->>TM: Target (with directories)
    mb->>WI: Models
    WI->>TM: Models of Interest
    WI->>TM: ProjectTopping
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Last active Aug 3, 2022
QGIS Model Baker - UsabILIty Hub Exporter Final Concept

UsabIlity Hub Exporter Final Concept

Final concept only containing things that will be implemented and addtional notes how the technical implementation could be.

Sequence Diagramm here:

1. Create UsabILIty Meta Data

New wizard with an own button / menu entry.


With release 7.1. of the QGIS Model Baker the backend library is separated from the graphical components. As well there PostgreSQL services are supported (pg_service.conf) in the database selection as well as the SSL mode. Another nice thing is the new "Link Child Dialog" in the Relation Editor Widget provided by the new plugin Linking Relation Editor

Linking Relation Editor

With Qgis Model Baker the Linking Relation Editor plugin is loaded as dependency. When a project is generated this widget type is chosen as the Relation Editor Widget.


When linking child features there will be opened a much more comfortable dialog, than we are used to. image

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Last active Mar 23, 2022
UsabILIty Hub Layertree concept

Note that those are only notes made by @signedav and not a clearly defined concept. See for the implemented part opengisch/QgisModelBaker#648

Layertree, internal Id and Relations

Super Layertree

First of all the layer tree file gets powerfull.

The layer tree file will contain in future:

  • Optional internal id's in the layers (and the groups) - not integrated
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Last active Jul 15, 2022
QGIS Model Baker - UsabILIty Hub Exporter

UsabIlity Hub Exporter

This is the original started concept, containing a lot of general thoughts. For the final concept see:

1. Create UsabILIty Meta Data

We will have a new wizard - and not to insert it into the existing workflow wizard, since it's kind of an operator functionality and the normal user should not be confronted to much with it - with an own button / menu entry.


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Last active Oct 21, 2021
QField Release Manager Notes

Labels on QField Repo

Top Level Labels (CATEGORIES) Usually an issue has only one of them

  • BUG
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Last active Jul 8, 2021
Qgis Model Baker Redesign 0.2


0 There might be a start dialog


  • On first selection, we come to 1 Choose the file
  • On second selectoin, we come to Export Workflow
  • On third selection, we come to 2 Choose the database

1 Choose the files

First page on opening the wizard asks you to load the files and the models you want to import:


Use case

Assets should have multiple region of interests (and back) what can be multiple geometries of every type




MODEL RegionOfInterest_Inheritance (en)