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Write some JSON using a rapidjson library
#ifdef SHELL
g++ -Wall -Werror -g -I../../cclib/rapidjson/include $0 && ./a.out
exit 0
// Output is:
// {"project":"rapidjson","stars":11}
// {"Name":"XYZ","Rollnumer":2,"array":["hello","world"],"Marks":{"Math":"50","Science":"70","English":"50","Social Science":"70"}}
// {"FromEmail":"","FromName":"Sender's name","Subject":"My subject","Recipients":[{"Email":""}],"Text-part":"this is my text"}
#include "rapidjson/document.h"
#include "rapidjson/writer.h"
#include "rapidjson/stringbuffer.h"
#include <iostream>
using namespace rapidjson;
void sample_basic() {
// 1. Parse a JSON string into DOM.
const char* json = "{\"project\":\"rapidjson\",\"stars\":10}";
Document d;
// 2. Modify it by DOM.
Value& s = d["stars"];
s.SetInt(s.GetInt() + 1);
// 3. Stringify the DOM
StringBuffer buffer;
Writer<StringBuffer> writer(buffer);
// Output {"project":"rapidjson","stars":11}
std::cout << buffer.GetString() << std::endl;
void sample_other() {
// document is the root of a json message
rapidjson::Document document;
// define the document as an object rather than an array
// create a rapidjson array type with similar syntax to std::vector
rapidjson::Value array(rapidjson::kArrayType);
// must pass an allocator when the object may need to allocate memory
rapidjson::Document::AllocatorType& allocator = document.GetAllocator();
// chain methods as rapidjson provides a fluent interface when modifying its objects
array.PushBack("hello", allocator).PushBack("world", allocator);//"array":["hello","world"]
document.AddMember("Name", "XYZ", allocator);
document.AddMember("Rollnumer", 2, allocator);
document.AddMember("array", array, allocator);
// create a rapidjson object type
rapidjson::Value object(rapidjson::kObjectType);
object.AddMember("Math", "50", allocator);
object.AddMember("Science", "70", allocator);
object.AddMember("English", "50", allocator);
object.AddMember("Social Science", "70", allocator);
document.AddMember("Marks", object, allocator);
// fromScratch["object"]["hello"] = "Yourname";
StringBuffer strbuf;
Writer<StringBuffer> writer(strbuf);
std::cout << strbuf.GetString() << std::endl;
void sample_sendapi() {
Document d;
Document::AllocatorType& alloc = d.GetAllocator();
std::string mytext = "this is my text";
d.AddMember("FromEmail", "", alloc);
d.AddMember("FromName", "Sender's name", alloc);
d.AddMember("Subject", "My subject", alloc);
Value recipients(kArrayType);
Value recipient(kObjectType);
recipient.AddMember("Email", "", alloc);
recipients.PushBack(recipient, alloc);
d.AddMember("Recipients", recipients, alloc);
Value textPart;
textPart.SetString(mytext.c_str(), alloc);
d.AddMember("Text-part", textPart, alloc);
StringBuffer buffer;
Writer<StringBuffer> writer(buffer);
std::cout << buffer.GetString() << std::endl;
int main() {
return 0;
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