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List of companies using Haskell

WARNING This list outdated, for the up to date version visit

List of companies that use Haskell in Production

Types of work:

  • RD - research&development
  • PR - product
  • IP - in-house product
  • CO - consulting

This doesn't mean it's the only way the company works. Many have inner products, but this key describes a type of work that presumably prevails.


Q: Where do you get information?
A: company GitHub repos, job postings, news, blogs, success stories, presentations, etc.

Q: Why you keep discontinued companies?
A: Some of them was in the main list in different periods. For historical reasons, to understand that language is widely used over a decade.

A: How can I add a company?
A: Leave a comment or add PR here

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N Name Url Type Country City Area Description Comment
1 Microsoft RD UK Cambridge Compilers sponsored GHC r&d framework for working with schematized data etc.
2 Facebook IP USA CA, Menlo Park Advertising, Spam Filtering Haxl - Haskell library that simplifies access to remote data such as databases or web-based services
3 Barclays Capital IP UK London Finance In-House Trading software
4 Standard Chartered Bank IP UK London Finance In-House Trading software
5 Tsuru Capital IP Canada BC, Vancouver Finance Trading software
6 Galois RD USA OR, Portland Consulting, Research various R&D projects
7 Scrive PR Sweden Stockholm Scrive is a service for e-signing tenders contracts and other documentse.
8 Skedge PR USA NY, NYC Scheduling software backend written in Haskell
9 Chordify PR Netherlands Utrecht SaaS, Music music analysis consulting
10 Janrain PR USA OR, Portland SaaS, Autorization Login service provider parts on backend in Haskell (Capture)
11 Zalora IP E-commerce DevOps backend deployment and Amazon EC2 automatization. See [upcast](
12 SignalVine PR USA SaaS Partially Haskell infrastructure for Intelligent text messaging platform
13 Soostone PR USA NY, NYC Advertising develops eDSL for AB-style testing.
14 Hasura PR micro-services PaaS
15 Fugue PR immutable infrastructure automates the creation operations and regeneration of cloud infrastructure.
16 Liquid Democracy PR E-goverment solutions
17 Kaspersky Lab IP Russian Federation Security Security analysis
18 Capital Match PR Singapore Singapore Finance a peer-to-peer lending marketplace for Small and Medium Businesses private and corporate investor
19 Wagon PR USA SQL cloud analysis
20 ThoughtLeader PR USA Smart adverstising platform Haskell on Backend
21 Tweag CO Haskell consulting
22 Prezi PR Cloud-based presentation software
23 Elevence PR Finance Financial services, contract digitization, legal processing
24 DNBCloud PR Data(db) analytics cloud software
25 Pusher PR Real-time channels (?)
26 Kelecorix CO USA Fl, Rockledge Hardware/Consulting Multiple customer tailored projects consulting
27 Obsidian Systes CO USA NY, NYC Consulting Multiple customer tailored projects consulting
28 StackBuilders CO UK Multiple customer tailored projects consulting
29 WeAreWizards CO Multiple customer tailored projects consulting
30 Bdellium IP USA HW Finance In-house risk management
31 BlockApps PR Blockchain BlockApps is a Haskell-based blockchain infrastructure company Job [info] (
32 StackBuilders CO Various customer tailored projects consulting
33 WellPosed CO Various customer tailored projects consulting
34 RefMe PR Reference management web-app
35 LuMiGuide PR Bicycle direction system web backend (ghcjs servant) + hardware (CV)
36 Plow Technologies PR Hardware industrial monitoring web backend (ghcjs +servant)
37 GetShop.TV PR Russian Federation Moscow Interactive TV Ads web backend
38 Anchor IP DevOps backend deployment.
39 Applikativ CO Haskell consulting
40 Assertible PR Automated testing
41 Borders
42 Beautiful Destinations PR UK London SaaS, Travel, Advertising
43 ByteAlly CO Haskell consulting products
44 CircuitHub PR online eda pcb maker
45 Commonwealth Bank IP Finance some financial tools
46 DigitalX PR Blockchain blockchains
47 Elsen PR Finance Financial analysis trading
48 Extensibl
49 FP Complete CO Haskell consulting various products
50 FPInsight CO Haskell consulting
51 Front Row Education PR education platform
52 Helium Systems PR
53 Hooky, Inc
54 Infinipool IP devops
55 Iris Connect PR Learning platform
56 Keera Studios PR Gaming Game Development
57 Kite & Lightning PR USA WA, Seattle Advanced Building Automation / A.I. backend services
58 Least Fixed CO UK
59 LexisNexis Risk Solutions IP UK Finance Insurance modeling, finances, risk management
60 Madriska Inc. CO USA IL, Chicago
61 Midroll
62 MyFansDemand
63 Picus Security IP Turkey Ankara Security
64 Pivot Cloud
65 Rheo Systems IP South Africa Pretoria
66 Scoompa IP
67 VaryWell CO USA WA, Seattle
68 SimplyRETS IP USA TX, Houston SaaS Property Management
69 IP
70 Stitcher IP podcasting
71 Suite Solutions IP Israel Jerusalem
72 SumAll
73 Swift Navigation IP USA Hardware Linear algebra for GPS hardware
74 Systor Vest Norway
75 Thoughtbot PR USA Advertising
76 Turing Jump CO
77 UpHere PR USA CA, San Francisco, Artificial Intelligence Search Platform for Finance Industry
78 VFILES PR USA NY, NYC Social Network, E-commerce E-Commerce,
79 Virtual Forge IP
80 Wellposed RD
81 IOHK RD Hong Kong Hong Kong Blockchain Cardano blockchain and ecosystem
82 AlphaSheets PR USA CA, San Francisco online spreadsheets
83 Takt PR USA WA, Seattle AI AI
84 ABN AMRO IP Neutherlands Amsterdam Finance Investment banking, financial services
85 Aetion Technologies IP USA OH, Columbus Artificial Intelligence
86 Alcatel-Lucent IP narrowband software radio systems, running in (soft) real-time.
87 Aliston Trading IP USA IL, Chicago Finance market making
88 Myan Capital IP USA IL, Chicago Finance investment trading with Market Profile
89 Alpha Heavy IP USA CA, San Francisco Finance assets management
90 Amgen IP USA CA, Thousand Oaks Biology molecular biology software
91 Antiope IP USA NJ, Fair Heaven Hardware/Telecom Wireless simulation, hardware design
92 Asurion IP USA TN, Nashville DevOps
93 BAE Systems IP USA Hardware Wireless simulation, hardware design
94 BazQux PR Russian Federation Moscow SaaS RSS reader
95 bCode IP Australia Sydney Finance Investment banking, financial services
96 Betterteam PR USA CA, Los Angeles SaaS SaaS recuitment platform, frontend PureScript
97 Bluespec IP USA MA, Framingham Hardware hardware design (ASIC, FPGA)
98 Capital IQ IP USA NY, NYC Finance Financial analysis
99 Credit Suisse IP Switzerland Finance Financial analysis
100 Deutsche Bank IP Germany Finance Financial analysis
101 Eaton IP USA Hardware hydraulics systems
102 Nike IP USA OR, Portland Developers tooling
103 Serokell CO Multiple customer tailored projects consulting
104 Symbiont PR USA NY, NYC Blockchain Symbiont is a New York-based startup that is using smart contracts and blockchain technology to radically improve financial market back-office infrastructure. Haskell is currently used at Symbiont for its network management tooling, and there are plans to expand the use of the language to transaction processing and other backend services
105 Layer 3 Communications IP USA GA, Atlanta Networking
106 Position Development CO USA NY, NYC Haskell Consulting
107 Vacation Labs IP India Goa SaaS product for travels
108 Mpowered IP Sweden Stockholm SaaS product for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment(B-BBE)
109 Relex Solutions IP Finland Helsinki SaaS product for supply chains in retail
110 Dolla RD Blockchain Custom blockchain system
111 MigaMake CO Singapore Singapore Consulting Multiple customer tailored projects consulting
112 DigitalAsset PR USA NY, NYC Blockchain Custom blockchain system
113 CryptiumLabs PR Switzerland Zug Blockchain Custom blockchain system
114 Formation PR USA CA, San Francisco AI
115 Condulent PR USA NC, Raleigh Blockchain
116 CollegeVine PR USA MA, Cambridge SaaS College Apps
117 Habito PR UK London SaaS, AI mortgage broker
118 NewBusinessMonitor PR UK London SaaS data analysis for UK companies Yesod + ELM
119 Proda PR UK London SaaS, AI Smart property management plarform
120 Adjoint PR USA MA, Boston Blockchain Custom blockchain system
121 Inchora PR UK London SaaS B2B Fintech Distribution, Insurance
122 Sked PR USA Mi, Wyoming SaaS scheduling for chiropractic appointments
123 Frekle Education PR USA SaaS, Education education platform
124 Plydis PR Netherlands Rotterdam SaaS, ML retail distributions management
125 Groq PR USA OR, Portland Hardware, AI, Compilers developing a tensor processing unit, which is an integrated circuit developed specifically for ML. Google, Inc, main investor
126 Advanced Telematic Systems PR Germany Berlin Automotive
127 AlasConnect PR USA AK, Palmer Telecom
128 Kadena PR USA NY, NYC Blockchain Custom blockchain system
129 UncannyWorks PR Japan Osaka Gaming
130 JusPay PR India Bangalore Finance Gateway payment processor
131 Ontellus IP USA TX, Houston Law law records retrieval SaaS
132 Mercury PR USA CA, San Francisco Finance banking for startups
133 Wire PR Switzerland Zug Telecom secure chat, collaboration platform
134 Select * PR Sweden Stockholm Compilers custom query language
135 StateBox PR Netherlands Amsterdam Compilers Categorical Query Language
136 MasterWorld PR USA TX, Houston Custom language system
138 SimSpace PR USA MA, Boston Security Security analysis platform
139 Co-Start PR USA NY, NYC astrology service ;
140 Channable PR Netherlands Utrecht Advertising online marketing platform
141 Tvision PR USA NY, NYC Advertising Interactive TV Ads
142 Typeable CO Russian Federation Moscow Haskell consulting
143 Target IP USA Ca, Sunnyvale E-commerce data analysis
144 Banyan IP USA CA, San Francisco Finance risk management
145 Bitnominal IP USA IL, Chicago Finance Crypto exchange; cryptocurrency risk management
Name Type Country City Area Start Date (Approx) Clode Date (Approx) Reason Beneficiar Description
Bump USA 31/12/2013 Google, Inc. Bump used a Haskell-based server, [Angel]( and for other infrastructure tasks.
Parallel Scientific USA circa december 2013 Pivot Docforce FPGA generation, distributed computing
Erudify Switzerland SaaS, Education circa march 2014 Pivot Better, Inc. now Better, Online education platform
Better Switzerland SaaS, Education circa december 2015 Closed Online education platform
MailRank USA circa october 2011 Acquired Facebook, Inc. Smart anti-spam filtering, mail prioritizing
Docforce USA Closed Docsforce is secure middleware that delivers documents from one party to another., (startup) automatically parses structured data out of formatted documents like PDFs, Backend written in Haskell
Docmunch PR USA circa july 2017 Closed
AlephCloud PR USA Closed Cloud platform based on Happstack
Silk PR Netherlands Amsterdam 15/12/2017 Closed Wiki-like knowledge base,
Tabula IP Hardware Closed FPGA generation
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