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List of emoji for git commits.

Git Commit Message

All Git Commit Messages MUST meet with this Text Format:

:emoji: Subject
(Only One NewLine)
Message Body
(Only One NewLine)
Ref <###>

Suggested Emojis

Emoji Raw Emoji Description
✨ :sparkles: Initial commit, yay!
🎨 :art: when improving the format/structure of the code
πŸš€ :rocket: when improving performance
πŸ“ :pencil: when writing docs
πŸ’‘ :bulb: new idea
🚧 :construction: WIP work in progress
🌟 :star2: when adding feature
πŸ”₯ :fire: when removing code or files
πŸ› :bug: when fixing a bug
πŸ’Ž :gem: new release
🀝 :handshake: when merging files
πŸ’„ :lipstick: when improving UI/cosmetic
πŸ”’ :lock: when dealing with security
βœ… :white_check_mark: when adding tests
⬆️ :arrow_up: when upgrading dependencies
⬇️ :arrow_down: when downgrading dependencies
πŸ”ˆ :speaker: when adding logging
πŸ”‡ :mute: when reducing logging
πŸ‹ :whale2: docker stuff
βš™οΈ :gear: CI and pipelines
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lacymorrow commented Sep 1, 2018

Nice formatting, 🍻 !

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