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SuperScript Syntax
// Basic Syntax match, reply
+ when I see this
- reply with this
// Multiple replies, one choosen at random
+ when I see this
- reply with this
- or reply with this
// Alternates words in match
+ What (day|week) is it
- reply with this
// Same as
+ What day is it
+ What week is it
// Alternates words in reply
- reply with (this|that)
// Optional words
+ i have a [red|green|blue] car
- I don't have a car
// This is the same as matching on one of the following, the words in [] are completly optional.
+ i have a red car
+ i have a geeen car
+ i have a blue car
+ i have a car
// Input is normalized so triggers will match easier.
+ these are all the same arn't they
+ These are all the same are not they
// We can capture input and re-inject it back into the reply.
+ I like *
- You like <cap>!
// "*" will match any number of words.
// "*n" will match exactly n number of words
// "*~n" will match UPTO n number of words
+ I *~2 you
- You <cap> me?
// Will match "I like you", and "I really like you" but not match "I never really liked you"
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