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Embed Goodreads Widget in RSS Hero Has No Unread Items to Show
Not-yet-working Safari extension to embed GoodReads widget into RSS Hero, an
emerging feed reader.
Immediate goal:
* When no items to read, embed my "currently-reading" (or could be 'to-read')
library to remind me which books I'm reading
Longer-term goal:
* When no items to read, embed a dashboard reminding me what there's left to do,
be it paid work or whatever the word is for work we do that isn't paid but is
a task that we either want or need to do
Installation (using the Extension Builder until I build it myself):
1. restrict "Extension Website Access" to some with the value of "*"
2. set jquery.min.js from the jQuery library as one of the "Start Scripts"
3. set this script as one of the "End Scripts"
4. host the widget's HTML code somewhere
5. replace the placeholder text with the URL of the widget code below
6. visit RSS Hero (assuming you have an account) and read everything, then reload RSS Hero
if (jQuery('#content #centered_message p').length == 1) {
jQuery('#content #centered_message p').replaceWith(
'<iframe class="twelve columns" style="height: 100%;" src="[URL to hosted widget code]"></iframe>');
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